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GMO Action Alert, Health Freedom Resonates, Orange TKO Bill Tufts Environmental Clean-up, D-Limonene Defeats Cancer, Not-A-Doc Chris Barr, Stephen Rogers Shentrition Adaptogens, Color-Coded Poop for Dumb Doctors, Healing Energy in Motion and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show June 19, 2012

Are you ready? We are back rockin’ the health world in studio – but we’ll revisit the Health Freedom Expo

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Fosomax Fractures, Pregnant Flu Shots, Poison Ivy Remedies, Gout Be Gone, Stephen Heuer Whey Protein, Colostrum for Autism, Stephen Rogers Shentrition, Liam Scheff, Asbestos NYC Detox and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 23, 2012

Onward to Autism One after the show today, but we’ve got some broadcast healing to do before then! More news

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Stephen D. Rogers Adaptogenic Shentrition, Modern Medical Test Dangers, Radiation Scan Scam, Vaccine Scares, Raw Milk Revolution, Kid Farming, Monsanto GMO’s Pink Slimed, Swiss Homeopathy and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast April 8, 2012, 1PM – 3PM EDT

Call In Number: 1-800-259-5791. Hour 1 – The Dangers Absurdity That is Modern Medicine, Run From Radiation, Stephen Rogers’ Shentrition

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