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Feb 19, 2019 7-9PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Could we ever develop a universal flu vaccine? Congress has pledged $1 billion to find one in 5 years – buthealth directors receiving that money say it’s not possible The US government has pledged $1 billion towards finding a universal flu vaccine in five years. Health officials are happy to receive the funds – though they say the goal is not exactly possible. ‘The aspirational goal, that I’m even concerned is attainable, is to cover everything,’ Dr Anthony Fauci, head of infectious disease at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), told a conference on Saturday. ‘You could have a relatively universal vaccine,’ he said. But right now, even efforts to get to that point are nothing more than ‘intellectually promising.’ ‘Whether they will turn into being a home run or a base hit, we don’t know yet.’ Gary Nabel, chief scientific officer at Sanofi, which produces the flu vaccine, agreed. ‘I doubt we will see progress within five years. Probably incremental progress,’ he said. ‘We have a moving target. The challenge is, with all of the genetic diversity and structural diversity, how do we set our sights on the critical targets where the virus can’t escape.’ There are multiple strains of flu, and within them multiple types which keep mutating.

Questions of The Day!

Hi Robert,

I spoke with you briefly on the phone last week, we got connected through sovereign silver. You suggested I consider doing your aloe silver protocol. My aloe is on the way and I already have the silver.

I have a history of reacting very very strongly to herbs and other things that kill parasites in the gut. I’m thinking I would need to start really low like 1/2 teaspoon of silver and I’m not sure if I should just do one app teaspoon of aloe as well or if I should do more aloe? Any guidance you have here for really sensitive people would be most appreciative. Currently I have been doing 3/4 teaspoon of silver twice a day either just in my mouth or mixed with liquid. This morning I did one full teaspoon of silver and now 67 hours later scratch that six or seven hours later I am feeling a lot of discomfort in my gut.

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated

If you have any archived conversations on your radio show in this regard that would be great also!



So grateful to have seen the YouTube video of yours was. It was shared with me, and I am so excited and truly look forward to healing the gut through your protocol. Blessed to have had my friend hear about you!

Now, onto my question because I to this day don’t know what I’d do if something was to happen again.

I wanted to ask, I was diagnosed with a uterus infection when I had a home birth and so I was given antibiotics….about 5 days…they wouldn’t let me refuse and I didn’t know better. I now live a healthier lifestyle, have changed practically everything, am detoxing, draining, and getting rid of parasites, toxins, and metals. I was just about to go on the candida protocol until I saw your video. You saved me by revealing that I can’t get rid of candida unless I get rid of metals.

My question now is, if I was to ever have a uterus infection again after giving birth, what would be my go to option instead of antibiotics?

My second question, not sure if you know anything about this, I will be ordering the power to heal book this week, but since I don’t know if you include an answer to my question, what would you do if you were told you needed a root canal? I hear it’s the road to autoimmune disease as well as MANY other issues. I want to avoid it and heal it naturally, but I’d love to hear from you personally what you’d recommend.

Again, thank you for all of your help. A true blessing to have people like you keep moving forward with an empowering stance and truth. Looking forward to your response! And, I’ll be listening and looking forward to your podcasts!


Neuroscientists Say They’ve Found an Entirely New Form of Neural Communication Scientists think they’ve identified a previously unknown form of neural communication that self-propagates across brain tissue, and can leap wirelessly from neurons in one section of brain tissue to another – even if they’ve been surgically severed. The discovery offers some radical new insights about the way neurons might be talking to one another, via a mysterious process unrelated to conventionally understood mechanisms, such as synaptic transmissionaxonal transport, and gap junction connections. “We don’t know yet the ‘So what?’ part of this discovery entirely,” says neural and biomedical engineer Dominique Durand from Case Western Reserve University. “But we do know that this seems to be an entirely new form of communication in the brain, so we are very excited about this.” Before this, scientists already knew there was more to neural communication than the above-mentioned connections that have been studied in detail, such as synaptic transmission.

Hour 2

Medicare For All: Is The U.S. Headed In That Direction? Washington D.C. is abuzz with talk about Medicare for All. A growing number of Democratic presidential candidates are voicing their support for Medicare for All, as a “big, bold solution to our healthcare system’s problems.” Medicare for All would expand Medicare to all U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents and abolish the current system of employer-provided coverage. House Democrats are planning to unveil Medicare for All legislation soon. This is expected to be similar in nature to the Senate Medicare for All bill put forward by Senator Bernie Sanders (I- VT). A tension or polarization has existed for quite some time between those who view the market as a savior of sorts for the woes plaguing healthcare, and those who are skeptical of markets especially when it comes to healthcare. Medicare for All proponents are generally not in favor of market-based solutions to problems in the healthcare system.

Welcome Back Jefferey Jaxen!

Jefferey Jaxen is a researcher, independent investigative journalist, writer and voice for health freedom on the front lines of society’s shift towards higher consciousness.  Jefferey is constantly working behind the scenes to spotlight the untold, censored and under-reported stories of our time. His mission in life is to teach & empower others to take back their power and heal themselves. As a compelling writer, active researcher, and creative force his work has been catapulted into the mainstream. Jefferey was recently featured in the documentary The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest. His writing has been featured by RT, Natural News, InfoWars, Collective-Evolution, Waking Times, GreenMedInfo, The Truth About Cancer and countless others. Along with being a regular guest on national and international television networks and radio shows, his articles are read by tens of thousands weekly. In addition, he has set himself apart with his growing library of unique and original spoken word pieces.

THE SACRAMENTO BEE CAUGHT IN MEASLES HYSTERIA LIE, READERS FORCE RETRACTION Over the recent weeks the American public has endured a constant barrage of media-manufactured hysteria surrounding the measles. The regular talking points have been on full display to create a false narrative. Andrew Wakefield created ‘anti-vaxers,’ vaccines pose no risk, the science is settled, and so on and so on. Low information reporters from multiple backgrounds and with diverse areas of interests are all freely jumping in to report their take on American measles causes. Yet few dare to stray from the wildly accepted astroturf narrative continually seen from mainstream, corporate media outlets. Author and medical research journalist Neil Z. Miller recently commented:

I’m used to reading vaccine propaganda and usually there is a tenuous threat connected to the truth.”

However, when Miller read the Sacramento Bee’s recent article titled Measles outbreak may spread to California, doctors are warned – with risk of deafness, autism he discovered a big problem. The SacBee presented the public with the idea that there exists a risk of autism from the measles. In their opening paragraph, the SacBee story warns, “…health experts say [measles] can cause deafness and autism in its survivors.” The article goes on to state “Measles has been proved to cause intellectual and neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism, in children.” Miller commented, “I knew right away this was not measles…I’ve done enough studies on measles and knew right away that the author…was referencing something else.” How did the Sacramento Bee make their autism-measles connection?

New study shows CBD as effective antidepressant in mice A groundbreaking new study conducted by the University of Sao Paolo has found that CBD works as a long-lasting and rapid antidepressant in mice. This new study, published in the medical journal Molecular Neurobiology in June, found that cannabidiol was successful at inducing rapid and sustained antidepressant-like effects when tested on rodents. When using mice who had been selectively bred to develop symptoms associated with depression (such as lethargy and immobility), researchers found that CBD treatment was linked to a reduction in immobility during a forced swim test, a commonly used test used to study depressive symptoms. During the testing, CBD treatment also increased the rodent’s resilience in stress models of depression, which indicated antidepressant like effects.

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