Dangerous Medical Mediocrity or Courageous Doctors Teaching You How to Heal Yourself

Disclosing Drug Makers Payments to Doctors Gets Boost Lawmakers gained Eli Lilly’s support after they agreed to raise the payment limit requiring disclosure from $25 to $500. Conflicts of interest can be the death of you.

In a free society, doctors would be able to prescribe nutritional solutions to what ails you without fear of repercussions from state medical boards. That’s where the real conflict of interest resides. Medical trade associations lobby the government to form boards that would theoretically protect the public from “bad” doctors, but in actuality, they protect the “bad” doctors from the consequences of their pharmaceutical prescribing.

If the public ever awoke to find out how modern medicine, through the brute force of government, limited “healing” to only that which is pharmaceutical and toxic, medical board members would have to run for their lives. Pitchforks and torches would be too kind. The concept of “an eye for an eye” would require that board members undergo needless surgical procedures and be on at least ten different medications simultaneously.

It is not a necessity to insure the safety of Americans that a small group of unelected drug-lackeys control what is and is not “good” medicine. More often than not, they get it wrong by design. Why can’t modern medicine operate in a free market where doctors and patients get to choose the care that is most appropriate? They can, but only if we have the stomach for liberty and the responsibility that goes along with it.

Allopathic medicine has degraded from a life-saving profession in times of unexpected catastrophes to a collectivist methodology that keeps the entire planet enslaved to toxic poisons no matter how minor the affliction. You want to know how to find a good doctor? Find one who has been attacked by a state medical board for using “unconventional” therapies. The courageous few who stick their thumb in the eye of cowardly bureaucrats should be rewarded for attempting to salvage what is best about the humble origins of the healing arts:

Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When doctors fear the medical board, there is pharmaceutical tyranny. When there are no more medical boards, doctors and non-doctors alike will be free to help the people heal themselves, just as it was in the beginning.

The origin of the word “physician” has its roots in the word “teacher.” A true doctor does not heal you, but teaches you how to heal yourself. If you cannot, then you will find yourself victimized by a ruling medical elite happy to keep you enslaved to a medical paradigm where there is no health care, only disease management. Couple that with a behemoth bureaucracy that grows larger with each successive administration, whether they be Democrat or Republican, and sadly, you must conclude that we love medical slavery more than we love health freedom.

Actually, it isn’t that the slaves love to be slaves, it’s just that they have been accustomed to being so by virtue of their birth into it. Therefore, even those trapped in the allopathic paradigm and miserable because of it, will sometimes lash out at those who point out their pathetic state. Don’t worry, the politicians who benefit from your continued dependency will promise to improve your lot in life by giving you a bit more from that which they can steal from your neighbor. Should a politician show up and point out the fact that you are actually NOT free in that relationship, the political pundits in the media will lash out at him in order to keep you feeling good about being “less than free.”

This is what has happened with the good doctor Ron Paul. He has been “caught” pointing out that the emperor wears no clothes. The “Ron Paul Revolution” is nothing more than “slaves” waking up to their imprisoned reality and acting as if they want to be free of relationships that do not support the goals of liberty.

How dare they!

Indeed. How outrageous it is that there exists a small band of Americans audacious enough to take the words of The Constitution and Declaration of Independence seriously. I say thank goodness that some of us (doctors included) still have the courage to stand up for liberty, especially in a time where the majority of Americans believe that their “rights” come from government.

Nutritionally-deficient Americans have been convinced that a government purchased by “drugged” interests is the only hope for what ails America (see Clinton, Obama, McCain). Conflicts of interest come in all shapes and colors, and the worst come under the “color” of law. Our founding documents grant the government no right to limit the healing choices we have and make.

That they do is not the government’s fault; it is ours.