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June 22nd, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Media reports about vaccine hesitancy could contribute to the problem Alongside logistical and supply issues, vaccine hesitancy has been a notable hurdle in Australia’s troubled vaccine rollout. The news the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) now recommends Pfizer over AstraZeneca for everyone under 60, owing to a rare blood clotting disorder, is proving another blow to vaccine confidence. With active local COVID cases in Victoria and New South Wales, it’s timely to be considering all possible factors which may be contributing to vaccine hesitancy. One is the media. While news reports of vaccine hesitancy may well be describing genuine community concerns, they could be inadvertently fuelling COVID vaccine fears. While Australians perceive their environment is safe and relatively free from COVID-19, some will remain unmotivated to have the jab. They may hesitate to be immunised as they believe the vaccine could pose a greater risk than the virus itself. This is not the case. ATAGI’s evolving recommendations ensure the benefit of getting vaccinated against COVID outweighs the risk for every age group. Fear, meanwhile, is a behavioural motivator. The latest outbreak in Melbourne saw record numbers of Victorians turn up for vaccination.

Anti-vax groups rack up victories against Covid-19 push The partisan divide over the country’s pandemic response has reinvigorated the anti-vaccine movement nationwide, with mostly Republican lawmakers in nearly 40 states backing bills to restrict Covid-19 vaccine mandates or vaccine passports. Anti-vaccine fervor that was previously concentrated in specific communities — like Orthodox Jews in New Jersey and New York, and Somali immigrants in Minnesota — spread more widely during the pandemic as the U.S. government urged people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. At least six states — Arkansas, Florida, Montana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah — have enacted legislation to limit Covid shot mandates, giving vaccine opponents some of their most prominent victories in recent memory. At least 11 states have banned the use of vaccine passports, according to the National Council of State Legislatures, and another 31 states at minimum are considering similar legislation. The wave of opposition to Covid-19 shots, and efforts to curb public-health authorities more generally, have alarmed health experts. They say the new legislation will make it harder to quell the pandemic and prevent future outbreaks of Covid-19 and other illnesses. Many families now emerging from isolation have delayed routine immunizations during the pandemic, and two dozen states have dispensed Covid-19 shots to fewer than 50 percent of eligible residents.

Special Guest – Scott McKay “Patriot Street Fighter”

Scott McKay is a former competitive bodybuilder turned wellness industry entrepreneur whose life passions led him to the political arena. As a motivational/public speaker, he projected his energy toward his passion for political campaigns as a grunt worker, campaign manager, campaign consultant, and Los Angeles GOP Committee position before walking away from the world of politics disenchanted with the corruption of D.C. politics, thereby giving up his goal of public service.

After surviving and rehabbing himself back from a near-fatal, catastrophic, and paralyzing motorcycle crash in 2014 to complete mobility, he got back on the political firing lines with the entry of Donald Trump into the fight. Today he hosts a radio show he created on Revolution.Radio called “The Tipping Point” where he has been branded as the Patriot Street Fighter for the people. His maiden voyage LIVESTREAM Post-Election video rocketed to 345,000 in 13 days to entering him into YouTube Censoring Stardom.

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No Remorse: China Now Says the Wuhan Lab Deserves a Nobel Prize On the menu today: The Chinese Foreign Ministry argues that the Wuhan Institute of Virology deserves to win the Nobel Prize for Medicine; a look at the blatant contradictions in China’s propaganda about vaccine diplomacy; a senator shrugs off his membership in an all-white private beach club; and apparently progressives can’t find anything to enjoy this summer. Late last week, the Chinese Academy of Sciences nominated the Wuhan Institute of Virology for its Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize, specifically naming Shi Zhengli, a.k.a. “Bat Woman,” and Yuan Zhiming, director of the WIV’s Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory. Chinese state-run media explained that, “The award is mainly given to individuals or research groups who have made or demonstrated significant achievements in the past five years . . . China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson stressed at Thursday’s press conference that scientists working at the WIV should be awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine, rather than being blamed for being the first to discover the gene sequence of the novel coronavirus.” We must admit, the Institute’s work really has touched all of our lives, hasn’t it? And just think how many medical breakthroughs we’ve seen in the past 18 months from Pfizer and Moderna and Oxford and Johnson & Johnson that never would have occurred if hadn’t been for the earlier work of the Wuhan Institute of Virology? The WIV’s work literally brought the world to a screeching halt. It even made late-night television funny again.

