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May 12, 2019 1-3PM ET

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Washington State Limits Exemptions for Children Not Being Vaccinated Parents in Washington state will no longer be able to claim a personal or philosophical exemption for their children from receiving the combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine before attending a day care center or school under a measure signed Friday by Gov. Jay Inslee. The state saw more than 70 cases of measles this year, and Inslee signed the bill at Vancouver City Hall, in the county where most of those cases were centered. The new law takes effect at the end of July. Inslee said that while the bill was an important step in public health, he warned it doesn’t do “everything necessary to protect the health of our most vulnerable citizens.” “We should be listening to science and medicine, not social media,” he said. “It is science and truth that will keep us healthy rather than fear.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that as of the end of last week, 764 cases of measles have been confirmed in 23 states.

Vaccine law takes away parental rights I am an Oregon Senator representing five rural, mostly-eastern Oregon counties. A father of two and a grandfather of five, I am deeply concerned about the health and well-being of Oregon’s children. Which is why I have been troubled by the legislature’s response to a small cluster of measles in our state. We have had 10 cases of measles this year, in a population of over 4 million. While we can agree that’s 10 cases too many, the legislative response teaches us much more about herd mentality than about the measles. At issue is whether it is necessary or prudent to force vaccinations on school-age children for “restrictable diseases,” which is what Oregon’s HB 3063 seeks to do. This is a newly minted phrase, “restrictable diseases” and it means much more than yesteryear’s “communicable diseases” language. The new nomenclature refers to a policy category for diseases rather than a scientific one. Forged, hammered, and pressed by the pharmaceutical industry, this category refers to diseases for which there are commercially available vaccines: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Measles, Rubella, Mumps, Haemophilus influenzae type b, Hepatitis A and B, and Varicella.

Getting appendix removed increases risk of Parkinson’s, study finds Patients who have had their appendix removed are three times more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease than those who have not, according to a new study. After analyzing over 62 million patient records, in the largest observational study on Parkinson’s and appendectomies, a team of gastroenterologists at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center were able to uncover what many other medical professionals had not. “Recent research into the cause of Parkinson’s has centered around alpha-synuclein, a protein found in the gastrointestinal tract early in the onset of Parkinson’s,” Dr. Mohammed Sheriff, lead author on the project, stated in a press release. “This is why scientists around the world have been looking into the gastrointestinal tract, including the appendix, for evidence about the development of Parkinson’s.” The team of doctors found that from a national database of over 62 million Americans, out of the 488,190 patients who had undergone appendectomies, over .9 percent went on to develop Parkinson’s. A significant difference between the .29 percent of developing Parkinson’s patients who never had their appendix removed. “From the U.S. this is the largest study to date, so we wanted to see what the association would be in this database, and then if the differences were consistent across different subgroups,” Dr. Gregory Cooper, UHCMC Research Advisor, told Fox News.

Question of The Day!

So I tried posting this to your page but something isn’t working right with fb.  Any advice/insight for those of us out there that self sabotage with our diet?  Meaning, we have enough knowledge to know what to do and eat, but the application of that knowledge is lacking. We take our supplements and then screw it up with diet. There’s a disconnect.  Maybe its sugar addiction… maybe it’s not complete understanding b/c if we truly believed it, we would live it, right?  Maybe it’s a psychological battle?  I do realize that there are physical consequences to it, so why do we keep making the same choices?  A few steps forward and 2 steps back is not what we really want to keep doing… but it is what we do.  Perhaps if we have some kind of understanding of why we do it, it might help us in moving forward?  Shaming ourselves doesn’t seem to be a good option.  lol  *the word “we” really means “I” but I have a feeling I’m not the only one. – Kristi

The ‘Tactical Rabbi’ helps synagogues defend against anti-Semitic violence It was 45 minutes into his lecture when the rabbi pulled out an AR-15. “Who thinks, by show of hands, that we should be carrying more guns in shul?” Rabbi Raziel Cohen asked the crowd at a Westside Chabad synagogue Wednesday night, during an active-shooter seminar organized in the wake of the deadly attack at Chabad of Poway. Half the room raised their hands. In the days since the shooting, Chabad leaders in California have scrambled to secure public safety grants and to calm frightened congregants, mobilizing hundreds more through active-shooter drills and community defense training. In Southern California, religious security experts such as Cohen, who calls himself the “Tactical Rabbi,” are quickly becoming their own cottage industry. Chabad is a movement of Hasidic Judaism. Unlike other Hasidic communities, which tend to be insular, Chabad views outreach to unaffiliated and less observant Jews as the heart of its theology — a position that sometimes puts it at odds with other Jewish groups.


