Autism One, Hyperbaric Oxygen, MMS, Kerri Rivera Autism-O2, Raw Milk Mom Melinda Olson, Minnesota Department of Ag Attacks, Liam Scheff Whole Pharma Red Ribbon Washing, Fukushima Radiation, Mandatory Vaccinations, Banning Bake Sales and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 8, 2012

Did you know that mandatory vaccinations increase vaccination rates? Will you comply? Just as our Founding Fathers warned us, government is force, a dangerous servant and a deadly master. How much more can you take? Most of us merely want to be left alone, but what happens when the state threatens your life, liberty or property for merely exerting your rights to feed your family and remain free from medical assault? Well, at least Massachusetts is doing something for the benefit of mankind. What, you may ask? They’ve banned school bake sales to put a dent in childhood obesity! Do you see how government can be a “force” for good? Enough already! Kids are not fat because of bake sales. RSB and friends will get to the bottom of this while revealing ways to make your mice slimmer and sexier, too. Yes, your mice…

The Autism One Conference is coming up in Chicago May 23-27, 2012 and RSB will be there! Kerri Rivera, parent of a child within the autism spectrum, calls in from Mexico to discuss the strategies, substances and technique she has utilized to help her son and many other children since then. Discussion will include diet, hyperbaric oxygen, MMS, parasites and more! Do you need to travel to Mexico to get help or can you aid recovery in the comfort of your own home? Kerri empowers parents the world over to bring the healing back to wherever you are! and and Would you like to contact Kerri directly? Come see her at Autism One or email here At the conference, besides all the great speakers, you can take solace in the comradery with parents on a similar path to your own. There’s even a Mom’s Night Out and a Dad’s Night Out!

Here we go again? Departments of Agriculture are vying with FDA to see who is the most evil invasive government agency in the (admiralty) land! Can you be criminalized for your home being a pick up point for friends and neighbors who wish to have access to farm fresh raw foods? In Minnesota, the answer appears to be “yes.” More food and farm tyranny is here! “Mothers Threatened with Criminal Charges Openly Defy MDA while Farmer Charged Criminally for Providing Fresh Food to Mothers.” Melinda Olson, received this theat from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and rather than cower in fear, has decided to stand against the bureaucratic oligarchy in the land of 10,000 lakes. She joins the RSB Show to share this breaking story! If we do not stand together, how long will it be before armed thugs break down your door to claim that your homegrown vegetables and backyard goat milk and chicken eggs need to be inspected? Special thanks to Liz Reitzeg and the Raw Milk Freedom Riders for the heads-up on this story! and See the letter from MDA here: Call to action? Are you upset enough to call the Compliance Officer, Dairy and Food Inspection Division of the MDA? James Roettger is the signatory to the letter to Melinda Olson and can be reached at 651-201-6027. Here’s the YouTube of the interview:

Are we being radiated to death by junk science? From Pink Ribbons to Red Ribbons, Liam Scheff, superhero NYC survivor, chimes in with his anxiety about being all Fuk’d up. Fukushima Daichi is on our minds, and should be on yours too. Liam will also share a recent experience with a corporate, brain-dead corporation previously known as Whole Foods, but now as Whole Pharma. He’ll tell you why… Daiichi

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Departments of Agriculture are the new Nazi thugs. Minnesota goes after a mom for holding raw milk and cheese delivered in a refrigerated truck directly from the farm. Her crime? Allowing friends and family members to pick up their share. Incredible.

Boston Bake Sales are no more thanks to Massachusetts nanny state bans on them. Why? Obesity.

Is there an end to obesity? Lets check in on the 20 year forecast…

Yogurt makes mice slimmer and sexier.

This could be a Moment of Duh: Mandating vaccines makes vaccine rates go up. Really?

Vaccines: Armed and Dangerous – All the Things They Don’t Want You to Hear! Co-created by Jon Rappoport and RSB – Save $20 right now!

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    While there might have been some lingering uncertainty a few years ago, there can be zero doubts now that America is being poisoned, robbed and dismembered, liberty by liberty, piece by piece.

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