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February 10, 2023 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

CDC adds Covid-19 shots to list of routine vaccines for kids and adults Covid-19 shots are included in new schedules of routinely recommended vaccines released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday. The immunization schedules summarize current vaccine recommendations for children, adolescents and adults, but do not set vaccine requirements for schools or workplaces. Key changes to the schedules, published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on Thursday, include the addition of Covid-19 primary vaccine series and recommendations on booster dose vaccination; updated guidance on influenza and pneumococcal vaccines; and new vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) and for hepatitis B. The schedule also recommends additional doses of MMR vaccine during a mumps outbreak and administering inactivated poliovirus vaccine in adults who are at an increased risk for exposure to the virus. The proposed changes were recommended by the CDC’s vaccine advisers, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices or ACIP, and signed off on by the CDC, which worked with physicians, nurses and pharmacists on the recommendation. The biggest change, the report’s authors told CNN, is incorporating Covid-19 vaccines into both schedules.

Special Guest Kimberly Overton

Ms. Overton spent over 25 years working in the healthcare industry, serving in both clinical and administrative roles. Her background is in critical care and telehealth nursing. As a dedicated registered nurse, she has been a strong advocate for autonomy and informed consent throughout her career. She found herself at a crossroads when the current medical system became tyrannical and trampled her rights as well as the rights of her patients. She has become a pioneer and a leader for the nursing community by organizing the Nurse Freedom Network (NFN) to assist nurses as well as other professionals to come out of the current system. Ms. Overton has spoken at such events as the Wellness Parenting Revolution Health & Freedom Summit, Defeat The Mandates, DC, and the Global Covid Summit with Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Pierre Kory, et.al.

As we continue to build on our mission at Nurse Freedom Network, we envision growth that will move beyond just advocacy alone; growth that will have our network of nurses and other healthcare professionals focused on wellness and prevention of disease, rather than just “managing” disease – Offense rather than defense. 

Our ultimate goal will be to provide true, patient-centered care, offering guidance that will help our clients reach an optimal level of immune health and overall wellbeing. This will be our best defense against Covid-19 or any other virus we can expect to see in the future.

The care provided will be individualized because there are no “one-size-fits-all” scenarios in healthcare.

We aim to offer both nurses and patients alike FREEDOM from the oppressive nature of our existing, broken healthcare system. Nurses will enjoy opportunities to serve their patients and communities while earning income from their privately owned concierge nursing practice, and everyone will benefit from limiting the influence of insurance & pharmaceutical companies – Patients will find freedom from the often devastating effects of polypharmacy and learn ways to improve their overall health & wellbeing.

At Nurse Freedom Network, we are also strong advocates for Early Outpatient Treatment in the fight against Covid-19, and we are working tirelessly to ensure that this option is one that will be easily accessible, affordable, and transparent to patients.

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert and Super Don, my niece’s 2 year old son was exposed to lead and mold what can she give for this and also herself. What dosage would you recommend. Thank you!


Hello Robert! I recently reached out to you for guidance on a close friend, who has been suffering from stomach issues, dizziness, and yellowing of the eyes. He was told yesterday that he has Cirrohosis Of the Liver. He has been on the NAD protocol for the last 6 months, and has upped his selenium. Unfortunatley, the cangest tea has been an irritant but hopefully he can work his way slowly back on to that. I recommended the silver/aloe protocol for healing of the intestines & to provide a better foundation in the gut for the herbs/minerals to be properly absorbed. In addition to your thoughts on adding homepathic drainage formulas, dandelion, hydrogen water, & Himalaya Liver care, milk thistle & other liver support herbs, would coffee enemas be appropriate in this situation?
He was given this information just yesterday & the abundance of fear that has been instilled in him by the Allopathic Drs is beyond disturbing, yet not surprising. He is only 38 years old, with 3 very young children. Any guidance you can offer to prevent and/or reverse damage/scar tissue formation on the liver would be appreciated. I realize in order for this to manifest to such a degree, some serious damage was done but I believe wholeheartedly, that anything can be reversed, given the proper healing approach. “Disease cannot be healed in the same environment, for which it was created.”
As always Robert, thank you so much for your insight. You’re healing guidance is a gift beyond measure to so many. Thank You!! God Bless

