Adderall Ritalin Readiness, Shocking Al-Queda Call Supporting U.S., Liam Scheff, E-Coli, Listeria, Grim-Reaper Cheeseheads, Fast Food Stamps and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show September 29, 2011

Why can’t we retire stories about Ritalin and Adderall? Number of U.S. Kids on ADHD Meds Keeps Rising The use of stimulant medications such as Ritalin or Adderall in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is continuing to climb, although at a slower pace than in decades past, a new study finds.

Risky prescription drug practices are on the rise in a grim economy Lack of money to pay for medical bills and medications is consistently the top financial concern for Americans, according to findings from an ongoing, monthly Consumer Reports Index survey.

Shocked by a news report that Al-Quaeda is criticizing Iranian President Achmadinijad for his statements that 9/11 was clearly more complex than the official story allows, RSB places a call to Al Quaeda’s US office – in New Jersey – and talks with their stateside representative about all things on the mind of the international terrorist organization. (Hint, buy land!)

Then Liam Scheff, the Conspiracy Realist, joins in to unravel the history of propaganda in the U.S., and the lack of historical thinking that is programmed into us in our schools. From Goebbels to Eddie Bernays, it’s been a Century plus of advertising disguised as ‘fact.’ On today’s show, we burst the ‘Mad Men’ illusion and point to the realities beneath the song and dance.

Al Quaeda Story:

Edward Bernays:

Room For Debate: Expand the Use of Food Stamps? Should restrictions on using the benefits at fast food restaurants be loosened?

“MY EBT” by @MREBT – Rapper wants food stamps for potato chips, twinkies and pretzels? Nope. That’s not enough. He wants to use his EBT card for fast food at the drive-thru as well…

E-Coli Scare Prompts Tyson To Recall Ground Beef Federal agriculture officials say Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. is recalling about 131,300 pounds of ground beef that might be contaminated with E. coli. It seems we are getting at least one of these a month now….what gives?

The Riskiest FDA-Regulated Foods Widespread recalls and horror stories about salmonella and E. coli outbreaks have become common fodder for news stories in the U.S. in recent years

  • Leafy Greens: 363 outbreaks (13,568 reported cases of illness)
  • Eggs: 352 outbreaks (11,163 reported cases of illness)
  • Tuna: 268 outbreaks (2341 reported cases of illness)
  • Oysters: 132 outbreaks (3409 reported cases of illness)
  • Potatoes: 108 outbreaks (3659 reported cases of illness)
  • Cheese: 83 outbreaks (2761 reported cases of illness)
  • Ice Cream: 74 outbreaks (2594 reported cases of illness)
  • Tomatoes: 31 outbreaks (3292 reported cases of illness)
  • Sprouts: 31 outbreaks (2022 reported cases of illness)
  • Berries: 25 outbreaks (3397 reported cases of illness)

Death Toll Rises to 13 in Listeria Outbreak, the Deadliest in a Decade Health officials say as many as 16 people have died from possible listeria illnesses traced to Colorado cantaloupes, the deadliest food outbreak in more than a decade.

Grim reaper sporting cheesehead causes controversy Many people don’t realize cheeseheads are a copyrighted item. The creator is offended that a physician’s group is using his product to say that cheese is bad for you. The group, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, is behind the billboard and said cheese is dangerous because it has more saturated fat than any other food.

Green Bay Packers’ security personnel to use hand-held wands in effort to ratchet up safety measures at Lambeau Field – Cheeseheads who do not protest or boycott these Fourth Amendment violations are beyond moldy and unfit to be eaten.

Maybe its time for some Food Security? Be Prepared, Not Scared!

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