Aug 18

Dr. Buttar Advanced Medicine, ALS ice bucket cures, Stephen Heuer, cancer fearless, Dr. Wakefield, CDC cover-up MMR-autism link & more!

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Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: Have you taken this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? RSB did but threw a wrench in the funding of research because he revealed that there already is a cure! Check out the video by clicking here. We’ll talk more about neuro-regeneration to counter the profiteering propaganda for research institutions with pharmaceutical conflicts of interest that never seem to find a cure for anything! Got epigenetics? How about CBD and heavenly hemp? Have you received your Quest for the Cures books and DVDs? Thank you Ty Bollinger! Stephen Heuer is back with the heart of healing to talk about a way out of fear, especially when confronted by active cancer. We’ll detoxify your way back to good health! RSB talks with Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. Rashid Buttar about breaking autism news and what the government actually knows regarding causal links to vaccination. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 18

Whistleblower Says CDC Knew in 2003 of Higher Autism Rate Among African-American Boys Receiving MMR Shot Earlier Than 36 Months

A Study by Focus Autism Foundation Finds: CDC Whistleblower Reveals Widespread Manipulation of Scientific Data and Top-Down Pressure on CDC Scientists to Support the Fraudulent Application of Government Policies on Vaccine Safety

WATCHUNG, NJ–(Marketwired – August 18, 2014) - A top research scientist working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) played a key role in helping Dr. Brian Hooker of the Focus Autism Foundation uncover data manipulation by the CDC that obscured a higher incidence of autism in African-American boys. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 17

Robin Williams, Dr-assisted suicide, Ebola, nano silver cures, secret serum, antibiotic search, Andrew Demeter TeenTake, car hacks & more!

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Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 1-3PM EDT: Was Robin Williams death the result of doctor-assisted suicide? RSB discusses evidence that indicates the tragic loss of Robin Williams may be iatrogenic (caused by doctors) due to Parkinson’s drugs. Rob Schneider agrees. Are we inviting an enemy of the state on the show? How will the old media handle such pharmaceutically-threatening revelations? What about the new media? Andrew Demeter is a sociopolitical and investigative reporter who challenges the status quo. He also happens to be a teenager. What does he think he is doing trying to start up a youth news network? We’ll ask him! Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 15

Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, human spirit, Liam Scheff, Robin Williams depression, plate tectonic slide, cannabis politics, myelin & more!

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Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: RSB, Dr. Frank King and Liam Scheff talk causes for depression in those suffering like Robin Williams and how to reverse it naturally. Dr. King focuses on the 8 Essentials, including Dr. Sunshine and engaging the power of the human spirit! Can we get beyond antidepressants with homeopathic medicine? We’ll address the fatigue-depression link on our way to happiness! Get ready to reset your compass and TAP into potential! Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 15

“Plate Tectonics: Myth, Fact or Just an Official Story?” By Liam Scheff

“Believing that the basaltic rock of the ocean floor can penetrate into the metal-dense, compacted sub-surface of the Earth, is like believing that you can “hammer a wooden nail into a cannonball,” if you just do it very, very slowly.”

– Lady, can you move over?

by Liam Scheff

In this excerpt from chapter 10 of “Official Stories” by Liam Scheff, we peel away a layer of the “theoretical” geology known as plate tectonics. This idea was dropped into our laps as school-children: the Earth as a conveyor-belt of stone, always growing – but always shrinking – at exactly the same rate of speed. But is it so? Let’s have a peek… Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 15

“Ebola unproven treatments; how about vitamins?” by Jon Rappoport

August 15, 2014

Here’s the situation: the World Health Organization has decided to green-light unproven drugs and vaccines, to “stem the tide of Ebola.”

Who appointed them king? Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 14

Dr. Nick Gonzalez, curing cancer, dangerous dentists, biblical questions, liver loving, FDA coconuts, police militarization, Southern cooking & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show August 14, 2014 Click here to download & listen now!

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: RSB and Dr. Nick Gonzalez answer listener questions and review more case histories from patients who overcame “incurable” cancer, including those caused by modern dentistry! What if were scientifically proven that coconut oil could elevate HDL levels in the blood? And what if a manufacturer of coconut oil actually referenced that on their label? Would the FDA have a problem with that? Do you have a problem with the FDA yet? Should there be a warning label on Southern cooking? Did you grow up on soda pop? What state consumes the most? Is slat really dangerous or are the experts wrong on that one as well? Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 13

Ty Bollinger, golden cancer cures, placebo realities, GMO scares, detox, Dr. Nuzum, Super Earth Energy, FDA mercury, diabetes, CBD & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show August 13, 2014 Miss it? Click here to download and listen now!

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: How powerful is the mind? It can create disease and it can heal it! The placebo effect is real and it’s something to embrace! RSB talks with Ty Bollinger go Outside the Box to discuss the use of gold to cure cancer. Seriously! Why is the FDA complicit in the ongoing poisoning of unsuspecting Americans with the use of dental mercury? Did you hear about the teen that died after drinking four gallons of water and Gatorade? Will the FDA move for a ban of those two liquids? What if it was a powdered supplement added to water? Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 12

Loss & laughter of Robin Williams, nutritional sadness, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Teitelbaum, back pain, conservative cannabis, HPV shots, Ebola & more!

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Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: Why did Robin Williams abandon his earth suit? What would remove the governor on a behavior that is the antithesis of preservation of your life? Is there any discussion in the mainstream media about the abject nutritional deficiencies resulting from alcohol and drug abuse (including the FDA variety)? How long can you maintain your sanity while a statin drug depletes CoQ10 from your body’s cells? Get ready to discuss the tragic loss of a comic genius from a nutritional perspective. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 11

Dr. Rashid Buttar Advanced Medicine, cancer prevention, criminal GSK Ebola vaccine, statin liver, Hep C, MDR-TB, Sharknado/Cownado & more!

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Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EDT: Are we saved? Word on the pharmaceutical street has it that GSK is set to manufacture an Ebola vaccine! Hooray? Do you know what kind of criminal history exists at that pharmaceutical powerhouse? Why doesn’t a scary viral disease ever originate in Brooklyn? Why does it always have to be a monkey in Africa? Or how about a 2-year-old human boy in Guinea? Read the rest of this entry »

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