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March 10th, 2022 3-5PM ET

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Can We Still Trust the Doctor? When I was growing up, I learned to trust my doctor. My parents never said that explicitly; I could see it in their actions. I was in the hospital many times growing up, sometimes for very serious reasons. I have eight siblings, and I’m one of the elders, so I was there on the numerous occasions my mother gave birth. I was also there when my brother split his head open with the claw of a hammer, and of course, I was there for the stitches and broken bones I suffered myself. Whenever we entered the hospital, we did so with the utmost respect and reverence. As the doctors and nurses busied themselves about with serious and commanding countenance, my father would marvel at the technology and the expertise required to marshal it all for the betterment of humanity. Whatever the opinion, whatever the diagnosis, my parents would follow the doctor’s advice and prescription, to the letter. Put succinctly, doctors and nurses were to be trusted, sometimes with our lives. By contrast, my parents did not treat other professional activities with the same regard. My father depended on car mechanics at times, but he did so grudgingly. He was always suspicious that the diagnosis was incorrect, and that his own personal research into the issue was warranted before he accepted the conclusion. We had several shop manuals on our shelves in the garage. Likewise, building contractors were treated with some suspicion. Do-it-yourself was always present as a valid option. But question a doctor? Never.

Special Guest Dr. Kirk Moore

Dr Kirk Moore is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon in Midvale/Sandy, Utah. He has been in practice for over 20 years, and has worked diligently on creating a surgical experience second to none, especially as it relates to a unique, innovative breast augmentation procedure.
Born in France, and growing up in Italy, and with an undergraduate degree in Political Science, his well-rounded perspectives have always been a key driver allowing him to view everything with worldly perspectives. When Covid came along, his first inclination was to believe what he was being told and what he was seeing in the news. After a very short time, though, he realized it was not what it seemed. There were just too many assumptions being made and there was an absolute disregard of basic scientific principles.
Not treating people early for a disease that was ultimately very treatable, fundamentally violated his driving philosophy: ‘First Do No Harm’. His personal ethical standards and moral foundations do not allow him to just ignore his patient and pretend their problems don’t exist. After extensive personally-driven education, he realized that his patients could be treated, very successfully; and he started doing just that. Then, those treatment options were limited by our very own government! The ‘wait for a vaccine’ philosophy was a travesty. He has saved hundreds of lives with early treatment and has not had one death in any of the patients he has treated. When the vaccines were ‘approved’, far too expeditiously, and without any long-term safety studies, his skepticism grew dramatically. This was mass genocide—-actual ‘iatrogenocide’. The AMA Code of Ethics calls for moral usurpation of legal mandates when they conflict with the ethical values of the physician and patient. He abided by that moral code in treating his patients, as they asked to be treated.

Thousands of unvaccinated service members could still be booted over rescinded COVID-19 policy Thousands of military service members could still be discharged because they didn’t apply for a COVID-19 vaccination exemption — even though the U.S. Department of Defense rescinded its mandate in January. Members of the House Armed Services Committee blasted the DOD’s handling of its mandate as 69,000 out of 2 million active service members never received a vaccine, according to data sent to Congress members last week. Approximately 53,000 sought an exemption or accommodation, leaving about 16,000 who could be axed for noncompliance with the rescinded vaccine policy, according to data supplied by Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Gilbert Cisneros in response to a letter from Reps. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., and Jim Banks, R-Ind. “It’s incredibly divisive and cruel to fire patriotic service members for refusing to comply with a partisan and harmful rule that no longer exists,” Banks told Fox News Digital. “To me, the only explanation is that the Biden administration wants to purge conservative service members from the military.” Cisneros’ letter noted that roughly 8,100 service members have already been separated for not complying with the vaccine mandate, though the data did not specify how many of those applied for an exemption. Cisneros had said in his correspondence with the committee that vaccine refusal on its own wasn’t enough to be discharged if service members “sought an accommodation based on religious, administrative or medical grounds.”

Hour 2

“Far-Right” – The N-word of Politics Brownstone Institute recently found itself at the middle of yet another one of those silly spider diagrams of organizations, under the supposed-to-scare-you title of “Brownstone Institute’s Authors Ties to Far-Right Organizations.” I suspect this means we are doing something right (no pun intended) because it is almost certainly a signal that we are beginning to have an impact. I don’t know every one of the organizations in this diagram – but none of those that I do know (a good few) can be described as “far-right” with both a straight face and a grade-school understanding of basic political terminology or history. Rather, the diagram is a perfect example of a perennial political phenomenon and the operation of a rule of thumb that I came up with a few years ago. I need a better name for it, but for now, let’s call it the “When They Call You “Far-Right,” You’re Probably Right” Rule. It goes as follows. Any principle-based movement that opposes a long-standing government policy that has mainstream support but in fact involves a huge abrogation of rights or representation will be labeled “far-right” once the movement begins to attract mainstream attention. 

Special Guest Chad Nedland

“Chad Nedland has worked in online sales and ministry for going on 3 decades. He owner of Nedland Enterprises, focusing on helping business owners increase their impact and reach by sharing their personal stories to transform beliefs of their audience.
As part of coaching industry, Chad has worked hard to make sure that people never lost hope in themselves or their potential by sharing the foundations that have kept him going through the hardest times. He has not won awards or amassed accolades to fill a trophy wall. Instead he plants his flag as one who has walked across the USA from coast to coast 5 times and north to south 3. He spent 7 years living in homeless camps all over the USA sharing a message of hope and helping people get back on their feet. If you want to help someone, you must first meet them where they are. Chad has swam with sharks, both in the ocean and in business, and has come out unscathed.
Chad lives in northern Wisconsin with his beautiful wife, Amy and their 3 young children. When Chad isn’t working hard helping others make a greater impact in the world, you’ll find him with his family focusing on what is really important, leading his family in love.”

CBD Effectively Treats Canker Sores in New Study Canker sores are not a fun topic to discuss, however, they are even less fun to endure. Canker sores, also referred to as aphthous ulcers, are small, shallow sores that develop inside the mouth or at the base of the gums. According to the Mayo Clinic, “The precise cause of canker sores remains unclear, though researchers suspect that a combination of factors contributes to outbreaks, even in the same person.” Potential contributing factors include, but are not limited to: injury, foot sensitivities, stress, and lack of vitamins and minerals. The use of a topical agent containing trace levels of plant-derived CBD reduces ulcer size and promotes healing in subjects with recurrent aphthous ulcers (a/k/a canker sores), according to clinical trial data published in the journal BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies.  A team of Thai researchers compared the use of a topical patch containing 0.1 percent CBD with a placebo in 100 healthy subjects with recurrent aphthous ulcers (RAU). A recent study based in Thailand examined CBD as a potential treatment for canker sores, and the researchers’ findings are promising. Below is more information about it via a news release from NORML:

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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