Instagram blocks ‘#VaccinesKill’ hashtag after CNN Business report Instagram said Thursday it will now block additional hashtags that surface vaccine misinformation, but other hashtags and content promoted by anti-vaccination accounts are still thriving on the platform. The change in Instagram’s policies comes after a CNN Business report on Wednesday which revealed that, though Instagram had announced it was blocking hashtags like #VaccinescauseAIDS, the hashtag #VaccinesKill was still up on the app and appeared as a top result in a search for “vaccines” after anti-vax accounts. The majority of the top posts under the hashtag were misinformation. #VaccinesKill is now a blocked hashtag. If a hashtag is blocked on Instagram, it will no longer populate with any results when users click on it. Users clicking on #VaccinesKill are greeted by a note that says, “Posts for #vaccineskill have been limited because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community guidelines.” Despite the new policy, a new review by CNN Business on Thursday found that hashtags such as #VaccinesHarm are still alive and well on the platform and showing a significant amount of anti-vax content and vaccine misinformation in their top results. The top posts surfaced by Instagram’s algorithms for the neutral hashtag #Vaccines were also polluted by anti-vaccine misinformation.

Australia Issues Warning To Doctors Who Fail To Promote Vaccines The war on vaccine safety rhetoric just got more intense in Australia. The Australian Health Practitioner RegulationAuthority [Ahpra] is warning the country’s medical professionals not to dissent on vaccine safety messaging. The group says that medical professionals have an obligation to promote the idea that vaccines are safe and effective. The group is using 35,204 confirmed cases of flu as their reasoning for issuing the harsh statement. GlaxoSmithKline is importing high volumes of measles vaccines to deal with new cases. There are a total of 83 new measles cases reported in Australia this year. Martin Fletcher, Ahpra chief executive, says he’s worried that chiropractors, doctors, and nurses, are enabling anti-vaccination views on social media. Ahpra is asking the public to turn in non-compliant medical professionals so that officials can open investigations. “We take seriously any case of practitioners spreading dangerous and misleading anti-vaccination information including on social media,” he said via the guardian. “They will face regulatory action or prosecution. We are asking the public to tell us if their practitioner is doing this. If you raise your concerns with us we can investigate and protect others.” However, Australia’s new measles cases are being blamed on the “undervaccinated” rather than local anti-vaccine movements. For many, this issue has little to do with perceived health implications of vaccines and more to do with parental rights. Many parents who vaccinate their children oppose Australia’s stringent vaccine laws and censorship agenda.

Special Guest – Michelle Cotterman!

Health Freedom Ohio is a group of organized citizens, medical and health professionals dedicated to raising awareness about complementary and alternative pathways to maintain health and wellness. We are able to appreciate a life enriched by our right to maintain health freedom when we are fully aware of our choices. Our goal is to bring exceptional practitioners to light and make connections between those who seek an alternative to allopathic, pharmaceutical-based healthcare and those who are applying these modalities. We aim to succeed where the industry has failed and actively advocate to preserve your fundamental human right of health freedom within the State of Ohio. In addition, through your local government, we create protective bills while challenging existing laws that mandate medicine. It’s your health, your life, your way. We hope you will join us on the journey of discovery and we look forward to learning together.

CONGRATULATIONS FREEDOM LOVING OHIOANS Section 107.20 has been successfully removed from the budget bill. Health Freedom Ohio wants to thank Ohio citizens who called, emailed, and testified, your dedication to preserving health sovereignty has paid off. We do need to remain vigilant as this bill passes to the Senate, to ensure this section is not added back into the bill. 

Introduction to the Constitution The Institute on the Constitution is a great adult class to introduce you to the Constitution of the United States, our heritage and limited government. The full course consists of 12 classes, once per week, of approximately 2 hours each. Beginning with the early development and origins of law and government, including stories of America’s particular story from exciting primary sources you never saw in school, the course moves toward looking at the Founders’ philosophies and leads straight to the text of the Constitution. You will learn how to use our foundational document as a tool to take back our fundamental liberties. Your instructor is Barry Sheets, President of Principled Policy Consulting, LLC and Executive Director of the Institute for Principled Policy. Barry has over two decades in direct governmental and campaign experience, and has dedicated years to the investigation of our founding documents.

Whooping cough outbreak infecting vaccinated children, health dept. hiring additional nurses The Missoula City-County Health Department has confirmed 92 cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, as of 1 PM Friday. Supervisor of the Infectious Disease Office Cindy Farr says of those 92 confirmed cases, the majority of the children infected had previously been vaccinated. “We’re still trying to investigate some of those cases,” Farr said Friday. “I can tell you the majority of them have been vaccinated kids. We have at least some that have been unvaccinated, but the majority of them definitely have been vaccinated.” According to the Centers for Disease Control there are six parts to the whooping cough vaccination series. Five shots are done before a child turns six. When a they turn 11, an additional booster vaccine is needed.  Farr said the booster vaccine is only 70 percent effective the first year, and gets less effective as time goes on.  She adds people still need to get vaccinated, because it makes the symptoms of the disease less severe. “The kids who are vaccinated that get pertussis it actually presents a lot more like they have a little cold or allergies and they get a minor cough. Then that cough may hang on for a couple months,” Farr said. “In people who have not even vaccinated, then they get a much more severe from the disease. Babies will end up in the hospital from this.”

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