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October 5, 7-9PM EDT

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Hour 1 – Sacred Fire of Liberty! 

Jonathan Emord, Cheryl Chumley and Norm Singleton join us once again to navigate the wild and crazy word of politics! Here’s what we have on the agenda today:

White House requests $29B disaster aid package The Trump administration Wednesday asked Congress for $29 billion in disaster aid for ongoing hurricane relief and recovery efforts and to pay federal flood insurance claims.

The request comes as the government is spending almost $200 million a day for emergency hurricane response and faces a surge in flood claims for federally insured homes and businesses slammed by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.

Trump: ‘I have decided’ on Iran deal — but won’t share yet  President Donald Trump said Wednesday he has made a decision on whether the U.S. will remain party to the Iran nuclear deal. But he wouldn’t reveal the outcome of his deliberations, despite strong signals that he will either quit the deal or ask Congress to decide its fate.

“I have decided,” Trump repeated three times in response to shouted questions from reporters on whether he has made up his mind on what to do about the internationally negotiated 2015 agreement.

Trump, Japanese leader agree to keep up pressure on North Korea President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed in a Wednesday phone call to keep up pressure on North Korea, Reuters reported. The two leaders also reportedly agreed during the 12-minute phone call that ”dialogue for the purpose of dialogue“ was not fruitful.

The conversation comes as Pyonyang has showed off its ballistic and nuclear weapons programs in recent months, launching a series of intercontinental ballistic missiles, including two over Japanese airspace.

This Week in Congress The Senate comes into session and is likely to spend the bulk of the week on nominations, including a new member of the Federal Communications Commission. The House is in session Monday through Friday. The big bill on the schedule is the Fiscal Year 2018 budget, which should have been passed in the spring. The budget provides for the use of reconciliation for tax reform, which enables it to be passed with 51 votes in the Senate.

Because of the use of reconciliation for tax reform, many fiscal conservatives are under great pressure to put aside concerns and vote for the bill—and there are reasons to be concerned. The bill spends $621.5 billion in military spending, a $70 billion increase that does not count the $75 billion for the “global war on terrorism.”

Beware the ObamaCare Industrial Complex The welcome death of GrahamCare does not mean that Congress will not address ObamaCare before the end of the year. Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, Chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee is working with Washington Senator and HELP Ranking member Patty Murray on an ObamaCare replacement plan.

While no one is sure what will be in the Alexander-Murray plan, we may have gotten some hints from a plan released by Ohio Republican Governor John “opposition to ObamaCare is un-Christian” Kasich and Colorado Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper. The Kasich-Hickenlooper plan is expected to mirror the Alexander-Murray plan in several ways.

Hour 2 – The Truth About Cancer LIVE continues!

Day 1 of The Truth About Cancer has been awesome! The quest to heal cancer naturally continues as we recap the day’s events and highlight what is yet to come! If you haven’t signed up for the FREE live stream yet…what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to watch the upcoming speakers and presentations.

In between surprise guests tonight, we will cover what we can in the news including:

No clear evidence that most new cancer drugs extend or improve life Even where drugs did show survival gains over existing treatments, these were often marginal, the results show. Many of the drugs were approved on the basis of indirect (‘surrogate’) measures that do not always reliably predict whether a patient will live longer or feel better, raising serious questions about the current standards of  regulation. The researchers, based at King’s College London and the London School of Economics say: “When expensive drugs that lack clinically meaningful benefits are approved and paid for within publicly funded healthcare systems, individual can be harmed, important societal resources wasted, and the delivery of equitable and affordable care undermined.”

American Children Compared to Rest of World: Among Sickest and Most Vaccinated Every year, the President of the United States issues a proclamation in honor of Child Health Day (the first Monday of October), which in turn launches Children’s Health Month. President Calvin Coolidge was the first president to dedicate a special day to children’s health, in 1928, recognizing that “the conservation and promotion of child health places upon us a grave responsibility.”

