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Tom Mullen, FED Stealing for the 1%, Media Blackout on Ron Paul, Fluoride Pharmacies, Chemo for Kids, Pesticide Poisoning Detox, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Panache Desai Encore, Consciousness Shift 2012 and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show March 15, 2012

When you walk into a pharmacy, you take your life (or your child’s life) into your own hands. This is

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Panache Desai, Conscious 2012, Vibrational Healing, Thyroid Cancer’s Mysterious Rise, the Heart of Gut Ecology, MS, the Golden Rule, Ron Paul Debate Highlights, Pesticide Detox and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 17, 2011

What happened in last night’s South Carolina Republican Debate? Did some of the people of SC really “boo” the Golden

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