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Dec 17, 2019 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest Stephanie Locricchio

Stephanie Locricchio is a highly sought after Health and Lifestyle Coach, Mompreneur, Author, Speaker and Founder of the Wellness Warriors Revolution. She has empowered hundreds to design their life and regain their health so they can experience the benefits of time freedom, financial security and optimal health.

As a Mompreneur and Mentor Stephanie works closely with individuals who are looking to create income from home. She provides the systems and assists people with social media branding. Stephanie has assisted others to create a meaningful residual income in the health and wellness industry to improve their quality of life.

Through her work, Stephanie has built a team of Wellness Warriors on a mission to impact change and create a cleaner, healthier future proving that there is power in numbers. Together they are assisting others to step into their power to live prosperous, clean and balanced lives.

Massive Public Pushback Sinks New Jersey’s Attack Upon Religious Exemptions For Vaccines, Says ICAN’s Del Bigtree In a big victory for New Jersey citizens and medical and religious freedom, the State’s Senate failed in its attempts to pass a new bill that would have eliminated religious exemptions for vaccinations, according to non-profit Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN). Thousands of parents protested inside and outside the State Capitol for over ten hours on Monday, chanting “Kill the Bill,” “We Will Not Comply” “My Child, My Choice” and “Stay Strong, Lagana!” referring to NJ State Senator Joe Lagana. “This is a victory for the people of the state of New Jersey,” says Del Bigtree, founder of ICAN. “This bill was fast-tracked to steamroll its way to passage, but the good people of New Jersey rose up and reminded politicians who’s really in charge of their children.” Controversial bill S2173 would have put an end to a rule that allowed more than 14,000 state students to skip their vaccines because of their family’s religious beliefs. It was similar to recent bills passed in California and New York State. Earlier Monday, the New Jersey bill passed the State Assembly in a 45-24 vote with seven abstentions State Sen. Joseph Vitale (D-Middlesex), who sponsored the bill, said that he was one vote shy of passage, thus a Senate vote would not be held.

Senate cancels vote on controversial vaccination bill after hours of protests After more than eight hours of pounding drums, invocations of a holy power and unrelenting screams from outside the New Jersey state Senate chamber, lawmakers in the upper house on Monday declined to take up legislation that would eliminate the religious exemption for mandatory childhood vaccinations. “I’m disappointed, but it’s another roadblock,” Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, who’s also one of the bill’s sponsors, told reporters after the marathon session. “They have no science upon which to base their ideas and there is no religion that bans giving vaccinations.” While Weinberg and other lawmakers have introduced legislation designed to limit vaccination exemptions in the past, the most recent bill, NJ S2173 (18R), attracted considerable attention in the wake of a stream of measles outbreaks affecting New Jersey and New York, including hundreds of cases in New York City and Rockland County.

Comment of The Day!

Hi Robert and Don – love your program! Hey, I have written before. I have a severely vaccine injured son (now 40 years old) living with us since August of this year when we rescued him from a group home where he was neglected. When he came to us, he was having about 12 seizures per night. We began a strict semi-keto diet, supplements, clean water, and continued a variety of medical cannabis products. The cannabis was helping, but not completely.
About December 1st, we disabled the wi-fi, replaced with ethernet wires for all of the laptap locations in the house, replaced the cordless phones with corded phones; we do not use cell phones in the house, and we took out all the LED and mercury filled lightbulbs. We also turn off the router at night (as we have for years), the power to his hospital bed, and the television system as well. Our son has not had a single seizure since! NOT ONE!
We are considering having the power company take out the smart meter. Dr. Jay Davidson discussed this on his Mitochondrial Summit yesterday.
No seizures! We sleep all night long! Perhaps this information can help someone else.
Thanks so much for what you do for us!



Question of The Day!

Hello Dr. Bell and almost a doc Super Don,
The G.C.N. network has a commercial which talks about a product called Calotren (a protein power “I believe”) is this protein powder the same as other protein powders or is Calotren a different type of protein. somewhat confused by all this!!

