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April 13, 2018 7-9PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Mark “I Don’t Know” Zuckerberg

Everything Mark Zuckerberg promised Facebook would get back to Congress about Team, Thanks for all the help preparing for my testimony in front of Congress. Hopefully I was as careful and guarded as you wanted me to be. As you heard, I didn’t always have a full answer to many of the questions, but promised to follow up with the folks on the US House and Senate committees when they started looking for specifics. Could you take care of filling in the following legislators? See below for what we need to get to them ASAP.

The Other Detox – Maybe Just As Important?

Top 5 reasons you should go on a social media detox In today’s world, social media is central to our lives. It helps us to stay in touch with our friends, promote our work, and follow the latest news. How do these networks impact our mental and physical health? Is it time to take a break from being permanently online? Over the past couple of years, many people — especially from the younger generations — have been leaving social networking websites. Viral talks from those who left social media for a month or more — such as this one — suggest that a proper detox has helped them to become more relaxed, focused, and productive. But does scientific research support these anecdotal conclusions?

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert and Super D. I would like to get ur opinion on a subject I have never heard u speak of. Urine therapy. I’ve recently read and seen people talking about it online. Many are swearing that it has helped them from balding to glowing skin and curing allergies and nerve pain. Some are saying that much of this miraculous healing comes from the ORMUS that our bodies flush out. So what’s ur take guys??


Special Guest – Ocean Robbins!

At 15, Ocean was co-founder of the Creating Our Future speaking tour, on which he and three other participants spoke in person to more than 30,000 students, presented for 2,000 people at the United Nations, and opened for the Jerry Garcia band in San Francisco. In 1990, at 16, Ocean was founder of YES!, an organization he directed for the next 20 years. YES! has reached more than 620,000 people in 1,200 school assembly and conference presentations. YES! has also organized and facilitated 150+ week-long gatherings for young leaders from 65+ nations, published seven youth action guides, and led hundreds of day-long workshops. In 2012 Ocean founded the Food Revolution Network, which now has more than 500,000 members working for healthy, sustainable, humane and delicious food. He serves as adjunct professor in the Peace Studies department at Chapman University, and has personally spoken and facilitated leadership gatherings in Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Singapore, Costa Rica, Russia, Finland, Canada, the Netherlands, India, Peru, Japan, and across the USA. Ocean has led and co-hosted Food Revolution Summits that have inspired more than 600,000 participants from every country on Earth. His blog articles have reached many millions of people, and he’s organized and led dozens of webinars, online classes, retreats, and campaigns. His email newsletters educate, inspire and empower hundreds of thousands of people daily.

This is the opportunity of the year to learn the truth about GMOs, herbicides, sugar, fad diets, and industrial foods and how they impact health. Are you ready to learn what you can do to protect yourself from the toxic effects of food? Get the knowledge you need, from authorities you can trust, to stand up for real food and a true food revolution. Join the 2018 Food Revolution Summit, at no cost, right now

Hour 2 – Special Guest Michael Boldin!

Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution reveals the Powers of Congress. One of the most basic is: To
declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water,

During the Sacred Fire of Liberty discussion of 4/12/18 on The RSB Show, we discussed the crisis in Syria and whether the Trump Administration can act militarily without a Congressional Declaration of War. Some have argued that presidents including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison have authorized or engaged in use of force without congressional approval. Is this an accurate representation of U.S. history? We’ll discuss this apparent dilemma with Michael Boldin from the Tenth Amendment Center.

Can redefining military action as kinetic engagement, rather than war, be enough to circumvent Article 1, Section 8? Our Founding Fathers and Framers of the Constitution warned us that if too much power were ever to be put in the hands of the Executive Branch, presidents would be able to march us off to war on a whim, just like the kings of old that we intended to leave behind with the dawn of a republican form of government. Michael will take us on a journey back through some of these controversial actions against the Barbary Pirates at Tripoli, the War of 1812 and even some controversies during the time of President George Washington. Read through the notes and click the links to find evidence for actual Declarations of War in all cases of controversy under discussion. Something that has not happened according the Constitution since what we call World War II.

What about the War on Weed? This is actually an attack on you and me, whether you use the cannabis plant or not. There is no authority granted to the Federal government to ban a plant that God created. So, what is the rightful remedy to push back against federal tyranny to access to botanicals? The Tenth Amendment. Nullification. Even as the centralized bureaucracy (and all authoritarians who support it) claim “Federal Supremacy” as their defense, their weakness is: laws and treaties NOT made in pursuance with the Constitution are NULL and VOID. Now go out there and LIVE accordingly! And join the Tenth Amendment Center.

Today in History: Thomas Jefferson is Born on Apr. 13, 1743 Today in 1743, Thomas Jefferson was born. A classic liberal that embraced decentralized power, Jefferson championed a distinctly American political philosophy from Virginia’s ascension to statehood and the inception of the United States. Undoubtedly, he was one of the most successful statesmen in the history of the country. Jefferson was a multi-faceted polymath. His mind was boundless, and he thrived in almost every realm he endeavored to pursue. He was well studied in many fields, including history, philosophy, law, music, architecture, and science. He wrote that he considered Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, and John Locke to be the greatest men who ever lived. He was an unwavering defender of natural rights. In 1774, he wrote: “The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time; the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

Special Guest – Jefferey Jaxen

In the era of Fake News, will you be censored by the likes of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter? We are all
the critical pieces in building up the multi billion dollar social media empires, including that transhumanist robot-like Zuckerberg dude. They rode to fame and fortune on the backs of our content and now they want to censor the messages and news items you find important, especially because those in power have not vetted it. Clearly, we all need fact checkers appointed by authoritarians in government. NOT.
Intrepid investigative reporter Jefferey Jaxen returns to discuss the calls for censorship among the elites who do not like our empowering messages. Jon Rappoport has written recently about Senator Richard “Dickie” Pan’s attempt to place restrictions (SB1424) on social media content in California, which is evidence of his fear of those who have differing opinions on vaccination than that of the rogue pediatrician senator. Maybe California can impose mandatory critical thinking skills be taught under the guise of SB830, a bill claiming to enhance kids’ digital media literacy? While critical thinking is absolutely essential to a functioning, well-rounded adult, when government teaches it, you learn to uncritically accept Official Stories from government OAF-icials. Whether it’s shadow banning, algorithm decommissioning, or demonetization, we’ll ride the social media giants until the wheels fall off. Then, with P to P and block chain technological advancements, free speech will break out in ways that are always 10 steps ahead of the bad guys!

Dodd re-introduces media literacy bill After his media literacy bill stalled in the California Assembly in 2017, State Sen. Bill Dodd (D-Napa) re-introduced the legislation on Wednesday. Senate Bill 830 would require schools to add media literacy to curriculums. The proposed legislation comes after the proliferation of “fake news” during the 2016 Presidential Election. “The rise of fake and misleading news is deeply concerning, as is the habit by some to dismiss real facts as ‘fake news’ just because they don’t like them,” Dodd said in a statement announcing the legislation. “We already require critical thinking skills in our schools, but they haven’t kept up with technology. “Crafting a comprehensive curriculum for media literacy education is essential  to combating fake news,” he added. “By giving students the proper training to analyze the media they consume, we can empower them to make informed decisions.”

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