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What is healthcare? Health agency trust, Magnesium source, Chelation questions, Religious freedom, FDA Ivermectin denial, WHO 5G cancer, Fauci ego, House speaker deadlock, Damar Hamlin update and MORE!

January 6, 2023 3-5PM ET

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Time to Rethink the Core Question: What Is Health Care? By now we’ve all heard many stories of health policy makers, medical institutions, and even doctors seemingly act against the best health interests of the people and their patients. Doctors ignoring the real facts that Covid was never that dangerous for large swaths of the population, and equally ignoring that the vaccinations may cause serious harm. “Safe and effective,” they keep repeating.  Last month Alex Berenson provided details of yet another example of a 14-year-old girl named Yulia Hicks. Duke University surgeons took her off of the kidney transplant list because she is not vaccinated. We were horrified in hearing such examples a full year ago, but incredulously they continue. Most of us have personal stories of close friends and family acting in equally peculiar ways. In my case, a doctor very close to me advised my daughter to get vaccinated in the summer of 2021 without talking to me at all. He didn’t know anything about her medical history or circumstances that would have potentially made the vaccine dangerous for her. I challenged him, and he apologized, but he essentially shrugged off anything I said about the relative unnecessity for her to even take the vaccine, given that Covid was not dangerous for her. My facts didn’t seem to matter. He also shrugged off any potential long-term effects, even as I pointed out the obvious, that many such effects could not even be known at that time. These stories go on and on, and extend to opinions of friends and family outside of health care. “You just have to take it,” we are told. What is this disconnect? Why are there so many people who believe that it is ok to demand that a girl be vaccinated before she receives other life-saving treatment? Surely, they do not wish her harm. Why are potential risks of the vaccines just ignored by a large part of the medical community? How can they see significant numbers of cases of myocarditis in young men, and not pause for a moment to consider the impact that the vaccine might have on their lives and families?

Public health agencies try to restore trust as they fight misinformation By the summer of 2021, Phil Maytubby, deputy CEO of the health department here, was concerned to see the numbers of people getting vaccinated against covid-19 slipping after an initially robust response. With doubt, fear, and misinformation running rampant nationwide — both online and offline — he knew the agency needed to rethink its messaging strategy. So, the health department conducted something called an online “sentiment search,” which gauges how certain words are perceived on social media. The tool found that many people in Oklahoma City didn’t like the word “vaccinate” — a term featured prominently in the health department’s marketing campaign. “If you don’t know how your message is resonating with the public,” Maytubby said, “you’re shooting in the dark.” Across the country, health officials have been trying to combat misinformation and restore trust within their communities these past few years, a period when many people haven’t put full faith in their state and local health departments. Agencies are using Twitter, for example, to appeal to niche audiences, such as NFL fans in Kansas City and Star Wars enthusiasts in Alabama. They’re collaborating with influencers and celebrities such as Stephen Colbert and Akbar Gbajabiamila to extend their reach. Some of these efforts have paid off. By now, more than 80% of U.S. residents have received at least one shot of a covid vaccine.

Question of The Day!

Morning Dr Bell, Vera here, Tatiana’s mom, in SRQ.
I have a few questions for you, if I can even expect a free of charge answer, the first one is which magnesium is best to take, there are so many different ones. Also what are your thoughts on DMSO, MMS, MSM? Also what do you Think of CHELATION tablets, and if not using regular toothpaste, shampoos, conditioners m, laundry detergents, sold everywhere since they are all toxic, what does one use? If this is too many questions, I apologize.

ABC Argues Ingo Rademacher’s COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal Wasn’t Based on Religion ABC is asking an L.A. judge to toss Ingo Rademacher’s lawsuit over his firing from General Hospital for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, arguing that the actor’s beliefs aren’t religious in nature and he was likely going to be written off anyway. Rademacher was fired from the long-running soap in November 2021 after refusing to comply with the network’s vaccine mandate. The actor in December 2021 sued the network. His claims include religious and disability discrimination, invasion of privacy, and political retaliation, all of which ABC argues don’t survive legal scrutiny. In a motion for summary judgment filed Dec. 28, ABC’s lawyer Steven Marenberg says the vaccine policy was the result of “an extensive deliberative process at Disney,” which included a process for evaluating religious and medical exemptions on a case-by-case basis. Rademacher submitted a vaccine exemption request because of his “deeply and sincerely held moral belief that my body is endowed by my creator with natural processes to protect me and that its natural integrity cannot ethically be violated by the administration of artificially created copies of genetic material, foreign to nature and experimental.” The network says the actor stonewalled the employee relations department during the review process and refused to give details about his religious views, claiming the questioning was discriminatory and a violation of his civil rights.v

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Health Care Workers Cry Foul on FDA Claiming It Didn’t Prohibit Ivermectin for COVID-19 Dr. Yusuf Saleeby has practiced medicine for more than 30 years. He serves patients in South Carolina and until recently had never faced an investigation from his state medical board. But after Saleeby started prescribing ivermectin to his patients, he was reported to the board, which opened an investigation, despite the state’s attorney general’s promise that his office wouldn’t prosecute doctors who prescribed off-label medications. Jennifer Wright, a nurse practitioner and clinical director who practices in Florida, but can prescribe across state lines, told The Epoch Times she received a letter from the Office of the Attorney General of New York ordering her not to prescribe ivermectin. “You know, basically threatened me. If I don’t stop prescribing, then they’re going to fine me,” Wright said about the letter, which threatened legal action with fines of up to $5,000 per violation. The letter stated that the Food and Drug Administration only authorized ivermectin for use in humans when treating “parasitic worms and head lice and skin conditions like rosacea.” The citation in the letter appears to be from an FDA advisory issued in March 2021 titled “Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19.” That advisory and other anti-ivermectin messaging from the FDA are now the subject of a lawsuit brought by three doctors against the agency. The doctors argue that the FDA illegally interfered with their ability to treat patients. The suit was dismissed but an appeal has been filed by the plaintiffs. During a hearing in 2022, attorneys defending the government argued that the agency’s missives were just a recommendation.

