“Ready? Let’s all pretend Collectivism doesn’t exist” by Jon Rappoport

January 5, 2013 www.nomorefakenews.com

Let’s all get together and pretend Collectivism doesn’t exist, it’s an outmoded idea, and only the USSR ever took it seriously.

Actually, denying the reality of Collectivism is already a powerful collectivist movement in America.  It has been for some time.

There is a good reason for this.  The word collectivism has hideous connotations.  It suggests that political power, at the top of the food chain, intends to hold down people who can make a living on their own.

It suggests that these entrepreneurs, especially if they can garner significant profits from their efforts, are evil and selfish.  They are intentionally screwing over “the less fortunate.”

It’s all right for a majority of Congress and even the president to believe these hideous things, along with the three or four quadrillion people who hold down civil service government jobs, but they can’t say it.

Well, with Obama, we have to amend that.  Our leaders can say these things now.  They can say that everybody has to feed from a common trough.  They can say that any neighborhood in America  where most of the residents have savings accounts is a criminal enterprise, and should face RICO prosecution, unless it “alters its unbalanced population demographic.”

They can say that unless everyone is free and happy and taken care of, no one should be free.  (Except actors and politicians.)

So they’re letting the cat out of the bag, and that’s why we need more of us to step up to the plate and declare that Collectivism in America doesn’t exist.  To provide cover for our leaders.

We all want to help this massive denial persist, don’t we?

But here’s the downside and the threat.  We have millions of young people coming up through schools programmed with sugar-plum idealism on behalf of “save everybody all the time everywhere in all cases for Mama Gaia.”

Those kids are formidable.  They’re in lock step like any good rank and file.  With just a little push, they’d all gather in Times Square at high noon and sing the Internationale.

We have to get them to mouth a whole different set of platitudes, to give themselves and us the aforementioned cover.

Then, when everything’s ready, and our glorious leaders sense the moment has arrived, we can all step out into full view and declare we are one with Marx and Lenin.

I mean, we are, right?

Isn’t this what we want?

I foresee the day when all the 24/7 surveillance of the American people will be used to assess and cap assets.  They’ll cook up a sweet algorithm for it.  X3s/5drt+32sv**-cfq equals: you have too much, give the excess to the government for redistribution.

The kindness and the humanity of it makes me weep.

Yesterday, I wrote an article titled, “Matrix governments pretend to be real in the fantasy called democracy.”  I asserted, among other things, that all these share-and-care government programs are fakes.  It’s all about the contracts let out to corporations to create utopia.

The contracts are awarded, but money leaks out of them, on purpose, like a sieve.  Millions and billions of bucks disappear down into holes, laundry trucks arrive, load up cash, and start washing it.

I said many ungrateful things in that article.

Today, I have come to my senses.  Mea mea culpa.

I’m sitting here with a whip flagellating myself on the back (which is a good trick, while typing).  Later this afternoon, I plan to visit a pond filled with garbage and mud and sink myself up to my neck in it.

Then, starting tomorrow, I’ll enroll in a self-humiliation seminar, and pay my dues.  Yes, I’ve had a real revelation.

I’m turning in my tank and my howitzer to the local police.  They need these weapons, I don’t.

I’m air-mailing my 6000 dairy cows to Ted Turner.  He has room for them on his 2,000,000 acres.  By the way, Ted’s land is just a cover story for him.  He can pretend to be awfully rich while, behind the scenes, he works to bring down the 400 people who’ve seen Atlas Shrugs, Part 2.  Ted’s with us.  He wants to destroy the present money system and start over, allotting $3,000 to every man, woman, and child in America, so we can be free.

He has CNN rewriting MLK’s famous speech, so it now reads: “judged by the color of their skin, not by the content of their character.”

See, the more black people can be demeaned and cast in the light of absolute helplessness, the easier it is to present the American people with a lowest, lowest common denominator…a bottom class by which our progress as a nation can be measured.

It’s cruel, but sometimes scapegoating is necessary in the service of the Cause.  Am I going too fast for you?

The underclass has to be pushed further and further down, so the government can point to it as a wretched failure and justify crashing the whole system and everybody in it, in order to institute absolute equality for all.

By the time those who are perceived to be the most unfortunate among us are rehabilitated, we’ll look around and notice that we’re all residents of a Christ-like police state.

For the common good.

