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Feb 26, 2020 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

HHS chief Alex Azar: U.S. in ‘state of containment’ on COVID-19 Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told Congress Wednesday that the coronavirus risk for Americans is “very low” and that, from a public health perspective, the United States is in a “state of containment.” Azar said in a hearing on the HHS budget that there have been 14 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States — not including those among passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship and State Department evacuees from Wuhan, China, epicenter of the outbreak. That 14 figure has remained “stable” for 15 days, he added. “The risk right now is very low to Americans,” Azar said. “From a public health perspective, we are technically in a state of containment in the U.S.” Azar made the remarks during a hearing of the House Committee on Appropriations’ subcommittee on labor, health and human services, education and related agencies.

San Francisco declares state of emergency over coronavirus The mayor of San Francisco declared a state of emergency over coronavirus fears on Tuesday shortly after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning that the U.S. will likely see more cases. There are 57 known cases in the U.S. and no cases in San Francisco, but Mayor London Breed pointed to the virus’ unpredictability and troubling global growth. “We see the virus spreading in new parts of the world every day, and we are taking the necessary steps to protect San Franciscans from harm,” Breed said. She said many of the city’s residents travel to mainland China, so it is not far-fetched to suspect cases in the future. U.C. San Francisco successfully treated two cases earlier this month, SFGate reported. The declaration is effective immediately and will be voted on early next month. The Los Angeles Times reported that San Diego and Santa Clara counties have made similar declarations.

The CDC has thoughts about soul patches and mutton chops. And they have to do with preventing coronavirus When it comes to novel coronavirus safety, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has some suggestions about facial hair. Side whiskers, soul patches, lampshades and handlebar moustaches are good to go, according to a CDC infographic. But styles like a stubble, beard, Dali and mutton chops, are not recommended because they are likely to interfere with a facepiece respirator. Masks and respirators are being utilized around the world to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has reached more than 80,000 cases globally. A respirator covers at least the nose and mouth and protects against particles including infectious agents, the CDC said. However, the CDC does not recommend routine use outside of workplaces. Facial hair poses a risk to the effectiveness of respirators because it may keep the exhalation valve from working properly if the two come into contact, the infographic said. No matter the style choice, the hair should not cross the respirator sealing surface, the infographic said.

Special Guest Sallie Elkordy

Sallie O. Elkordy has been hosting radio programs solely about vaccination since 2011. Vaccine-induced injury and death have been the topics of conversation for the purpose of preventing more of the same and she has interviewed 1,000 victims over the past 8 years. The bumper music for this program, “Word to the Wise” is by recording artist Daz Nez and the artwork is by Joe Jones. Gratitude extended to fellow RBN show host Ingri Cassell for recommending Sallie for this opportunity. Contact Sallie here: Facebook.com/VaccineFreeNYC and follow her on Twitter as “OUTLAWvaccines” @OWvaccines

March 1, 20-20 EMPTY STROLLER WALK ~ Parents who have lost children to vaccination everywhere (and those in sympathy with them).  Walk down main street wherever you live and bring an empty Stroller and educational materials.  Put the picture of a child who has passed from vaccination on the inside back of the stroller.  Pictured is Suzanne Fuhri of #MommyLovesTommy

March 17, 20-20 ~ Banner for Parades for St. Patrick’s Day in NYC (join us).  Not in NYC?  Feel free to grab and print it for YOUR local St. Pat’s Parades!  Tinyurl.com/HonorParents

April 2, 20-20 ~ Autism Awareness Day ~ Sallie Elkordy & Yuka Azuma’s Screening of VAXXED II in Queens, NY https://gathr.us/screening/31127

Hour 2

Did the 5G rollout in Wuhan damage the innate cellular defense cells of the population, putting the people at risk of complications and death from coronavirus? Scientists have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of 5th generation wireless technology. Some countries have heeded the warning about wireless radiation and the harmful effects of EMFs. China, on the other hand, has completely ignored all warnings and has proceeded to unleash 5G faster than any other nation. In fact, China rolled out 5G in the province of Wuhan in October 2019. Just two months later, the city became afflicted by a new kind of coronavirus named CoVid-19. How did a formerly benign class of virus become so opportunistic in such a short amount of time? Why is the death rate so high at the epicenter of the outbreak? Why did the city’s population suddenly become so vulnerable? Could it be that 5G oxidized important surveillance proteins of the innate immune system of the Wuhan population? Does 5G cause severe inflammation, damaging the innate immune system? Could it be that 5G does cause DNA breaks, as documented by scientists? Do these DNA breaks potentially affect innate immune molecules such as the mannose binding lectins (MBLs), which are primarily located on lung surfactant proteins A and D?

Airplanes spread diseases quickly – so maybe unvaccinated people shouldn’t be allowed to fly As the coronavirus spreads, the nation’s leading health official told a Senate committee on Feb. 25 that “we cannot hermetically seal off the United States to a virus.” The comments from Alex Azar II, head of Health and Human Services, heightened concerns about the effects of the coronavirus in the U.S., which so far has sickened a relatively small number—57—of people in the U.S. And with hundreds of new cases of the coronavirus reported in South Korea, a spike of deaths in Iran, and a 10-town lockdown in Italy, the rapidly spreading COVID-19 may be on the verge of becoming a pandemic. The World Health Organization now says the disease has “pandemic potential.” This is only the latest outbreak to show how quickly pathogens can spread in a changing world. The worldwide response is a testament to the immediate need for intervention and containment: flights canceled, cruise ships quarantined, travel banned, and a rigorous monitoring of the Chinese response.

Scientists find that hundreds of gut bacteria are electric Electrogenic bacteria are those that are able to produce a certain amount of electricity. For this reason, ongoing research is looking into ways to use these microorganisms to develop alternative, more sustainable battery-like devices. So far, electrogenic bacteria have been found in fairly specific natural environments, such as the sediments of various bodies of water. These environments are typically anaerobic, meaning that they do not contain free oxygen. Now, for the very first time, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have found that hundred of different bacteria in the human gut are also electrogenic. These include many types of bacteria, from pathogenic ones that are capable of causing disease, to probiotic bacteria that promote gut health. Yet these gut bacteria produce electricity using a different mechanism than that used by known electrogenic bacteria from other environments.

Could heartburn meds spur growth of drug-resistant germs in your gut? Common heartburn meds may foster the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the gut, a new research review suggests. In an analysis of 12 past studies, researchers found that, overall, the evidence supports a link: People who use acid-suppressing medications—particularly proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)—are more likely than nonusers to harbor in the gut. The findings do not prove that PPIs—which include popular brands such as Prilosec (omeprazole), Prevacid (lansoprazole) and Nexium (esomeprazole)—are the cause, experts said. But they are the latest to raise safety questions about the top-selling prescription and over-the-counter medicines. In recent years, studies have linked long-term PPI use to increased risks of heart and kidney disease, stomach cancer and certain infections—as well as deficiencies in calcium, magnesium and vitamin B12.

Question of The Day!

Can we get a link to the suits today’s (2/25/20) guest referred to, that she was buying in case of medical martial law? I looked on Amazon, but have no idea what I’m looking for. Thank you!

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