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Jan 21

Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Dr Veronique DeSaulniers, heal breast cancer, autoimmune reversal Carnivora, Disney measles, cannabis &more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show 1/21/2015 Click here to download/listen now! Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST: Did anybody watch the State of the Union last night? Did he say it was strong or loaded with GMOs? Every time a president makes a pronouncement about advancement in medicine, it ends up being …

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May 07

Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, homeschool, polio pox, Not-A-Doc Chris Barr, vaccination shifts, mental, Shawn Stevenson, breast cancer & more!


The Robert Scott Bell Show May 7, 2014 Miss the show? Click here to download and listen now! Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EDT: American Idol may be tanking in the ratings, but a former AI contestant, Clay Aiken is running for Congress. What’s the happy update? Walter Jones won his congressional …

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Oct 07

Advanced Medicine, Dr. Rashid Buttar, breast cancer shutdown, macular degeneration, nosocomial infection, FDA food, mystery meat & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show October 7, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now! Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EDT: Advanced medicine with Dr. Rashid Buttar as we discuss breast cancer, macular degeneration and hospital-acquired infections. What about the government shutdown? Is the universe coming to …

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May 20

Dr. Buttar Advanced Medicine Monday, Angelina Jolie’s prostate, Dr. Nick Gonzalez, epigenetics, curing cancer, diabetes & more 3PM – 5 PM EDT!


The Robert Scott Bell Show May 20, 2013 New time – 3PM-5PM EDT Monday through Friday! Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now! Would men be stupid enough to follow the example of self-mutilation set by Angelina Jolie last week? The BRCA genetic testing public relations machine must have worked, …

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Dec 18

Emotional Gun Disarmament, Mercury Vaccine Removal, Strep, Homeopathy, Breasts, Ovaries, Liz Reitzig FarmMatch, Doc Harmony Addiction & More!


The Robert Scott Bell Show December 18, 2012 Disarm the population? It’s never a good idea to make major decisions based purely on raw emotion, especially fear. This is how women needlessly lose their breasts, uterus and ovaries at the hands of medical doctors. Why? According to the allopathic authorities, they are potential serious threats …

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Nov 30

Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Radiation Remedies, Breast Cancer, NSAID Liver Damage, Flu Forecasting, Jerry Doyle’s Integrity & More!


The Robert Scott Bell Show November 30, 2012 An incredible hearing took place in Congress at the Committee on Government and Oversight Reform yesterday. Why was it incredible? For the first time, congress-critters from both parties grilled the CDC and IOM on the vaccine-mercury autism connection. Each time they would try to weasel out of …

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Nov 29

Astounding: Miss America contestant will have both breasts removed, and she doesn’t have cancer by Jon Rappoport


November 29, 2012 www.nomorefakenews.com Allyn Rose, 24, has announced she’ll have a double mastectomy after the Miss America pageant is over. She doesn’t have cancer. “If I were to win [the contest]…I would have this incredible platform  to speak to my generation…” Rose said. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/post/miss-dc-allyn-rose-on-her-decision-to-opt-for-a-double-mastectomy-after-miss-america-pageant/2012/11/19/b888e7e6-326b-11e2-9cfa-e41bac906cc9_blog.html Rose has been making the rounds of media outlets, announcing …

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Nov 25

“30 Years of Breast Screening: 1.3 Million Wrongly Treated” by Sayer Ji

Thursday, November 22nd 2012 Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder The breast cancer industry’s holy grail (that mammography is the primary weapon in the war against breast cancer) has been disproved. In fact, mammography appears to have CREATED 1.3 million cases of breast cancer in the U.S. population that were not there.

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Oct 01

Frank Stallone on Natural Health and Healing, Expendables 2, Prostate Cancer Prevention, Norma Erickson SaneVax.org, More Gardasil Victims, Changing AER Epidemic Definitions, Pink Washing Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s Walks, Chocolate Smarts, Jerry Doyle Replaces Savage and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show October 2, 2012


October is officially the month for Pharmaceutical Pinkwashing and Pink Armies! What do they do? Raise money for Big Pharma to never find a cure for “name disease here.” We’ll cover stories on Alzheimer’s, Breast Cancer, dark chocolate to make pond snails smarter and a whole lot more! Frank Stallone and Norma Erickson are scheduled… …

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Sep 17

Dr. Rashid Buttar, Advanced Medicine Seminar Philadelphia, Recovering Kidney Health, Heavy Metal Detox, Breast Cancer Answers, Prescription Rate Holocaust, Hollywood Obamacare, Salt Deficiency Drug, Allopathy’s Fatal Flaw, ABC Gets Pink Slimed, QE3 Monopoly Money, Beer After Workouts and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show September 17, 2012


How many prescriptions are too many? Where is the alarm from the Obama Administration regarding the rampant and frightening drug use by Americans? 4.02 billion prescriptions annually (which does not include OTC drug use) would rightfully be called a holocaust in any sane society. Then again, the majority of Americans apparently believe that the way …

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