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Aug 15

“NBC’s Meet the Press hits lowest rating in 21 years” by Jon Rappoport

August 15, 2013 www.nomorefakenews.com Another media ship is going down.  Break out the champagne. The big-3 Sunday morning news shows are basically politicians talking through the screen to their colleagues in Georgetown.  Gibberish from idiots to other idiots. In so far as the shows reach the general viewing public…

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Apr 28

“The worldwide Church of the Evening News” by Jon Rappoport


April 27, 2013 www.nomorefakenews.com The march of idiots is an interesting subject for investigation. The collectivized mind is wired to other minds, and they exchange gibberish to feel whole. People are addicted to crap.  They like it. That’s why they watch the news. That’s why they believe the news. It’s time for a worldwide Church …

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Feb 19

CNN Corona-Virus Fear, Jon Rappoport Obama’s Brain Map, Tony M. Isaacs Best Years in Life, Drug-free COPD, Resilient Energy & More!


The Robert Scott Bell Show February 19, 2013 Did you miss today’s show? Click here to download and listen now. Is there a new Corona-virus set for attack in North America? CNN is reporting a dangerous new respiratory ailment emanating from a hospital in Amman, Jordan. Has it spread to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and even …

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Jan 10

Dr. Nick Gonzalez, Emotional Gun Control, Tangerine Bolen Stop NDAA, Makia Freeman Sovereignty Tools, Flu Fear Fanaticism, Psychiatric Drug Dangers & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show January 10, 2013 Did you miss the show? Click here to listen right now. Don’t panic! RSB will calm the influenza epidemic fears. If someone dies of complications of the flu, as the old media may claim it, does it mean that the flu virus is super bad? Not necessarily. …

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Jan 08

“Alex Jones: best night of television ever” by Jon Rappoport

January 8, 2013 www.nomorefakenews.com Piers Morgan (CNN) thought he might pump up his horrendous ratings and avoid having to go back to England.  So he invited Alex Jones to come east and appear on his show. They would discuss gun control and the petition to have Morgan deported.  It would be good television.  An interesting …

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Dec 20

“The mind-control qualities of Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, and Scott Pelley” by Jon Rappoport


December 20, 2012 www.nomorefakenews.com In the wake of the Sandy Hook murders, I’ve been describing how the television coverage is a form of mind control. Of course, it’s wall-to-wall mind control every day, no matter what stories the networks are focused on. The best of the best mind control is applied by the three major …

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Nov 08



November 8, 2012 www.nomorefakenews.com Hold your horses. On election night, not long after the polls closed in California, the announcement came out: Prop 37 was losing.  A little while later, it was all over.  37 had gone down to defeat. But is that the whole story?  No.

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Sep 28



September 27, 2012 www.nomorefakenews.com Yes, of course it was the Federal Reserve.  Paul wanted to investigate it and audit it thoroughly, and if by some remote chance he became president, he would have had the leverage to go deep and deeper.  And then the global banksters would have tumbled out of the woodwork, for all …

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Jun 06

TV Star Hypocrisy, Dr. Oz Vaccine Shills Disease Induction, Jon Rappoport, Bin Laden Reduces Pakistani Polio Vaccine Rates, Tanorexic Vitamin D, Drug Resistant STD’s, Homeopathic Options, HIV Tests in Trouble, Dollar Reserve Losing to Yen/Euro and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show June 7, 2012

mehmet-oz-vax 2

If you were a medical doctor and you wanted to be a big TV star, how much of the truth would you compromise in order to fulfill your dream? Would you say that vaccines are worth the risk? Would you become Dr. Hypocrite telling others to vaccinate while your own children are not? Principles are …

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Mar 08

Anti-Vaccine Validation, Innate Immunity, Antibody Acrimony, Hygiene Hypothesis, Sean Stone Speaks War Prevention, Historical Control Conspiracies, Real Jin/Jeanies, Pink Slime Public School Lunches and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 8, 2012

Briar Patch 3 by Liam Scheff (c) 2012

RSB is back in studio and glad to be catching up with Super Don on the latest news in health and healing! Does anyone you know still think that vaccines are necessary to prevent disease? It’s called the “Hygiene Hypothesis.” We’ll reveal a study that shows antibodies are not all that necessary. Could this be …

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