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Jan 20

Rand Paul Fights E.O.s, TSA Porno Scanners, Cancer Vaccines, Flu Fears, Allergies, Techno Illness, Flame Retardant Brains, Mercury, Botox Bladders & More!


The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast for January 20, 2013, from 1 PM to 3 PM EST, LIVE. Call in and let your voice be heard! 1-800-259-5791. Hour 1 – Rand Paul Fights Obama’s E.O.s, TSA Abandons Porno Scanners, Calming Gun Violence, Cancer Vaccines, Flu Fantasies and More!

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Jan 16

“How television will shape the new gun-culture in America” by Jon Rappoport


January 15, 2013 www.nomorefakenews.com Weapons are being fired all the time on television, but that happens on cop shows.  Network programmers know the public will obsessively watch guns going off and bodies falling. On the news, however, the issue of gun ownership is adjudicated independently of the glee that accompanies watching fictional people kill each …

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Nov 17

Xenoestrogens, Birth Control Pills, Sexual Revolution Wussification, Prostate Cancer, Growing Earth Theory, Gold Prognostication, 7 Ailments Not Needing Insurance and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show November 17, 2011


RSB might barely be able to contain the energy in the room, as Richard Pearl (Pearls of Health radio) joins Liam Scheff in a wild-eyed, outrageous discussion of… well… just about everything on earth, and beyond. Listener discretion is advised today due to adult themes and discussions of things never addressed so seriously in the …

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