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September 23rd, 2022 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Say Only What We Want to Hear, or We Will Take Away Your Livelihood The attacks on free and open discussion are becoming more and more widespread. Now, as Toby Young explains in an article this morning, the payment service PayPal has closed the accounts of the Daily Sceptic, which often publishes criticism of the government policy in various matters. PayPal has also closed the account of the Free Speech Union, which provides support to people whose freedom of opinion is under attack, for example those fired from their jobs because of their opinions. PayPal has even gone as far as to close the rarely used personal account of Toby Young, who is in charge of both the Daily Sceptic and the Free Speech Union, and is also associate editor of The Spectator, one of the world’s most respected newspapers. As Toby reports in his article, the company has offered no explanation for this move. When payment services or banks begin to act in this way, it should dawn upon us what a serious threat to free and open exchange of opinions we are facing. Not only can you be fired from your job, your very possibility to make a living will be taken away also. Now, there is little doubt that many people think that as long as their own opinions are allowed, everything is fine, even if other opinions are forbidden. But that position, apart from being morally wrong, is based on an utter lack of understanding of the threat we face; the question is not if, but when it will be your own opinions that are censored, your own livelihood taken away.

Special Guest Dr. Christina Parks

Dr. Christina Parks received her Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan in 1999. She did her graduate research in the field of cytokine signaling. Cytokines are the chemicals that the immune system uses to communicate. Thus, Dr. Parks brings a wealth of knowledge about how both Covid and Covid vaccines may affect the immune system. She is warning that there can be no medical freedom when doctors and scientists who have dared to tell the truth are silenced and punished. Dr. Parks garnered significant attention for her testimony on Michigan House Bill 4471 which seeks to ban discrimination based on vaccine status. In her testimony, she challenged the assumption that COVID vaccines prevent transmission and called vaccine mandate supporters on the carpet for essentially supporting a return to racial segregation since at one point 70% of the Black population refused Covid vaccines and had to deal with possible exclusion from education and the workforce.



Bill Gates, WEF promoting dangerous GMO foods and fake foods Bill Gates is now working with the World Economic Forum (WEF) in an initiative that impacts the food supply. Gates has an affinity for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and Frankenfoods due to the money that can be made there. But it will be at the consumers’ expense. The Gates-funded Lab Meat and Lab Dairy lobby are now gaining traction as more and more tycoons from Silicon Valley step up to back up this effort, resulting in real whole foods fading away, along with family farms and ranches that used to produce much of the food in the United States. There is a big chance that Americans have been consuming unregulated and unlabeled GMOs for years and do not know it. Things like cream cheese, ice cream and snack bars often contain GMO additives and have no regulations regarding their GMO status because they fall outside the reach of agencies that should be regulating food production. Even GMO ingredients that have been included on the label are often printed using vague or misleading terms, which people don’t generally understand, such as “synthetic biology” or “fermentation technology.” (Related: Are you eating GMO foods without knowing it?) As GMOs gain popularity, indigenous herders, rural villagers, ranchers, farmers and traditional communities suffer. With lab meats and dairy being bioengineered and marketed to the public, animal pasturing, holistic grazing and organic farming are becoming villainized.

Hour 2

Unvaccinated Americans face job loss, no pay while seeking exemptions from state and local COVID mandates Americans from coast to coast are still suffering from job loss for refusing to submit to sweeping vaccine mandates, despite President Biden’s admission that the pandemic is “over.” Despite declaring the end of the COVID-19 pandemic during a “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday, President Biden did not address the thousands of Americans who are unemployed due federal and local vaccination mandates. New York City dropped their private employer vaccine mandate, ending one of the nation’s strictest COVID-19 regulations. However, public servants are still forced to comply. NYC sanitation worker, Curtis Cutler, was denied a religious exemption and fired despite being a deacon at his church. “Please let us have our lives back. Put back together. Let us have a form of normalcy. We are called as Christians to pray for our leaders. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re going to continue to do that,” Cutler said. In Los Angeles, 22-year veteran firefighter John Knox was put on leave without pay for refusing the shot and has gone nearly a year without a paycheck.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Mask, Vaccine Mandates for Toddlers in Public Preschools A Louisiana federal judge on Wednesday permanently blocked the federal government from enforcing its mask and vaccine mandates for children and teachers in public preschool. The Head Start program, which provides early education to infants, toddlers, and kids preparing for kindergarten, cannot require that any adults or students in the applicable centers or daycare be vaccinated against Covid-19 or wear masks, U.S. District Court Judge Terry A. Doughty ruled. The regulation applied to children as young as two years old, Doughty noted, both indoors and outdoors during activities that involve close contact with other people. The court rejected the argument of the government that the mandates fell under an “administrative standard,” finding that the provision only pertains to administering the Head Start program and financial issues, not medical ordinances. Doughty, who was appointed by former president Trump, invoked the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who wrote that “Congress . . . does not alter the fundamental details of a regulatory scheme in vague terms or ancillary provisions — it does not hide elephants in mouse holes.” In this case, the elephant was the mandate and the mouse hole is HHS’s attempt to disguise the mandate as a “mere modification” of the administrative standard, Doughty argued.

Global Excess Mortality Rates — Where’s the Investigation? We have previously pointed to official data in 2021 that shows a temporal association between the apparent rises in “excess mortality” among different age groups and the time each was exposed to COVID-19 “genetic vaccines” (here and here). These data were in plain sight in the public domain, being based on official data from the nearly 30 mainly European countries carried on the euroMOMO portal. Now, a year on, it’s nigh on impossible to hide the fact that in many industrialized countries that went full swing into intense control measures, from lockdowns, masks, genetic surveillance and “genetic vaccines,” people are dying at unexpectedly high rates. The jabs or boosters may be a factor — but so may a bunch of other things, such as not gaining timely and proper medical attention, psychosocial stress and deprivation, along with a gamut of other potential co-factors. The current apparent excesses in deaths over those that would have been expected is especially unusual given they have occurred during the northern hemisphere summer when deaths are normally at their lowest — and it is difficult to apportion blame to an invisible virus that on all accounts has lost virulence in its current guise. According to The Guardian, even the U.K. Health Security Department argues summer heatwaves only explained around 7% of the excess mortality in July in England and Wales.

The Who’s Who of Federal Agencies Trying to Censor You on Social Media In a Sept. 1 article, the Post Millennial reveals how federal officials in the Biden administration have held secret censorship meetings with social media companies to suppress Americans’ First Amendment rights to free speech, and to ban or de-platform those who share unauthorized views about COVID-19 and vaccines. The evidence for this comes out of a lawsuit brought by the New Civil Liberties Alliance and the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana (Eric Schmitt and Jeff Landry) against President Biden, filed in May. During the discovery process, the plaintiffs sought to identify “all meetings with any social media platform relating to content modulation and/or misinformation,” which is how we now know that such illegal meetings did, in fact, take place. Illegal collusion to suppress free speech Monthly, a Unified Strategies Group meeting took place — and may still be taking place — between a wide variety of government agencies and Big Tech companies, during which topics to be censored and suppressed were/are discussed. Censored topics included stories involving COVID-19 jab refusal, especially those involving military refusals and consequences thereof, criticism against COVID-19 restrictions and their effects on mental health, posts talking about testing positive for COVID-19 after getting the jab, personal stories of COVID-19 jab side effects, including menstrual irregularities, and worries about vaccine passports becoming mandatory.

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