Jesse and Al are definitely on board with the program.  They’ve been doing this kind of shuffle-hustle for decades.  They’re the pros.  When it comes to making “their own people” look bad, they’re without peer.

There’s a rumor going around that Jesse wants EBT food-stamp cards to be the new money.  Maybe even the global oil reserve currency.

Anyway, here’s the thing about Collectivism.  It’s basically a movement to wipe out the very idea of the individual.  The human of the future will only be visible as a member of a group.  Otherwise, no one will see him, except to report him to Homeland Security.

Eventually, all singular nouns and pronouns will be scrubbed from the English language.  On Thanksgiving, people will say, “Pass the turkeys.”

You’ll be standing alone on a street corner and a guy you know will come up to you and say, “How are you folks today?”

Obviously, this will be a wonderful improvement.  But in the meantime, we have to keep promoting individuals, like athletes and move stars, to hide the fact that, soon, we’re going to spring the trap and eliminate all unique references, all singularities, and all individuals.

Remember that.

Ridicule is the best weapon to use against those who claim we’re all living in a collectivist state right now.  “Typical white male” is a good insult to shoot at somebody if you’re white.  It suggests a fine degree of insight on your part.

If you’re going after a black person who’s defending individuality and freedom, you’ve got the old standby, Uncle Tom.  You can also say he’s betraying his own people, his own race.  Not only does it cut deep, it also suggests that black people aren’t capable of being free individuals.  This is good because, again, it bolsters the idea of an intransigent, oppressed, and completely helpless underclass.

And to lift up that underclass will require the establishing of universal Collectivism.  But of course you omit that part.

This might be a good time to spell out our rights under a collectivist state.  The principal right is experiencing the warm feeling from knowing that we’re all in this together.  It trumps everything.

Now some people might say this isn’t really a right, but they’re adhering to the classical definition of what a right is.  That is exactly what we have to wipe out.

A right isn’t a right.  It’s a higher degree of consciousness and a feeling.  Make sure you understand that.

For example, in being willing to give up your assets, earnings, and property to the state, you’re feeling honor.  And love.  Especially love.  And after all, that’s a Christian virtue.  Not the throwing-the-money-changers-out-of-the-temple kind of love.  The homogenized, melted-down, undifferentiated, jelly love.

The glazed-donut love that seeks nothing for itself.

Here’s how it works.  You look out at the world and you see that, in some country you know nothing about, there are a lot of people starving and dying.  You insist they be saved.  You insist that, in order to save them, we have to revolutionize the entire political, economic, and social system of the planet.  That’s real love.  And it helps bring the world closer to being one collectivist glob of cheese.

The underlying right of all people is: to melt down in love.

Karl Marx was simply Jesus with a plan.

Here’s one more thing we need to wipe out.  The old idea of will power.  Ban it wherever possible.  Make it a speech crime and a thought crime.  Replace it with: waiting for the universe to implement the next step of its plan for the future.

This puts everybody into a passive holding pattern.  Easier then to run them over with the collectivist juggernaut.

Our leaders are ready.  They have the wisdom to distribute all goods and services from Central Planning.  They have the discernment to take from us what should be given to others.  They just need to know enough of us are on board.  Until that day, we give them cover.

We firmly assert that Collectivism doesn’t exist.  It’s a fiction.  A fairy tale.  A ruse.  A paranoid delusion requiring treatment.  The people who believe Collectivism is here are rigid and warped.  They are cut off from being able to love.

And they are.  We are the only ones who can really love.  That’s why the future is ours.

Collectivism?  Never heard of it.

Deny it, deny it, deny it, until all of a sudden…zap ZAP, and the trap is sprung.  And then we’re all in it together, where we’ve really always been, except now we have the laws and the leaders and the plan and the personnel and the guns and the bullets to officially make it so.

On that day, we’ll stand on the peak of the mountain and raise a new flag and all will be well, all will be tranquil, and the seas will part and a man wearing desert robes emblazoned with a red Chinese star and a Star of David and a Hammer and Sickle and a photoshopped picture of Thomas Jefferson embracing David Rockefeller will come striding toward us…and angels and cherubs will dance around his head, and squadrons of mosquito drones will glow in his energy field, and synthetic electromagnetic love will pour out of his every cell, and holographic ads for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Chase and Citi will light up the sky, and we will fall to our knees and submit.

That’s the money shot.

Hang in, we’re almost there.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California.  Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.  Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.  You can sign up  for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com