Charlie Rangel’s Tea Party Crackers, pimple war, kid’s HBP, obesity prevent, Paul Barattiero, water healing power, outrageous beauty & more!

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Hour 1 Charlie Rangel’s Tea Party Crackers, terror threats, war on pimples, kid’s HBP, obesity prevention & more!

How can we taker charges of Tea Party racism seriously when the people making the accusations are so criminally corrupt that they don’t even know the definition? Congressman Rangel even called Republicans terrorists. Does he even know the definition of that? Where is his outrage of the U.S. armed forces being used as an unconstitutional force for global corporations with no allegiance to any nation or state? The government says there are new terroristic threats both abroad and domestic – did they ever consider that having bases around the world, much less engaging in military actions without a declaration of war, might stimulate population to violence? Does the U.S. corporate government believe it operates in a vacuum? Where is the law of cause and effect?

What else in the news?

Hour 2Milk after sugary cereals, Paul Barattiero, the healing power of water, 5 outrageous beauty treatments & more!

Beyond hydration, water plays a vital role as a matrix of communication and life-flow. While it may be referred to as Di-hydrogen Monoxide (H2O), there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to water quality and benefit. When asked about the water that is most ideal, RSB often refers to water that bubbles naturally out of the ground from a fresh spring aquifer. But how many have access to such water? How many of the sources remain unpolluted? How many of us even understand that beyond the pollutants we can filter out, there are discordant energies that can disrupt cellular function? The good news is that we can mimic nature in restoration of water integrity! We’ll do just that with Paul Barattiero  (1-800-337-7017) today on the air! What does RSB drink? Visit Robert’s Water to find out!

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