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July 15, 2018 1-3PM ET

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Lighten Up UK…..

Donald Trump sparks fury posing arrogantly in Winston Churchill’s armchair Donald Trump sparks fury posing arrogantly in an armchair used by heroic wartime leader Winston Churchill. Critics slammed Trump for a string of diplomatic blunders and said he wasn’t fit to sit there. The US president belittled our NHS and PM and undermined the special relationship. Labour’s Stephen Doughty said: “An image of Donald Trump sitting in Churchill’s seat will stick in the throats of many Brits who would consider Trump not only to be one of the worst presidents in US history but also not even worthy of a comparison with our wartime leader who rescued our nation in its darkest hour.” Labour’s Ruth Smeeth added: “Churchill embodied the best of British spirit when we were fighting and defeating racists and fascists during World War Two. “Given Trump’s appalling actions and rhetoric, he doesn’t even deserve to look at a statue of Churchill let alone sit in his seat.” The visit has been planned to maximise links to Churchill because of the president’s admiration for him. Blenheim Palace was chosen to host Mr Trump and wife Melania because it is Churchill’s birthplace.

Commentary: U.S. Liberals Shouldn’t Copy Britain’s Dying NHS The U.K.’s government-run healthcare system, the National Health Service, turns 70 this month. There’s not much to celebrate. The NHS is collapsing. Patients routinely face treatment delays, overcrowded hospitals, and doctor shortages. Even its most ardent defenders admit that the NHS is in crisis. Yet American progressives want to import this disastrous model. About one in three Democratic senators and more than half of Democratic representativessupport single-payer health care. Why? The British experiment with socialized medicine has been a monumental failure. It would be foolish to repeat that mistake here. Single-payer is fundamentally flawed. It relieves consumers of any obligation to pay for their care, at least directly. If the price of care is zero, then every patient can demand an infinite amount. The supply of care, meanwhile, is limited. And the amount of money the government can spend on health care is finite.

How About A Healthy Tax Deduction?

Congress Considers Bill To Make Gym Memberships, Fitness Classes Tax Deductible Headed to the gym this summer? You may soon be able to claim a tax benefit for the trip. The House Ways and Means Committee has advanced a bill which would grant taxpayers a break on gym memberships and fitness classes.Gym memberships are not generally deductible even though many taxpayers are under the impressionthat the opposite is true: It’s a question I’ve been asked for years. Under current law, weight loss programs and fitness classes are only tax deductible as a treatment for a diagnosed disease or condition and must be specifically ordered by your doctor. If you meet that criteria, it’s considered a medical expense and may be deductible. You can only deduct medical expenses which exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) if you itemize on Schedule A (you can see what Schedule A might look like in 2018 here). The latest bill is known as the Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act or PHIT Act. The bill, H. R. 6312, was introduced by Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO), who proposed a nearly identical bill last year. Under the bill, taxpayers who itemize their deductions could add qualified sports and fitness expenses to the definition of qualified medical expenses. Qualified sports and fitness expenses include membership at a fitness facility, participation or instruction in a program of physical exercise or physical activity (so, that Pilates lesson you’ve been meaning to take), or related safety equipment.

Comment of The Day!


This is Chuen (chew-en, I’m a she.) again. I’m from Taiwan where Ty was, probably still is now. I came here more than 20 years ago legally. My name means Spring. My dad escaped communism in 1949 and went to Taiwan with three of his siblings when he was a teen. He met my mom there. He told me a story about my grandfather who I never met. When my grandfather was a teen, he was an apprentice at a Chinese medicine shop. It was early 20th century. He learned how to formulate different Chinese medicines for different diseases. One year, the mayor of the town was very sick. None of the doctors could cure him. My grandfather volunteered to help him. Eventually the mayor was cured. He was so happy he had a parade all over town for my grandfather. Now to my question, I was diagnosed with epilepsy four years ago. I don’t know what caused it. Could it be the vaccine I got in 2005 when I was ignorant about vaccine danger. It was so long ago though. I take medication and CBD every day from CV science. I hope to get off of medication some day. I have insurance from my employer. But they don’t cover CBD although it’s legal here in WA. I don’t understand why employers don’t include holistic treatments which cost less when they’re the ones that have to pay. Love you show. Looking forward to hear from you and super Don online.

By the way, I found super Don’s restaurant in Taiwan.

Step Away From The Cell Phone

WARNING: 9 out of 10 popular cell phone models exceed regulatory limits for radiation Cell phone radiation is a big concern for many people, but manufacturers have largely downplayed the risks, and they’re quick to point out that their products meet the regulatory limits. That may be true, but what if the regulatory limits are inherently flawed? Data released by France’s National Frequency Agency, ANFR, paints a very different picture of cell phone radiation danger. They found that nine out of ten popular phones that were found “compliant” in earlier lab tests were far above the legal limits when tested in ways that reflect how people actually use and carry their phones. The original compliance tests entailed measuring the radiation that is absorbed by a test dummy filled with liquid, but this is done using a “separation distance.” When the agency re-tested popular phones from makers like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola in the carry position most people use close to their body, they discovered that some had three times greater radiation than their original readings.

