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Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Fluoride Detox, Shots Cause Shingles, Chronic Fatigue Fraud, Liam Scheff’s Geneticals, Ron Paul’s Principle & More!

The Robert Scott Bell Show February 8, 2013 Did you miss today’s show? Download and listen for free right here!

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“Dumbed-down people accept outrageous vaccine logic” by Jon Rappoport

February 5, 2013 www.nomorefakenews.com I’ve written articles attacking the theory and practice of vaccination from a variety of angles.  But

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National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Liam Scheff Encore Presentation “World HIV Fraud Testing Day” Broadcast and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show February 7, 2012

Another day used to propagandize the myth the HIV causes AIDS and the HIV tests can actually detect HIV? Yes,

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