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We Are Still Locked Down, Dan Watkins and Michael Hamilton, Remdesivir lawsuit, Death by protocol, Informed consent, Absurd diabetes drug, Pandemic preparedness parasite, New ALS drug price, Alex Newman simulcast and MORE!

December 19th, 2022 3-5 PM ET

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

We Are Still Locked Down Consider just how fortunate we are to have the Twitter Files. Every few days, we are seeing dumps of documents from the operations of Twitter before Elon Musk took over. This weekend’s release was especially shocking. It revealed a close and symbiotic relationship between the company’s management and the FBI, which employs 80 people to police social networks and flag posts. They aren’t looking for crime. They were focused on wrongthink on matters of politics.  In other words, all our worst suspicions have been confirmed. We still await the Covid files but let there be no doubt about what they will show in grim detail. Twitter worked with government to throttle the reach and searchability of accounts that took issue with the main messaging of the CDC/HHS from early in lockdowns to the present. We already knew that Facebook had deleted 7 million posts in the second quarter of 2020. Twitter pulled some 10,000 accounts down. Twitter is now mostly open, for now. The rest of the venues remain wholly controlled. Brownstone has posts tagged, throttled, and sometimes deleted from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and it is a constant struggle to avoid Google’s own push against our content. Even ridiculous sites with no credibility or reach appear high in search engines when our content is searched. This is not an algorithm at work.

Special Guests Dan Watkins and Michael Hamilton

Dan is in his 30 th  year practicing law. He’s licensed in California and Nevada.  He has litigated thousands of cases in the areas of medical / dental malpractice, employment law, business litigation and subrogation. Dan served 14 years in the US Army Reserve and California Army National Guard as both a non-commissioned and commissioned officer.  Through his affiliation with Pacific Justice Institute and Alliance Defending Freedom, Dan has also litigated civil rights matters revolving primarily around religious liberties. With the radical attack on Constitutional principles and human rights by the dark left, Dan shifted gears in the focus of his practice and he is now representing thousands of individuals across the State of California who lost their jobs after requesting a religious exemption to Covid-19 “vaccine” mandates.  Dan is currently representing individuals exploited and victimized by health care facilities and professionals and related to gender “transition” treatment techniques.  Dan is working with Truth for Health representing military members suffering discrimination for their refusal to be vaccinated or to test. Most recently, Dan filed three lawsuits against the health care facilities and professionals for the use of Remdesivir to treat Covid-19 patients. Dan has found more gratification working on these issues of human

Cornerstone Attorney Michael Hamilton has dedicated his practice of law to fighting medical tyranny. Michael has a degree in Philosophy with an emphasis in Marxist studies. For the last two decades, he has fought for people without a voice. Michael Hamilton has fought against the unlawful mandates on behalf of the military and others, as well as Remdesivir wrongful death protocols in the hospitals. By God's grace, he intends to remain faithful to the call to stand in the gap for justice.

FDA Approves ‘Absurd’ Drug for Kids as Young as 8 to Delay Diabetes The FDA approved the first drug that delays the onset of Type 1 diabetes. The American Diabetes Association called the approval a “historic moment” for those living with the condition. I call it absurdity on steroids, as this drug does not treat or prevent Type 1 diabetes. It only delays its onset for about two years. Meanwhile, the drug’s wholesale cost is $193,900 for a 14-day supply, and it comes with a risk of unknown side effects. Type 1 diabetes is a serious condition, but marketing this drug as a savior of sorts is at best misleading and at worst downright dangerous. What is Type 1 diabetes? Type 1 diabetes affects close to 2 million people in the U.S. It’s far less common than Type 2 diabetes, and affects only about 5% to 10% of people with diabetes. It’s believed to be caused by an autoimmune reaction, during which the body mistakenly attacks and destroys cells in the pancreas known as beta cells. Beta cells make insulin, so in Type 1 diabetes, your pancreas doesn’t make insulin or doesn’t make enough insulin to keep you healthy. Without insulin, which is necessary for blood sugar to enter cells to be used as energy, blood sugar builds up in the bloodstream, causing damage. While it’s thought that genetics play a role in Type 1 diabetes, most people diagnosed do not have a family history of the disease.

Hour 2

Pandemic Preparedness: The New Parasite  “The frequency and impact of pandemic-prone pathogens are increasing. Modest investments in PPR capacities can prevent and contain disease outbreaks, thereby drastically reducing the cost of response” So begins a recent joint paper from the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), written for the 2022 meeting of the G20. The paper is seeking to justify a request for unprecedented international public health funding directed to the burgeoning pandemic preparedness and response (PPR) industry. The modest investments they refer to includes $10 billion in new funding; three times the WHO’s current annual budget. In the century prior to the Covid debacle pandemics were not increasing and their impact was steadily diminishing, as noted in WHO’s 2019 pandemic guidelines. The cost of the Covid response would also have been far lower if these abandoned but evidence-based 2019 guidelines were followed. The WHO guidelines note that the approaches that comprised Covid lockdowns would be costly, especially to lower-income people. However, the joint statement is not intended to reflect reality; rather it is intended to paint a picture through which the public will perceive a false reality. By triggering fear and deference, the wealth-concentrating response used against Covid can be normalized and then repeated. False assertions stated as accepted fact have proven very effective in increasing the industry’s share of the global financial cake. International agencies have no advertising standards to comply with.

$158,000 price tag for new ALS drug reignites anger at Big Pharma A new ALS drug treatment is reawakening frustration with Big Pharma after its drugmaker priced it at $158,000 annually, leading to exorbitant insurance processes to access it. Relyvrio, a drug produced by Amylyx Pharmaceutical, has been found to slow the progress of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a disease that typically proves fatal within five years. ALS patients suffer a gradual loss of control over their movement, losing the ability to walk and even talk as the disease progresses. As a result, getting on a drug that slows progression quickly is vital to many patients, but the high price tag set by Amylyx causes insurance companies to lock the drug behind a lengthy application process, and the drug is sometimes cost-prohibitive for patients even with coverage, according to the Associated Press. “When someone’s lifespan is measured in months, making people go through these multiple rounds of review is just cruel,” said Neil Thakur, the chief mission officer at the ALS Association. Amylyx developed Relyvrio–its first ever product–by combining a liver treatment drug with a supplement used in traditional Chinese medicine, two ingredients that are relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, pharmaceutical companies argue the sky-high price of drugs comes as a result of the lengthy approval process imposed by the FDA. Amylyx expects to make a profit of $450 million from Relyvrio, according to the AP.

Special Guest Alex Newman

Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, and consultant. In addition to serving as president of Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc, he has written for a wide array of publications in the United States and abroad. He currently serves as a contributor to WND (World Net Daily), an education writer for FreedomProject Media, a foreign correspondent for The New American magazine, a contributor to the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, and more. He has also written for numerous newspapers and magazines such as the Gainesville Sun, Liberty magazine, The Diplomat magazine, Crisis magazine, Swiss News magazine, Sunshine State News, Campus Reform, Alachua County Today, and many more. Over his career as a journalist, he has interviewed current and former heads of state and countless other fascinating people. His work has been featured at Drudge, Breitbart, Fox News, and many other outlets. And his writing has been published in major newspapers across America.

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