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Vaccine industry panic, Jefferey Jaxen, Scamiflu dangers, CDC accidents investigated, rainy day Republicans, Advanced Medicine, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Zika scam continues, male breast cancer, flu heart attacks, water prescriptions and MORE!

January 29, 7-9PM ET Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show: The Vaccine Industry – In Panic Mode or Just

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Dr. Rashid Buttar, Advanced Medicine Seminar Philadelphia, Recovering Kidney Health, Heavy Metal Detox, Breast Cancer Answers, Prescription Rate Holocaust, Hollywood Obamacare, Salt Deficiency Drug, Allopathy’s Fatal Flaw, ABC Gets Pink Slimed, QE3 Monopoly Money, Beer After Workouts and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show September 17, 2012

How many prescriptions are too many? Where is the alarm from the Obama Administration regarding the rampant and frightening drug

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