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Dec 16

Vitamin deficiencies, raw milk rebels, David Gumpert, chiropractic heart, super-duper flu shots, thyroid, off grid, Kevin Ogr, brawling Santa &more!

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The Robert Scott Bell Show December 16, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now! Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EST: Here come the raw milk warnings – this time from a pediatrician’s group. Do you believe proclamations of danger from the same group that says vaccines …

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Dec 12

NYC flu shot mandates, Sallie Elkordy, PTSD vaccine fantasy, toxic air, drugs in water, raw milk safety, Santa sinks, Christmas specials & more!


The Robert Scott Bell Show December 12, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now! Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 3-5PM EST: Bloomberg’s NYC Board of Health mandates mercury (flu shots) for all children attending daycare and preschool! Is there really a cap on the number of families …

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May 28

Jury Finds Peaceful Farmer Does Not Need Licenses – Farmer Acquitted on 3 Criminal Counts; Guilty on 1

May 28, 2013 13:30 | Source: Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Baraboo, Wisconsin, May 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After a long and riveting week in court for raw dairy farmer Vernon Hershberger, the jury returned a verdict of three “not guilty” counts and one count “guilty” for violation of a holding order. The Wisconsin Department …

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Apr 22

Dr. Buttar Advanced Earth Medicine Monday, Synthetic Detoxification, Linda Kedy Cancer is Great for Your Health, Raw Milk, Boston Updates & More!


The Robert Scott Bell Show April 22, 2013 Is trust not the basis for a good working relationship or a relationship of any kind? With a full week to consider the bizarre twists and turns that have transpired since the Boston Marathon bombings one week ago, nothing has shaken my perspective that the best way …

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Jan 02

Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, Pediatrician Group Dangers, Raw Milk Spirituality, Vaccine Vexations, Winter Health, 2013 Outlook & More!


The Robert Scott Bell Show January 2, 2013 Awesome show! Listen here! Why does RSB say that 2013 provides the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth ever? You’ll have to tune in to the first official new broadcast of the New Year! What poses the greatest danger to the health of your children this year? Please …

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Dec 18

Emotional Gun Disarmament, Mercury Vaccine Removal, Strep, Homeopathy, Breasts, Ovaries, Liz Reitzig FarmMatch, Doc Harmony Addiction & More!


The Robert Scott Bell Show December 18, 2012 Disarm the population? It’s never a good idea to make major decisions based purely on raw emotion, especially fear. This is how women needlessly lose their breasts, uterus and ovaries at the hands of medical doctors. Why? According to the allopathic authorities, they are potential serious threats …

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Jul 19

Online Diagnosis Dangers, Rawesome Oath Revelations, LeRoy NY High School Crop Dusting Mystery, Ron Paul vs. Bernanke’s Fed, MS Drugs Don’t Work, Natural Cures, Liam Scheff Batman Blowback, Physical Inactivity Video Game Terminator, Spiritual Discipline, Pool Parasites and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show July 19, 2012


What might we cover on The RSB Show today? “I AM One of Those People You Lied About in Roanoke, Mr. Obama.” By Jon Rappoport http://www.robertscottbell.com/?p=6907 Are you one of those people, too? Could government officials be acting under color of law when they come after you? It happened at Rawesome! The shocking revelations have …

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May 08

Autism One, Hyperbaric Oxygen, MMS, Kerri Rivera Autism-O2, Raw Milk Mom Melinda Olson, Minnesota Department of Ag Attacks, Liam Scheff Whole Pharma Red Ribbon Washing, Fukushima Radiation, Mandatory Vaccinations, Banning Bake Sales and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 8, 2012


Did you know that mandatory vaccinations increase vaccination rates? Will you comply? Just as our Founding Fathers warned us, government is force, a dangerous servant and a deadly master. How much more can you take? Most of us merely want to be left alone, but what happens when the state threatens your life, liberty or …

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May 04

Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Homeopathic Mysteries Solved, Attention & Learning Difficulties, Safer drugs, Natural Stroke Remedies, Stephen Rogers Shentrition, Overcoming Energy Bankruptcy, Rand Paul’s TSA, Night-Shift Day, Liam Scheff Tackles Atheists and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 4, 2012


Any big fans of the TSA? Not here. Sen. Rand Paul has started the process of undoing this bureaucratic monstrosity. Unlike Hollywood, we don’t need “The Avengers,” just an irate, vocal and active minority standing up for their rights to be left alone. The Fourth Amendment may not exist for the Department of Homeland Security, …

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May 03

Dr. Dan Pompa, Reversing Vaccine Damage, Facebook Organ Donation, GMO Liver Human Rice, CDC Shocking Pasteurized Milk Stat, Gates’s GAVI Vaccine World Religion, Liam Scheff, Smallpox Shots, Kids’ Bowel Health and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 3, 2012


What if pasteurized milk killed twice as many people claimed to be killed by raw milk? Do you think that the CDC would report that? Get ready to hear the shocking truth! Then again, CDC workers probably eat loads of rice with human liver genes engineered into it. That would actually explain a lot. Did …

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