Ron Paul Interviewed Prior to the Rally for the Republic on the Robert Scott Bell Show

If you are ready for a little bit of political sanity after the personality worship festival called the DNC, give a listen to the recent visit by Ron Paul to the Robert Scott Bell Show in preparation for his Rally for the Republic:

The Health of the Nation with Ron Paul– Does this nation need another lawyer or military industrial complex slave to lead it? I think not. When you are sick, you call a doctor. Whether it’s the disease of inflation or the ongoing Constitutional-deficiency disease with which we we all suffer, the one doctor who knows the cause and has the cure is Dr. Ron Paul. Despite those who fear the constitution in Big Government, Big Media and Big PHARMA, my favorite doc just made a house call to the united States of Health Talk Radio.

Are you going to the Campaign for Liberty’s Rally for the Republic? The excitement is not at the RNC in St. Paul, but in Minneapolis with Dr. Ron Paul. May our constitutional-deficiency come to a swift end with a return to our roots in liberty.