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May 31

Chris Kilham Medicine Hunter, Rhodiola Anti-depressant, Artemesin for Malaria, Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, Immune Tree Colostrum, Autism Remedies, Bowel Health, Detoxification, Acid/Alkaline, Diabetic Kidneys, Innate Immune Response, Liam Scheff Book Party, Caveman Blogging and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 31, 2012

Could it be that weaker immune systems make you more susceptible to infections of all kinds? Someone actually funds studies to confirm Captain Obvious, but instead of rebuilding the immune system, your Taxpayer dollars are then used to fund research into more drugs and vaccines. Are you ready for a separation of medicine and state …

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May 31

Looking for Youth, Health and Vitality? Find Anti-aging Benefits in LimuZ6 Plus!

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Mar 14

Jon Rappoport, Global Elite Unconsciousness Plans, Dangerous Pediatricians, Multi-Dimensional Courtroom Realities, Innate Intelligence, Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, Immune Tree Colostrum, Overcoming Heart Disease, Lupus, Alzheimer’s, Psychiatric Soldier Anxiety and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 14, 2012

RSB and Jon Rappoport planning their next seminar

Does modern psychiatry cause terrorism? The recent shooting in Afghanistan is certainly evidence of its undeclared war on the human mind! How many types of anxiety can they target for drugging? Have you gotten the message about the danger of pediatricians? Brandon certainly has. RSB relates his experience with the doctors of vaccinology and child …

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Mar 13

Help for Heart Problems, Lupus and Alzheimer’s – Download this pdf


Feb 22

Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, Immune Tree Colostrum Super Food, Leaky Gut, IBS Reversal, Allergies, Immune Modulation, Chris Barr on Diabetes, Cancer, Selemium, GTF Chromium and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show February 22, 2012


Is it possible that the economic disaster and real estate bubble popping could have been prevented if only we had the right FDA approved drug on the market? With great incredulity, Super Don and RSB will discuss this fact that is truly stranger than fiction to kick off today‚Äôs RSB Show. Did you know that …

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Jan 19

Mike Adams SOPA/PIPA Prevention, Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, Colostrum Immunity and Regeneration, Paula Deen Diabetic, AMA Forced Vaccines, Gardasil Losing Grip, Deconstructing Neocon Bill Kristol, Ron Paul Reports and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 19, 2012


Since the introduction of Gardasil, women have become more reluctant to vaccinate! Now the AMA wants to force your participation in vaccine trials! RSB will explain the Law of Reversed Effort and why everything the vaccine industrial complex is doing is backfiring on them! Mike Adams drops by to discuss stopping SOPA/PIPA government internet censorship! …

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