WHO’s Cancer Research Agency to Assess 5G Health Risks — But Not Until 2025 The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) on Monday announced it will participate in a new project that includes assessing the health risks of exposure to 5G technologies. According to IARC, the project will “develop tools and instrumentation for reliable evaluation of exposure, conduct experimental studies (in vitro, animal, and human studies) on potential cancer risks, and develop effective health risk communication materials for stakeholders.” The project — Scientific-Based Exposure and Risk Assessment of Radiofrequency and Millimetre-Wave Systems (SEAWave) — aims to identify differences in exposure patterns between 5G and earlier mobile technologies, such as 2G-4G. Horizon Europe and SERI (Switzerland) are co-funding the project, which will culminate with a risk assessment of 5G, set to be released in 2025. Experts on the health risks of exposure to 5G technologies told The Defender that risk assessments should have been conducted years ago. “A risk assessment should have been performed before the 5G rollout — and not years after it started,” Mona Nilsson, managing director of the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, said. Instead, Nilsson said, “entire populations” have for several years been “effectively turned into 5G lab rats in a dangerous experiment.” Eileen O’Connor, co-founder and director of the EM Radiation Research Trust in the U.K. and board member of the International EMF Alliance, agreed.

Despite Demonstrable, Repetitive Mistakes, No One on Earth Thinks More Highly of Anthony Fauci Than Anthony Fauci It should come as no surprise that Dr. Anthony Fauci is profoundly proud of himself. He manages to steadfastly refuse to admit his mistakes despite mountains of evidence that we’ve come to learn. Namely, but not limited to data accumulating in stark contradiction his assertions that masks work or that COVID vaccines prevent infection. Fauci’s become almost a caricature of an egomaniacal, hypocritical, authoritative politician. Far from ever admitting guilt, he deflects onto others countless accusations of blunders, miscalculations, and inaccuracies that he himself is guilty of expressing. Instead of acknowledging that science is a concept, based on process and results, he hilariously claimed that he, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is the physical manifestation of “The Science.” He’s treated the concept of “truth” in much the same way, seemingly confident in the belief that he stands as a beacon of truth that others seek to emulate. He laughingly arrives at this lofty delusion despite a nearly unblemished track record of failure and dramatic reversals. This might be a good time to mention that those new boosters that he’s now promoting…? Evidently they don’t work nearly as well as he had led the public to believe. A recent New York Times profile though, has uncovered that the highest paid employee in the federal government is somehow even more egomaniacal than we previously believed. His self-obsession is embarrassingly obvious from the first paragraph. “The walls in Dr. Anthony S. Fauci’s home office are adorned with portraits of him, drawn and painted by some of his many fans.” Doesn’t everyone have a home office “adorned” with self portraits? He certainly does.

No speaker, no House: Vote continues into fourth day After three long days of voting, the House still needs a Friday session to elect its speaker. Republican leader Kevin McCarthy came up short in another five votes Thursday during yet another excruciating day of ballots. McCarthy lost a seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh round of voting Thursday, unable to sway a group of 20 or so holdouts, the majority of whom are part of the House Freedom Caucus to McCarthy’s right. House Republicans as an entire bloc will hold a conference call at 10:15 a.m. ET with McCarthy to discuss the possible deal and concessions that McCarthy has made with the group of 20 or so holdouts that have been blocking his path to speaker, NewsNation confirmed. The House will reconvene at noon ET on Friday for a fourth day of voting, which will continue into the weekend if a speaker isn’t elected. “This is Washington, we go through this from time to time. It’s unfortunate we’re doing it here, but we’re going to figure it out and elect a speaker. I fully anticipate we’re going to have a speaker by the time we finish our business on Thursday.” After voting for McCarthy in the first round of voting Tuesday, Donalds switched his selection and has gotten more than a dozen votes for speaker himself in several of the rounds. “What we’re doing is we’re having really good progress in conversation. I think everybody in the conversation wants to find a solution,” McCarthy told reporters.

Damar Hamlin’s breathing tube is out amid his ‘substantial improvement’ after in-game cardiac arrest, Buffalo Bills say Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s breathing tube was removed overnight and he “continues to progress remarkably in his recovery,” the team said Friday morning, four days after the 24-year-old’s in-game cardiac arrest. “His neurologic function remains intact and he has been able to talk to his family and care team,” it tweeted, citing physicians at the Cincinnati hospital where he’s being treated. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has made “substantial improvement” in a Cincinnati hospital following his in-game cardiac arrest on Monday, doctors announced Thursday, and is now awake and moving his hands and feet. The 24-year-old can communicate by shaking his head, nodding or writing brief notes but can’t yet speak because he’s on a ventilator, Dr. Timothy Pritts, part of his medical team, told reporters. Upon awakening, Pritts said, Hamlin’s mind was still on the game as he scribbled his first question on a clipboard: “Did we win?” “So, we know that it’s not only that the lights are on, we know that he’s home. And that it appears all cylinders are firing within his brain,” said Pritts, who is vice chair for clinical operations at University of Cincinnati Health where Hamlin is being treated.

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