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U.S.Health Freedom Congress recap, Meaningful debate, Common ground, Whole food nutrition, Health-Information Police, NYPD mandate invalid, Steve Kirsch, Paul Offit vax stance, Evidence of harm, CDC questions, Fake meat wokeness and MORE!

September 25th, 2022 3-5PM ET

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My wife has purchased many vitamins from Andrew Lessmen, from what I can see his vit. are pretty good; however many of his vit. have vit C as ascorbic acid or ascorbate or ascorbyl palmitate-consequantly I purchased vit.C from Choose to be healthy-my thinking is- if she takes the good form of vit C-with the bad vit C- hopefully the body will use the good vit C and discard the synthetics. what do you think?

The Dystopian Vision of the Health-Information Police When Assemblymember Evan Low, the principal author of California Assembly Bill 2098, told the California Senate Committee that his bill was “really straightforward, very straightforward,” many of us in the gallery failed to restrain ourselves from expressing our incredulity. He delivered this statement at the conclusion of a hearing that had lasted over an hour, during which it seemed no two Senators on the committee had the same idea of how the law would operate. Assemblymember Low had struggled to respond to questions from the committee and had often resorted to simply reading the text of the bill. That June 26 hearing presented the only time any legislators questioned the bill during its entire passage through the legislative process. Assembly Bill 2098 would empower the Medical Board of California to go after the licenses of physicians who disseminate “misinformation” or “disinformation” regarding Covid-19. The bill in its latest iteration defines misinformation as “false information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.” The inscrutability of this definition lies at the core of the bill’s opponents concerns. No clear scientific consensus exists with respect to this novel virus, and even if it did, it may be proven incorrect later. Without clear guidance regarding what would constitute “misinformation,” physicians can only guess if they risk losing their licenses for expressing their good-faith disagreements with positions of public health officials. Even if in practice, the Medical Board only applied the law to speech that the First Amendment does not protect, the law’s vagueness would render it unconstitutional, because it would tend to cause doctors to censor themselves.

New York judge rules COVID vaccine mandate for NYPD union members invalid A New York judge ruled Friday that the city’s mandate requiring members of the New York City Police Department to be vaccinated against COVID-19 is invalid as applied to members of the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York. In the decision, State Supreme Court Justice Lyle Frank, sitting in Manhattan, ordered that members of the union that were caused to be “wrongfully terminated and/or put on leave without pay a result of non-compliance” be reinstated. The filing said that the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s “conduct of unilaterally creating a condition of employment is improper,” “In support of its contention that the DOH Commissioner can unilaterally create employment conditions, respondents cite to holdings of recently decided federal cases and trial court decisions. This argument too is unpersuasive. Respondents cite a multitude of cases where this Court, as well as others, have denied petitions based on vaccination being a condition of employment, however in those instances the City and the respective union collectively bargained to include the vaccination mandate as a new condition of employment, that is not the case here,” wrote Frank, adding that the unilateral imposition of a condition of employment is not something the department or Mayor Eric Adams could do without collective bargaining.

Hour 2

Special Guest Steve Kirsch

Steve Kirsch is the Executive Director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation ( and a popular Substack journalist who writes about the pandemic (

Prior to his work on COVID, Steve was a serial entrepreneur and has founded eight high-technology companies.

When the COVID pandemic hit, Steve took a leave of absence from his company to start the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund which funded clinical trials using repurposed drugs to treat COVID.

Steve and his family were doubly jabbed in March 2021. A month later, Steve started hearing stories of death and injury from his friends.

He started speaking out publicly on May 25, 2021 with a 285 page article published on TrialSiteNews and an appearance on the Darkhorse podcast with Bret Weinstein and Robert Malone on June 10, 2021.

Steve was told if he kept speaking out against the vaccine he would have to leave his position at the startup he founded. So he left. He has been permanently banned on Twitter (twice), LinkedIn, Medium, and Wikipedia. His Wikipedia entry has been modified to make him look like an evil person.

No public health official will debate Steve or any of his colleagues, even though such debates would theoretically stop misinformation and end vaccine hesitancy.

He’s also invited fact checkers who challenge him to a debate. None have accepted.

He writes one of the most popular Substacks in the world on vaccine safety.

