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Dec 09

Dr. Frank King, Healing Revolution, Aluminum Detox, Beyond HCG, Low Level Radiation, Kid Cough, Liam Scheff, R.I.P. Lynn Margulis, FDA Fears Sheriff, Raw Milk Freedom and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show December 9, 2011

Lynn Magulis, March 5, 1938 — Nov 22, 2011

Dr. Frank King returns to follow up on last week’s discussion going beyond HCG for weight loss. What about aluminum levels in kids and adults? We’ve got your answers. Are you doing anything to counteract your daily exposure to low level radiation? What about RSV, Impetigo, Croup and Whooping Cough? Your remedies are coming right …

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Sep 29

Whooping Cough Makes a Comeback

For most parents with young children today, whooping cough is a disease that exists in vintage movies or the Burl Ives song where it causes a chicken to “sneeze his head and tail right off.” But whooping cough is far from a whimsical memory. It is staging a comeback in California, in what public health …

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