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Jun 19

Reversing MS Epidemic, Liana Werner-Gray Show, Earth Diet, Dr. C, Liam Scheff, NSA Spying Privacy Excuses, Richard Pearl, Law of the Terrain, 10,000 Germs, Safe Weight Loss, Reversing E.D., Top 10 Reasons Obama Loses and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show June 20, 2012

Liana Werner-Gray

How many more children and young adults must be diagnosed with MS or other immune disorders before we stop listening to doctors who claim it is a mysterious, inexplicable or random disease? RSB may have to reveal more strategies for dealing with auto-immune conditions, none of which will be approved by government agencies. If you …

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Feb 21

Diabetes Reversal Protocols, Urinary Tract Infection Solutions, Military Veterans for Ron Paul March on White House Media Blackout, Gas Price Inflation War, Bird Flu Bio-Terror, Liam Scheff and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show February 21, 2012


RSB is joined by Superhero Sidekick Liam Scheff to cover a range of stories including the war-making machinery raising gas prices to “stay-cation” levels! We’ll also cover dreaded kissing diseases, diabetes, the difference between rights and privileges, taxation, the Veterans for Ron Paul March on The White House and more! Pam Huggins writes: “I would …

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Feb 08

Charles Weber, BM Organics, Microbiome, Gut Health, Dietary Revelations, Liam Scheff, Mental Illness Detoxification, Josh and Anna Scurry, Alive New York Awards Mission, Kid Cholesterol Check, Colloidal Silver and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show February 8, 2012


Ron Paul takes a strong second in Minnesota, coming ahead of Mitt Romney! Super Don and RSB will explain what this means for the Republican Presidential Convention. Will it be brokered? All the things you will not hear from the old media pundits, you will hear right here! Also, RSB plans to discuss screening kids …

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