Cloned Food, Cloned Democrats, Cloned Republicans or Ron Paul Inspired 3rd Party Candidates?

Headline: Clones’ offspring may be in food supply: FDA Proponents, including the Biotechnology Industry Organization, say cloning is a way to create more disease-resistant animals that produce more milk and better meat.

How does an animal become more “disease-resistant” by having man monkey with its DNA? That’s absurd on its face, especially considering that modern “scientific” man thinks that health is merely the absence of disease. What is disease?

Dis-ease: A state where normal metabolic functions are corrupted by a preponderance of accumulated toxins, nutritional deficiencies and the inflammatory cascades that result from said excesses and lacks.

Actually, that sounds a lot like the current Republican and Democratic leadership. We have cloned fascists and cloned socialists instead of individuals running for office, much less running the FDA. How would you explain the approval of cloned food at the dinner table. Why not do something productive and vote 3rd party instead of voting for the “Republicratic” clones?

Do you still believe that it is preferable to vote for the lesser of two cloned evils?