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Emord’s Sacred Fire of Liberty, Trump Impeachment, ID 2020, DNC censorship, Vaccine defenders, Gut bacteria teams, Aloe sources, Collagen, Optimism science, Elon Musk suicide mission and MORE!

Oct 3, 2019 3-5PM ET Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show: Sacred Fire of Liberty! It’s that time of

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Charles Weber, BM Organics, Microbiome, Gut Health, Dietary Revelations, Liam Scheff, Mental Illness Detoxification, Josh and Anna Scurry, Alive New York Awards Mission, Kid Cholesterol Check, Colloidal Silver and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show February 8, 2012

Ron Paul takes a strong second in Minnesota, coming ahead of Mitt Romney! Super Don and RSB will explain what

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