Not a fan of Bernanke’s economic chaos theory? Try cause and effect simplicity from Congressman Ron Paul

Thomas Paine could not have said it more clearly. Yet, how difficult it must be for welfare recipients in Washington, D.C. (read: the bureaucratic oligarchy) to understand that which is most simple.

Welfare and warfare are two sides of the same coin. We cannot solve the problems of too much spending and debt by spending and borrowing even more. Childish — as a descriptive term — is too kind for the policies of the Obama administration, which are merely a continuation of policies from administrations prior.

The belief that bankers and politicians can centrally plan the economy and simultaneously police the world is Quixotic at best, suicidal at worst. They could learn a lot from Ron Paul, but it looks like they would rather stick their fingers in their ears and sing la-la-la to shield them from economic reality and adult-like responsibility.