The U.S. is not living up to that vital responsibility and, in fact, is failing children miserably. American children’s ability to develop and thrive is being sabotaged by an avalanche of chronic ailments, with pediatric rates of some chronic conditions among the highest in the world.

Are Government Nutrition Recommendations Killing Us? A brand new study suggests the answer may be yes.

The study, published in The Lancet, is the first major study to look at all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease and nutrition. Here are just two of the major takeaways


  • High carb diets are killing many of us around the world. The study tracked over 135,000 people aged between 35 and 70 from 18 countries; those on a low fat/high carb diet had an increased risk of early death compared to those on a lower carb/higher fat diet.
  • Raw and cooked vegetables are not created equal. Broadly speaking, the study showed that consumption of raw vegetables was more protective against cardiovascular disease than cooked vegetables. As our colleagues at ANH-International point out, many phytochemicals, vitamins, and other nutrients are heat-sensitive and may be damaged by heat.

These findings, particularly on fat versus carbs, echo our criticisms of the government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans that were released in 2016. Those guidelines encourage Americans to reduce consumption of saturated fat, based on the outdated notion that fat leads to heart disease.

Early data on potential anti-cancer compound now in human trials was falsified, company admits A pharmaceutical company has admitted that one of its former researchers falsified early data on a compound that’s designed to fight cancer, now in human trials.

The data, published as an abstract in August 2015 in the journal Cancer Research, reported a therapeutic benefit of acalabrutinib in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer. The compound, developed by the company Acerta Pharma, has also been the subject of additional trials published in the New England Journal of Medicineand Blood in 2015. The 2015 NEJM study, which had several authors in common with the Cancer Researchabstract, showed the agent had “promising safety and efficacy profiles in patients” with relapsed chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

What’s Happening Tomorrow on The Truth About Cancer LIVE?


  • 8:45 AM

    Room 1
    Opening: Ty & Charlene Bollinger

  •  9 AM

    Room 1
    KEYNOTE: Dr. Rashid Buttar: The Cancer Conflict: Resolving the 5th Toxicity


    10:15 AM

    Breakout Sessions

    • Room 1 – KC & Monica Craichy: SuperFood Nutrition and Cancer Prevention
    • Room 2 – Dr. Tony Jimenez: Treating Cancer with Sound and Light
    • Room 3 – Barbara Loe Fisher: Medical Tyranny & Why Informed Consent Matters
  • 11:15 AM

    Breakout Sessions

    • Room 1 – Dr. Edward Group: Fasting – the Healing Miracle!
    • Room 2 – Dr. Ben Johnson: Stem Cells, Lasers, and Novel Approaches for Cancer
    • Room 3 – Erin Elizabeth: The Future of Florida, Fake News, and Food

    12 noon

    Lunch (90 minutes)

  •  1:30 PM

    Room 1
    KEYNOTE: Dr. Marlene Siegel: Preventing and Treating Cancer in PETS

  • Breakout Sessions

    • Room 1 – Dr. Stan Burzynski: Current innovations in cancer treatment (update on his story and TMB)
    • Room 2 – Liana Werner-Gray: How I Cured Myself of Cancer by Creating The Earth Diet, Alkalizing my Body, Using Bentonite Clay and Doing Colonics
    • Room 3 – Dr. David Jockers: The Sugar-Cancer Connection
       2:30 PM


  •  3:30 PM

    Breakout Sessions

    • Room 1 – Billy DeMoss: Preventing Cancer with Chiropractic and Exercise
    • Room 2 – Dr. Eric Zielinski: Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, and Cancer
    • Room 3 – Ocean Robbins: Food as Medicine to Beat Cancer


  •  4:45 PM

    Room 1
    KEYNOTE: Dr. Thomas Seyfried: The Metabolic Mitochondrial Theory of Cancer

  •  5:30 PM – 6:15 PM

    Room 1
    KEYNOTE: Del Bigtree: Freedom of Choice in Medicine

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