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Toxic Teeth, Consumers for Dental Choice Charlie Brown, International Medical Mercury Detoxification, Liam Scheff’s Official Stories 30% Off, Collecting Rainwater Criminals, Mexican Chicken Holocaust, Gardasil’s Aluminum HPV DNA, Suspicious Facebook Non-Members and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show August 9, 2012

Is common sense dead and gone? In Oregon, you can murder and the governor will fight to grant you clemency,

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Statin Stupidity, Michigan Pig-o-cide, Obama-care’s Unconstitutionality, Ron Paul’s Health Care Freedom Perspective, Liam Scheff, More 9/11 Revelations, John Lear’s Devastating Affidavit, Electric Universal Origins, Sit Down Dangers and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 28, 2012

Will Obama-care be found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court? We’ll hear from Ron Paul as he discussed the fallacy of

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