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October 19th, 2020 3-5PM ET

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Scientists worry as more Americans say they’ll refuse COVID-19 vaccine Tara Granger, 36, has worked as a nurse for two decades in Suffolk County, NY, and she and her two children have been vaccinated every year. “Drugs are my life,” she says. “It’s what I learned in school.” But she’s been questioning the promised upcoming vaccine for COVID-19, in large part because of what she’s witnessed firsthand about the financial incentives for vaccines. “It scares me that I got so many free lunches and free dinners because I pushed the flu vaccine,” Granger says. “What am I going to get when I push a COVID vaccine?” Granger got sick from the coronavirus earlier this summer and said she did “the opposite of what people said to do. I took my supplements and vitamins, and didn’t go to the hospital to be put on a ventilator and die. I was smart enough to say, ‘My immune system can fight this, I just have to find the right way to do it.’ ” Her job will require her to recommend the COVID vaccine when it’s available, but Granger said she won’t personally be getting it. “The vaccine isn’t something we need, even if it is safe,” she says. “People want an easy solution and they think this is it. But it isn’t.” She’s not the only one with misgivings. A Pew Research poll from late September showed that about half of US adults (51 percent) wouldn’t get a COVID-19 vaccine if it was available today — a big drop from the 72 percent who said they’d get one back in May.

Twitter blocks post from White House science adviser Scott Atlas Twitter blocked a post from top White House coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas on Sunday that questioned the use of masks as a means of curbing the spread of the illness. Atlas, who joined the White House in August, wrote, “Masks work? NO,” while adding that the widespread use of face coverings is not supported by evidence. “Masks work? NO: LA, Miami, Hawaii, Alabama, France, Phlippines, UK, Spain, Israel. WHO: widesprd use not supported’ + many harms; Heneghan/Oxf CEBM: ‘despite decades, considerble uncertainty re value’; CDC rvw May:’no sig red’n in inflnz transm’n’; learn why,” the top doctor wrote. A spokesperson for the social media company told the Associated Press that the tweet violated its policy of sharing false or misleading information about the coronavirus that could lead to harm. Atlas, the former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, said Twitter’s action amounted to censorship. “I don’t understand why the tweets were deleted,” Atlas said in an email to the wire service. He said his post was meant to show that “general population masks and mask mandates do not work” and pointed out that they should be used when people cannot socially distance.

Exposure to man-made chemicals influences genes controlling aging, immune system and metabolism Today, humans are exposed to thousands of man-made chemicals. Yet the effects on people’s health are still not fully understood. In 2020 the number of registered chemicals reached 167 million. Every day people are exposed to them through food, water, contaminated air, drugs, cosmetics and other man-made substances. Less than 1% of these chemicals were tested for toxicity, and those that were tested demonstrate ability to disrupt almost every biological process in our body. Can we infer how cumulative exposures shape our health? I am an environmental toxicologist studying effects of man-made chemicals on our health. I decided to develop a computational approach to objectively compare sensitivity of all to all chemicals and identify the most vulnerable biological processes.  For our study, my research colleagues and I used data from the Comparative Toxicogenomic Database. The Comparative Toxicogenomic Database collects information from thousands of published studies on how chemicals change the activity of genes. Genes are sections of DNA that encode proteins which perform a broad range of functions in cells, from building tissues to metabolizing nutrients. When chemicals affect genes, that results in increased or decreased production of proteins.

Question of The Day!

I have Sjogren’s and it is wreaking havoc with my oral health. My wholistic dentist has found infections at the cavity area surrounding the roots of several teeth and recommends an ozone infused plasma treatment over a 12 week period. However it only offers a 50% effectiveness rating. I suggested injecting hydrosol silver into the cavity areas to remedy the infections. She has never heard of such an application and questions its efficacy. My thoughts are it may be effective and wonder if it could be injected into the tooth roots to cure the infections and eliminate the need for root canals. Your thoughts? Could it at least be more effective than the blood plasma ozone therapy?

Sugar, high fructose intake may trigger ADHD, bipolar disorder, aggressive behavior For both children and adults, mental health disorders can have damaging effects on all aspects of their lives. As scientists examine the causes of attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD) and bipolar disorder, a new catalyst is emerging. Researchers from the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus say sugar intake may play a major role in these disorders and even aggressive behavior. Their study suggests fructose (a type of simple sugar) and uric acid increases the risk for developing various behavioral conditions. Researchers find that this component of sugar and high fructose corn syrup tricks the body into thinking it’s starving; thereby changing a person’s mental state as well. “We present evidence that fructose, by lowering energy in cells, triggers a foraging response similar to what occurs in starvation,” says lead author Richard Johnson in a university release. Johnson, a professor at CU’s School of Medicine, explains that the foraging response causes humans to act impulsively. This survival instinct also triggers more risk taking, rapid decision making, and aggressiveness. Genetically, this response has helped our ancestors secure food throughout history. Today however, researchers say the explosion of sugary foods and drinks may be keeping this emergency reflex around without need.


Hour 2

What If We Ignore the Government? What if we all start a return to normal life now that the government says the worst of the pandemic is behind us? What if we all make conscious choices to move about as before or to stay sheltered, based on our own exercise of our own informed free wills and not on the basis of governmental edicts? What if each of us decides if it is healthier to breathe in fresh air from outside or recycled air from under a mask? What if massive numbers of us make these decisions on our own? What if the governors’ edicts don’t really carry the force of law? What if governors have assumed the power to tell us how to live from either out of thin air or from unconstitutional and outdated state laws? What if it is profoundly unconstitutional for a state legislature to give its law-making powers to the state’s governor? What if, when that happens, all the governors’ edicts based on that attempted passage of power are null and void? What if we simply behave in a manner that shows we understand that these edicts are unlawful? What if high school and college athletes play their fall sports without regard to gubernatorial edicts? What if public school superintendents and college and university presidents open up outdoor venues for folks to decide on their own whether they want to stay home or come out and watch a football game or a soccer match?