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

People Living Without Air Conditioning Get Stupider During Heat Waves If you have ever been in extreme heat and felt sluggish, slow, and dimwitted – almost as though your brain has melted – you are not alone. Past research in the lab has proven that the human brain ceases to function normally when exposed to high temperatures, and now, an investigation by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows that this phenomenon holds true for real-world situations. Their study, published in PLOS Medicine, tested changes in cognitive performance of 44 college students living in air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned dorms in Boston during July 2016 – the summer of the hottest year on record. Using cellphone-based tests of selective processing, working memory, and inhibitory control – the ability to focus on relevant stimuli in the presence of irrelevant stimuli – the authors revealed that subjects without air conditioning (AC) had significantly reduced mental capacity on the extra hot days compared with those blessed with AC units.

Air Conditioners Making Global Warming Worse, Warns Study As summertime wears on and the mercury rises across America, many will surely crank the air conditioning to full blast — and place the blame on climate change. Turns out those A/Cs may be contributing to the problem: A new study shows that their increased use actually makes warming worse. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin say air conditioners further degrade air quality and generally compound the toll on human health created by air pollution. According to the study, as many as a thousand additional deaths will occur every year in the Eastern United States alone due to the increased use of fossil fuels to cool steadily warming buildings where people live and work.

Hour 2 – Jumping To Conclusions

Child Dies From Meningitis 4 Days Following Vaccines, Health Officials Blame Unvaccinated Child According to a report by WTVR, Killy Schultz, a 4-month old infant, passed away on June 30th just 24 hours after coming down with a fever and rash. The child had just been picked up from daycare when the symptoms occurred. “He had just eaten his bottle for the afternoon. He was a little warm, but we figured it was a warm day so get him home and let him cool off,” Killy’s mother, Alex Dempsey, said. Alex gave him Tylenol, but that seeming failed so she took him tot he emergency room. His condition became increasingly dire and he eventually succumbed to his illness. “He was still trying to make little sounds, but he had a hard time opening his eyes and his blood pressure was very low. He wasn’t doing well at all,” said Dempsey. Doctors told Alex, just before her son’s passing,  that they believed her son had contracted deadly meningitis, an illness that swells the membranes which server to cover and protect the brain.

Virginia baby dies from meningitis possibly contracted from unvaccinated person A family is urging everyone to stay up to date on vaccinations after losing their infant son to meningitis. Four-month-old Killy Schultz died June 30, 24 hours after developing a rash and spiking a fever on his way home from day care. “He had just eaten his bottle for the afternoon. He was a little warm but we figured it was a warm day so get him home and let him cool off,” said Killy’s mother Alex Dempsey told WTVR-TV. They gave him some Tylenol and when that didn’t work they decided to get him checked out at the emergency room at St. Mary’s Hospital. Several tests later, and just two days after Killy had received his 4-month-old vaccinations, Dempsey and her fiancé Gabriel Schultz were informed that their baby had most likely contracted meningitis, an inflammation of the protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord.

Special Guest Michael Beattie

Michael is an award winning producer, director and writer based in Belfast. During 35 years in television, he has been a reporter, presenter, writer, producer and director, and spent more than 10 years in senior broadcast management. Programs he has produced, directed (or both) have won awards in the UK and Ireland, and in international film festivals in New York, Chicago, Boston and Houston. Four years ago he partnered with Trevor King to make health based films that would be released on the internet. Faith, Hope & Cancer is the third such film, following That Vitamin Movie and Live Longer, Feel Better! Michael still lives in Belfast, is married to Jackie and has two sons, a daughter and two grandchildren. He’s an avid kayaker and traveller.

An uplifting film about the role of faith in the healing process

Faith, Hope and Cancer is a new documentary film. It explores the role that faith can play in the healing process – can it really make a difference to the progression or otherwise of a disease? Some studies say yes, some say no. But increasingly in the natural health arena, we are finding people who consider faith and belief to be a critical component in fighting disease. Entertaining and engaging, Faith, Hope & Cancer features many experts from around the world, as well as real people who have ALREADY healed and who attribute their healing, at least in part, to their own faith and beliefs.

Cannabis Update!

Seniors choosing cannabis over opioids for pain Eighty-year-old Connie Schick uses a cannabis cream for chronic pain after a stroke. Schick said it’s better than using an opioid painkiller, which hurts her stomach and can be addicting. She said even her children think it’s a great idea. “Quite frankly, I do what I want to do anyway,” she grinned. “I don’t care what the reaction is.”  The cream she uses contains cannabidiol — or CBD — a non-psychoactive molecule in cannabis. CBD doesn’t make you “high” like THC, which is also found in cannabis. Kelly Ogilvie, CEO of Seattle-based DeepCell Industries, researches and develops cannabis technology. Ogilvie said he only needs to look at his sister, Sasha, to know that CBD is a lifesaver. Sasha’s epilepsy caused seizures. She fell and dislocated her shoulder and hurt her knees. Sasha got hooked on opioid painkillers. Her life began spiraling out of control until she tried CBD sugar. She not only managed her pain, she said she cut her evening epilepsy dosage in half. She’s been seizure free since 2008. “I can’t believe this works better than what the doctors had prescribed for me,” Sasha marveled. Dr. Nephi Stella at the University of Washington School of Medicine has been studying cannabis for 25 years. He said researchers are convinced CBD can reduce seizures and help fight glioblastomas and “strongly believes” CBD fights pain, anxiety, PTSD and some cancers. And, he added, grandma cannot overdose on cannabidiol.

 Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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