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Dec 31

“We Are Living in a Cult of Science” by Liam Scheff


Liam Scheff is a journalist and author of “Official Stories,” because “official stories exist to protect officials.”  For your consideration: You think the Reformation and Enlightenment turned back the darkness of Medieval religious meddling? Ha! and Ha! I say. Hardly. Let’s have a look at what religion has become. The Major Religions of Science: Baptism = Vaccination.

Oct 03

“The strangest thing about vaccines” by Jon Rappoport

October 3, 2013 www.nomorefakenews.com I didn’t say the worst thing.  I said the strangest. Here it is: Proponents claim a vaccine stimulates a person’s immune system to produce antibodies, which are immune-system scouts.

Aug 12

“Surveillance, vaccines, androids, Snowden, control systems” by Jon Rappoport

August 12, 2013 www.nomorefakenews.com Every political system, when applied, wears out, because the people using the system make it more and more mechanical, less and less conscious. The Constitution was a noble attempt to explicitly limit systems by eroding the power of centralized authority.  That document was mainly about enforcing less structure.  Its brilliance, naturally, …

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Jun 05

Ty Bollinger Outside the Box, medical monopoly mandates, GMO tipping, organic farming, John Bush sovereign living, breast milk lollies & more!

The Robert Scott Bell Show June 5, 2013 Did you miss today’s broadcast? Click here to download and listen now. It’s time for Outside the Box Wednesday with Ty Bollinger! Why is Obamacare triggering insurance cancellation notices? Where is the reality reporting out there in the media about what this really is? Disease management mandates …

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Apr 07

America History, Jon Rappoport, Psychiatric Shootings, Collectivist Community Moms, Chris Barr Antagonizing Autism Protagonists & More!


Here comes The Robert Scott Bell Show (GCN) broadcast for April 7, 2013, from 1 PM to 3 PM EDT LIVE ! Call in and let your voice be heard! 1-800-259-5791. RSB finally broke down, or up, and created The Robert Scott Bell Show Youtube Channel. First one? Chemtrails at 31,000 feet. Even if you …

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Mar 29

“The hoax at the bottom of Autism and Alzheimer’s” by Jon Rappoport


March 29, 2013 www.nomorefakenews.com For the medical cartel, Autism and Alzheimer’s are big, big business.  Profits are soaring. These two conditions are promoted as specific diseases.  That’s where all the trouble starts.

Dec 11

“A Good Scientist” by Liam Scheff


December 11, 2012 www.LiamScheff.com I woke early this morning from troubled, over-heated sleep with a question burning in my head: “On what authority! What right do YOU have to ask these questions?!” I had been in a web dialogue with a screaming worshiper of science who was cursing at me for asking questions about vaccines, …

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Nov 05



November 5, 2012 www.nomorefakenews.com You can go into a market and pick out organic vegetables and fruit.  This isn’t something you do through magic or secret divination with a special wand.  There are labels that tell you the food is organic. “Experts” claim organic food is no better or safer than food drenched with pesticides.  …

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Oct 12

Dr. Frank King Healing Revolution, Heavy Metal/Candida Detox, ADHD FDA-Approved Teen-age Drug Parties, High School RFID Tracking Chips, VP Debate Yawns, Dr. Cornelia Franz Center, Integrative Pediatrics, Vaccine/Antibiotic Dangers, Trusting Your Gut, Harshest Sound Second Date Close-ups and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show October 12, 2012

Franz Center Orlando (407) 857-8860

It’s Friday, so Dr. Frank King is back with some more Healing Revolution, with important discussion of the danger of FDA-approved drug parties for teenagers! You have not heard about this yet? Kids need detoxification as much or more than their parents these days!  We’ll talk about pediatricians drugging kids for social justice and better …

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Oct 11

Drugging Kids for Social Justice & Good Grades, Labeling GMO Children of the Corn, Daily Paul Libertarians, Banning FDA, Withdrawing Rigged Consent, Liam Scheff Prometheus Review, Darwin is Dead, Infinite Knowingness, WHO Depression Remedies, Legitimacy’s Downside, Freedom’s Upside and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show October 11, 2012


Drugging kids for good grades? Or maybe to level the playing field for socio-economically challenged children? Psychiatrists are freaking insane at this point. Where is the discussion of food? Licensed shrinks are an integral part of growing the global dominance of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. You are a growing part of the resistance to indiscriminate …

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