Hour 2

Special Guests Doug Hines and Ashley Gunderson     

I am Ashley Gunderson the 4th of 5 children of Doug and Linda Hines.  My Dad is a Covid-19 miracle. Growing up, my parents always put family first.  Dad and Mom supported me in many ways throughout my upbringing and I model my family in a similar fashion because of it.  We didn’t have a lot, for sure didn’t have cable television, but I no doubt felt loved and supported through the tough times and the good times, one of those being my athletic high school career.   I discovered a career in the medical field and have been in the field since 2005.  I was glad to have medical background knowledge when Dad was sick and entered Covid Isolation.  Being a part of our team: Dad Strong (Mom, siblings and myself) helped us to advocate for Dad when he was intubated and no longer able to communicate for his life.  This is a time when not only did I fight hard for my father, but I recognized a change in me.  When spiraling downward was the only direction I felt I was going and as we were losing our Dad, I found a new understanding of God.  I opened up to him and let him take this on and followed his guidance.  With this, praying every day and ‘keeping the Faith’ with team Dad Strong, we found the results to be a miracle.

I am Douglas Hines married to my lovely wife Linda and we are currently both 65 years old. I’ve been an Insurance Agent since age 21 and our local Town Clerk for 33 years. We live in the country on 40 acres of land. We are both in second marriage with 5 now adult kids, mine, hers and ours. In 2020 our lives were turned upside down with Covid like many others. Our kids all ended up working in some form of healthcare, I couldn’t have been so lucky. If not for their efforts, I wouldn’t be writing this book today about my 98 days in the hospital.

Special Guest – Michael Boldin

Thousands of kids are missing from school. Where did they go? She’d be a senior right now, preparing for graduation in a few months, probably leading her school’s modern dance troupe and taking art classes. Instead, Kailani Taylor-Cribb hasn’t taken a single class in what used to be her high school since the height of the coronavirus pandemic. She vanished from Cambridge, Massachusetts’ public school roll in 2021 and has been, from an administrative standpoint, unaccounted for since then. She is among hundreds of thousands of students around the country who disappeared from public schools during the pandemic and didn’t resume their studies elsewhere. An analysis by The Associated Press, Stanford University’s Big Local News project and Stanford education professor Thomas Dee found an estimated 230,000 students in 21 states whose absences could not be accounted for. These students didn’t move out of state, and they didn’t sign up for private school or home-school, according to publicly available data. In short, they’re missing. “Missing” students received crisis-level attention in 2020 after the pandemic closed schools nationwide. In the years since, they have become largely a budgeting problem. School leaders and some state officials worried aloud about the fiscal challenges their districts faced if these students didn’t come back. Each student represents money from the city, state and federal governments.

Colloidal silver a powerful remedy against superbugs, study finds Researchers at the University of Florida have discovered that silver nanoparticles, also known as colloidal silver, can serve as a powerful remedy against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, more commonly known as “superbugs.” Certain hard-to-fight infections die on contact with silver, the scientists revealed in their paper, which was published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology. The antimicrobial properties of silver nanoparticles, or microscopic spheres of silver small enough to operate at the cellular level, could aid in the fight against antibiotic-resistant infections, which kill more than a million people globally every single year. The purpose of the study was to test the efficacy of silver nanoparticles alongside a common class of broad-spectrum antibiotics known as aminoglycosides. Daniel Czy?, the study’s senior author, told the media that his team’s experiments show that the two things do, in fact, work synergistically. “When combined with a small amount of silver nanoparticles, the amount of antibiotic needed to inhibit the bacteria decreased 22-fold, which tells us that the nanoparticles make the drug much more potent,” Czy? explained. Taking aminoglycosides by themselves at prescribed doses is risky, carrying with it the potential for deadly side effects. Adding silver into the mix allows for lower doses of aminoglycosides to be taken with amplified effect, making for a safer remedy.

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