He has a BS and MS from MIT in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Dr. Paul Offit, one of the world’s most respected vaccine experts, is now officially an anti-vaxxer! I learned about Paul’s conversion to anti-vaxxer status from reading Brucha Weisberger’s substack article. “So, if Dr. Paul Offit isn’t getting any more shots, why are you? Do you know something he doesn’t?” Ask Paul on his Twitter account if he wants to see the Israeli safety data that they are hiding. You can refer to my article. I’d do it myself, but I’m banned for life from Twitter as you all know for tweeting that the COVID vaccines cause prion diseases. They do. There is absolutely no doubt about that. But truth isn’t protected speech on Twitter and I don’t think anyone who works at Twitter believes that “true speech” should be protected. Do you know anyone who works at Twitter in upper management who thinks it’s wrong to ban people for saying things that are true? I haven’t found one… We now have one more anti-vaxxer in the world. I just emailed Paul asking him if he wants to join Martin Kulldorff and see the Israeli safety data that the Israeli Ministry of Health does not want anyone to see. Let’s see how red pilled Paul really is. I’ll update this article if he responds. Don’t hold your breath. Apparently, being open to seeing safety data that is counter-narrative is a career limiting move.

Evidence of harm Here’s a high level collection of some of the most compelling pieces of evidence I’ve seen to date. This is not an exhaustive list, but just the key pieces of data that are impossible to explain if the vaccines are safe and effective. I’ve divided the collection into sections and I’ve tried to limit each section to the most compelling data points. So don’t be disappointed if your favorite item isn’t mentioned in this article; I wanted to keep it short enough to be read.. I’ll try to keep this updated over time. It can be found in the Reference section of my SubstackThe Pfizer trial 6 month report showed absolutely no all-cause morbidity or mortality benefit. There were no all-cause benefits at all. It was all negative. Ask your doctor why you should take a new, unproven medical intervention that is not shown to have an overall benefit. Even if there was a benefit of fewer COVID infections (which is seriously suspect due to the gaming below), the fact that the total all-cause numbers for both mortality and morbidity were negative means the intervention should not be recommended by any doctor. The Pfizer trial 6 month report showed that more people died (and were injured) who got the drug than who got the placebo. In other words, the cure was worse than the disease. The drug maker claimed that none of the people in the vaccine group were killed by the vaccine. They do not reveal the tests they did and explain how they were able to make that assessment. Why the secrecy here, especially in light of the study by Bhakdi and Burkhardt showing that trained medical examiners missed the causality link in 93% of the cases they looked at? The Pfizer vaccine had 4X as many cardiac arrests in the treatment group than the placebo (see page 12 of the Supplemental Appendix). This lines up very well with the numerous cardiac-related problems related to the vaccine as documented in the study by Retsef Levi and in the VAERS data which showed that the “cardiac arrest” reports were elevated by a factor of 93X higher than the annual baseline rate (VAERS reports from all vaccines combined in previous years). For some reason, the CDC wasn’t able to detect that signal (it was only 100 times higher than normal so they ignored it for some reason; they won’t let me ask them about it). In short, the claims from the manufacturer that none of the deaths were caused by the vaccine are highly suspect since all the evidence for those claims remains hidden from public view for some reason.

I formally asked the CDC to answer a few easy questions I filled out the official CDC media request form here. This is what I wrote. My request Hi. I’m one of the world’s top misinformation spreaders according to respected authorities such as CCDH and MIT. Google lists me at #2 when you do a search for “misinformation superspreader.” I have nearly a million followers on social media right now. It would have been more, but I’ve been permanently banned on Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and Wikipedia. I really don’t want to spread misinformation, but the CDC has refused to answer any of my questions. They even refuse to answer why they refuse to answer my questions. That isn’t helpful. How is that going to solve anything? My followers keep increasing the more you ignore me. It looks like you are hiding something. If you answer my questions, I assure you, I will correct my mistakes. If I don’t, you’ll have a video record of the call and can expose me. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to resolve my questions. I would like to chat with John Su or Tom Shimabukuro or Hannah Rosenblum.

Once-Hot Fake Meat Sees Sales Slide on Price and Being Too ‘Woke Just a few years ago, with a blockbuster initial public offering from Beyond Meat Inc. and the unveiling of an Impossible Whopper at Burger King locations nationwide, plant-based meats were ascendant. Now, after once enjoying double-digit growth, sales are not just flat but declining, due to possible saturation of the US market, according to Deloitte Consulting LLP. Sales of refrigerated meat alternatives at retailers are down 10.5% by volume for the 52-weeks ending September 4, 2022, according to data from Information Resources Inc., or IRI. While higher prices are the top reason for the slide, it’s not the only one, according to Jonna Parker, a fresh food specialist at the market research company. “Proteins that were cheaper on a price-per-pound basis did fare better,” Parker said, noting that semi-vegetarian shoppers that may have opted for an alt-product will now just go for the less-expensive real thing. With inflation, consumers have become less willing to pay a premium for faux meat. Taste and health concerns are also playing a role, she said. Deloitte believes the industry is suffering from a perception problem. In July, it surveyed 2,000 consumers and found a decline in the belief that plant-based meat is healthier and more environmentally sustainable than meat from animals. (While the environmental credentials of plant-based products compared to their meatier counterparts are well established, the health claims are not.)

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