More Than 200 Million Americans Could Have Toxic PFAS in Their Drinking Water A peer-reviewed study by scientists at the Environmental Working Group estimates that more than 200 million Americans could have the toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS in their drinking water at a concentration of 1 part per trillion, or ppt, or higher. Independent scientific studies have recommended a safe level for PFAS in drinking water of 1 ppt, a standard that is endorsed by EWG. The study, published today in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters, analyzed publicly accessible drinking water testing results from the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Geological Survey, as well as state testing by Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina and Rhode Island. “We know drinking water is a major source of exposure of these toxic chemicals,” said Olga Naidenko, Ph.D., vice president for science investigations at EWG and a co-author of the new study. “This new paper shows that PFAS pollution is affecting even more Americans than we previously estimated. PFAS are likely detectable in all major water supplies in the U.S., almost certainly in all that use surface water.” The analysis also included laboratory tests commissioned by EWG that found PFAS chemicals in the drinking water of dozens of U.S. cities. Some of the highest PFAS levels detected were in samples from major metropolitan areas, including Miami, Philadelphia, New Orleans and the northern New Jersey suburbs of New York City.

Fluoride Is Toxic To Developing Brains, New Studies Find The debate on the fluoridation of drinking water — one of the most polarized, long-running, and high-decibel controversies in public health — has been reignited as new studies find that fluoride is toxic to the developing brain. Last week, the U.S. National Toxicology Program released a systematic review of all published studies evaluating the potential neurotoxicity of fluoride; the benefits of fluoride with respect to reducing tooth decay were not addressed. A committee of the National Academy of Science, Medicine, and Engineering will review it this fall. This comprehensive report scrutinized hundreds of human and animal studies on the impact of fluoride on brain and cognitive function. Most, but not all, of the high-quality studies evaluated fluoride concentrations that were about twice the level added to drinking water or higher. However, when considering all the evidence, their conclusion was “fluoride is presumed to be a cognitive developmental hazard to humans.” The National Toxicology Program’s conclusion was strengthened by a synthesis of high-quality studies showing that children who were exposed to higher amounts of fluoride during early brain development scored about 3 to 7 points lower on their IQ tests. Their conclusion is consequential as about 75% of Americans on community water systems have fluoride in their tap water. Water is the main source of fluoride for people who live in communities with water fluoridation.

Obeying orders dulls empathy, makes decent people capable of committing violent acts Historians and psychologists have long pondered how seemingly decent men proved capable of committing unspeakable atrocities during times of war. Now, a new study finds that following orders dulls feelings of empathy, guilt, and compassion while inflicting pain on others. Researchers from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience measured brain activity in a group of participants as they hurt someone else. They discovered that empathy and guilt-related brain activity was much lower among participants when they were “ordered” to inflict pain. The study’s authors say their work may explain how almost inconceivable war crimes and acts of genocide have occurred repeatedly throughout human history. “We wanted to understand why obeying orders impacts moral behavior so much. Why people’s willingness to perform moral transgressions is altered in coerced situations”, says Dr. Emilie Caspar, co-first author of the study, in a media release. Normally when humans see another person hurting, they feel empathy toward that individual. This phenomenon, generally speaking, is why people don’t like hurting each other. Researchers say, simply put, most of us have a conscience.

What stops COVID from spreading? Empathy, according to new study From mask mandates to national shutdowns, governments have tried everything to keep the coronavirus from spreading. Could the answer simply be caring more about other people? Researchers from Aarhus University say empathy plays a major role in who does and doesn’t follow social distancing rules. While the study reveals people who are less empathetic will likely be less motivated to follow COVID restrictions, it is possible to create more empathy in the public. This connection to others also leads more people to take proper health precautions during the pandemic. “If you want to get more people on board, it’s crucial to know what mechanisms make them keep a distance and wear a face mask,” says associate professor at the Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Stefan Pfattheicher in a university release. “We show that empathy for the most vulnerable is an important factor, and that it can be used actively to combat the pandemic. I believe that policy makers can use our new knowledge in their efforts to get more people to follow the guidelines – and ultimately save lives.” Researchers conducted a series of experiments, either presenting participants in three countries with a coronavirus patient’s personal story or simply providing them with information on face masks and social distancing.

Polish gym dubs itself a church to bypass virus rules A Polish gym has dubbed itself a church in a bid to stay open under new anti-virus restrictions that have seen the fitness industry scramble for creative loopholes. “Because fitness classes aren’t allowed, starting today we’re offering religious gatherings for members of the Church of the Healthy Body,” the Atlantic Sports club said on Facebook. “Hard to believe? In this world everything is possible,” the gym in the southern city of Krakow added Saturday.  Atlantic Sports also declared it was opening a store with exercise equipment and welcomed everyone to head on over and test it out for a fee. The creative rebranding follows the government’s decision to shut down most pools and gyms in order to stem a recent surge in coronavirus infections. Measures introduced this weekend also require restaurants to close early nationwide, while weddings are banned and secondary schools have switched to distance learning in Warsaw and other high-risk red zones. But church services are still allowed to go ahead in the devout Catholic country of 38 million people, as long as the faithful wear masks and abide by the attendance limit.

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