59 Labs Conduct Risky Research on Deadly Pathogens — Most Score Low on Safety Did the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 result from high-risk research gone wrong? Regardless of the answer, the risk of future pandemics originating from research with dangerous pathogens is real. The focal point of this lab-leak discussion is the Wuhan Institute of Virology, nestled in the hilly outskirts of Wuhan. It is just one of 59 maximum containment labs in operation, under construction or planned around the world. Known as biosafety level 4 (BSL4) labs, these are designed and built so that researchers can safely work with the most dangerous pathogens on the planet — ones that can cause serious disease and for which no treatment or vaccines exist. Researchers are required to wear full-body pressurized suits with independent oxygen. Spread over 23 countries, the largest concentration of BSL4 labs is in Europe, with 25 labs. North America and Asia have roughly equal numbers, with 14 and 13 respectively. Australia has four and Africa three. Like the Wuhan Institute of Virology, three-quarters of the world’s BSL4 labs are in urban centers. With 3,000m² of lab space, the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the largest BSL4 lab in the world, though it will soon be overtaken by the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility at Kansas State University in the U.S. When it is complete, it will boast over 4,000m² of BSL4 lab space. Most labs are significantly smaller, with half of the 44 labs where data is available being under 200m² — less than half the size of a professional basketball court or about three-quarters the size of a tennis court.

Rare neurological disorder documented following COVID-19 vaccination In two separate articles in the Annals of Neurology, clinicians in India and England report cases of a rare neurological disorder called Guillain-Barré syndrome after individuals were vaccinated against COVID-19. Both reports describe an unusual variant of Guillain-Barré characterized by prominent facial weakness. Seven cases were reported from a regional medical center in Kerala, India, where approximately 1.2 million people were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Four cases were reported from Nottingham, England, in an area in which approximately 700,000 people received the same vaccine. All eleven cases were among people who had received that vaccine between 10 and 22 days earlier. The frequency of Guillain-Barré syndrome in these areas was estimated to be up to 10 times greater than expected. “If the link is causal it could be due to a cross-reactive immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and components of the peripheral immune system,” wrote the authors of the report from England.

‘HEAVIER BLEEDING’ Vaccine watchdog ‘closely monitoring’ 4,000 women reporting period problems after getting their jab THE vaccine watchdog is “closely monitoring” 4,000 women who have reported period problems after getting their Covid jab. A change in menstrual cycle is not included on the list of potential side effects, but thousands of reports have been made – particularly among those aged 30 to 49. Official figures, obtained by The Sunday Times, show that 2,734 reports of period problems linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine were made to the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) up to May 17.  A further 1,158 were related to the Pfizer jab, and 66 were linked to people who had received the Moderna vaccine. But the problems – primarily “heavier than usual” bleeding – are thought to have affected many more women who did not report their experience. The potential side effect did not appear to be flagged during clinical trials on thousands of people. But once a drug – in this case a vaccine – is given to millions of people worldwide, more side effects can become apparent. Experts have assured women there is no “increased risk” of period problems after the jab so there is no reason to add to the list of possible side effects, the MHRA said. But the body did include menstrual disorders in its weekly report on adverse reactions.

Questions of The Day!

Hi RSB And Super Don! – LOVE THE PODCAST!!!,
My wife is 52 and she was on Celexa for a few years for anxiety that started around peri-menopause. She started weening off of it and when she was almost done, she was hit with more intense side effects. So her Dr. put her on Zoloft about 6-8 weeks ago and she seems to have every side effect on the insert. She is really unhappy with the weight gain and has had enough of these medications. I feel so bad for her. What can she do???


Hi Robert
Friends of mine have a 35 year old daughter that is currently in hospital care for what they are calling a Bipolar disorder and on a number of drugs that I believe will help nothing. In her younger years she did play a lot of rugby and experienced a few concussions in that time, had some history of head aches last few years, but lately things become serious when she would talk making no sense and would go in and out with that. She has had her 1st Covid shot just recently but her conditions had started prior to that but realize it could have added more load to the problem. So what support items could she do to help in this situation? My first thoughts would be liver detoxing, Selenium, Omega 3’s, Silica, but sure there is much more could be considered. Appreciate your thoughts on this so called condition. Thanks, Wayne

A Court Ruled Rachel Maddow’s Viewers Know She Offers Exaggeration and Opinion, Not Facts MSNBC’s top-rated host Rachel Maddow devoted a segment in 2019 to accusing the right-wing cable outlet One America News (OAN) of being a paid propaganda outlet for the Kremlin. Discussing a Daily Beast article which noted that one OAN reporter was a “Russian national” who was simultaneously writing copy for the Russian-owned outlet Sputnik on a freelance contract, Maddow escalated the allegation greatly into a broad claim about OAN’s real identity and purpose: “in this case,” she announced, “the most obsequiously pro-Trump right wing news outlet in America really literally is paid Russian propaganda.” In response, OAN sued Maddow, MSNBC, and its parent corporation Comcast, Inc. for defamation, alleging that it was demonstrably false that the network, in Maddow’s words, “literally is paid Russian propaganda.” In an oddly overlooked ruling, an Obama-appointed federal judge, Cynthia Bashant, dismissed the lawsuit on the ground that even Maddow’s own audience understands that her show consists of exaggeration, hyperbole, and pure opinion, and therefore would not assume that such outlandish accusations are factually true even when she uses the language of certainty and truth when presenting them (“literally is paid Russian propaganda”).

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