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May 21

Chris Barr, reversing cancer w/ food grown selenium, chromium, silicon, B6, probiotics, Liam Scheff on peak oil secrets, nuclear Saud & more!


The Robert Scott Bell Show May 21, 2013 New time – 3PM-5PM EDT Monday through Friday! Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now! What is whole food nutrition and can it really prevent, cure, treat, mitigate and reverse disease? The answer to that question is considered speech not covered by the …

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Feb 14

Ron Paul Campaign’s Doug Wead, “No One But Paul” Money Bomb, Slick Rick Perry Vaccine Mandates, Beer Nutrition Safety, Measles Outbreak Realities, HIV Drugs Cause AIDS and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show February 14, 2012


Whether you celebrate another greeting card holiday or not, create a great Valentine’s Day with loads of Vitamin L! How about giving some Vitamin L to the Constitution? The “No One But Paul” Money Bomb is today! Doug Wead joins me from the Ron Paul Campaign for some great political discussion! Also, Liam Scheff returns …

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Jun 22

David & Linda Freud, The Healing Gift, Remarkable Medical Intuitive, Chris Barr, Silicon on The Robert Scott Bell Show June 23, 2011

In this special edition of The Robert Scott Bell Show I interview David Freud, author of “The Healing Gift: Exploring the Remarkable World of a Medical Intuitive.” His wife, Linda Freud, may very well be the most extraordinary medical intuitive on planet earth. We’ll explore just what that means and how she came to do …

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Jan 08

"Hide ‘n’ don’t seek?" NATURALLY Speaking by Christopher C. Barr

This column marks the eighth year of NATURALLY Speaking with combined experience going back to the 1980s for this columnist regarding print and broadcast journalism on the subject matter of health. A pattern has emerged that news in the mainstream (a polluted stream if ever there was one) often publishes stories on holidays and weekends …

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