Sincerely Bill

Major League Baseball Officially Removes Cannabis From List of Banned Substances For years, professional athletes have been subjected to drug tests that screen for cannabis. The practice has continued even as the substance has become legally available in many states while being scientifically and clinically proven to be safer than alcohol and opiates, both of which have been largely tolerated by most major sporting leagues. This week, the Major League Baseball organization in the U.S. announced their new drug testing policies and associated penalties. Until now, the MLB was one of the few major sporting leagues that did not test its players for recreational drugs. While they did have an official list of banned substances for many years, they only actually tested their players for performance-enhancing drugs. Players would sometimes get in trouble if they were caught in the act or arrested for off-field activities, but they were not forced to take random drug tests as players in other American sporting leagues are.

Hour 2

Vaccinate your children against flu or prepare for a ‘Christmas to forget’ An NHS official is urging parents to vaccinate their children against flu before the festive season really kicks in. Toddlers and primary-school students are eligible for a free flu jab on the health service, however, less than two thirds of two-to-three year olds have been immunised this year, The Telegraph reported. Children are generally less hygienic – and more affectionate – than adults, making them “super spreaders”. With Christmas a time to get together with family, an expert warns sickly youngsters could pass the infection on to their elderly grandparents. “We know children are ‘super spreaders’ of flu, particularly around the holiday season when they’re more likely to see elderly relatives,” Stephen Powis, medical director of NHS National, said. “So our message is simple: The flu season is here, get your jab now. “It might be the difference between a Christmas to remember and one to forget.” Flu is unpleasant with symptoms including fever, aching, exhaustion, headache and a dry cough, according to the NHS.

‘MOST BELOVED STAR’ Marie Fredriksson dead at 61 – Roxette star bravely battled radiation damage after gruelling cancer treatment POP icon Marie Fredriksson bravely battled radiation damage and 17 years of gruelling cancer treatment before her death aged 61. The singer – famed for her hit It Must Have Been Love with Swedish duo Roxette – died in hospital yesterday after finally succumbing to the illness. Marie had defied the odds after being diagnosed with a brain tumour when she collapsed while jogging with her husband in 2002. Doctors gave her only a 20 per cent chance of survival – but she fought back to health and went back on the stage to the delight of her millions of fans. The “aggressive treatment took its toll” and she was forced to quit for good in 2016, her manager said today. A statement confirming her death added: “It is with great sadness that we have to announce that one of our biggest and most beloved artists is gone.”

Historical data suggests Army suicides not directly linked to combat Suicide rates for U.S. soldiers on active duty rose in America’s “endless” wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, reversing historical trends that go as far back as the Civil War, a study published Friday found. The study in JAMA Network Open also suggested there is no clear link between combat operations and military suicide. Researchers from the University of Hawaii and the DOD analyzed military records as far back as the 1840s to develop what they say is the most extensive historical examinations of suicide among active-duty soldiers to date. “Rising suicide rates during wartime seems to be a new trend that only appears in America’s modern so-called ‘endless’ wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan,”Jeffrey Smith, the lead researcher on the study at the University of Hawaii, said. “Thus, history suggests that combat itself does not drive suicide rates up, but instead possibly serves to suppress suicide rates.”

Study links ‘ultra-processed’ foods to type 2 diabetes risk Some 60 percent of the calories Americans consume in their daily diets come from “ultra-processed” foods — like soft drinks, sugary or salty snacks and mass-produced packaged breads. A study published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, suggests that a person’s risk for type 2 diabetes increases with each morsel of these foods they eat. In essence, the researchers noted a 5 percent increase in type 2 diabetes risk for every 100 grams — or less than half a cup — of ultra-processed food consumed. This increased risk applies “even among people who have nutritionally healthy diets, or diets low in sugar, salt, energy and saturated fats,” study-co-author Bernard Srour, a post-doctoral candidate with the Nutritional Epidemiology Research Team at the University of Paris, told UPI. “A healthy diet nutritionally can also contain high amounts of ultra-processed foods, such as artificially sweetened beverages, vegetarian soy steaks, breakfast cereal bars with colorants and sweeteners or instant powdered soup.” The association between consumption of these foods and type 2 diabetes risk found in the study “was independent of body mass index or weight change, he added.

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