Christian Wilde, Hidden Causes of Heart Attack, Stroke, Antibiotics, Cranberry, UTI, Top 10 Drugs off-patent, Stem Cells and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show July 27, 2011

Christian Wilde, author of “Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke” joins me to discuss his book, one of the first to identify and explain inflammation’s role in heart attack and stroke to the general public. John Rumberger, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic, Ohio State University and currently the Director of Imaging at Princeton said: “Until this book there has not been a reliable resource for the patient as the subject is vast and complicated.” A director at Loma Linda University Gregory Gouldner wrote, “What Christian Wilde suggests today is destined to become standard medical practice in the next decade.” His book took five to research and write with a foreword by Karol Watson, MD, PhD, Director of Preventive Cardiology UCLA. We’ll cover stem cell therapy controversies, turmeric, cholesterol mythology and more! Call 1-866-STEM-123 for more information or visit:

Antibiotics beat cranberries at fighting urinary tract infections – USA Today Although it is mentioned briefly in this article that antibiotic resistance can be an issue, the article basically slams on cranberry as a natural alternative. What else would you recommend?

Does the study pushing dangerous antibiotics over natural remedies for UTI have any merit? Here are some homeopathic remedies for your consideration: Bryonia, Cantharis, Mercurius cyanatus, Berberis, Dulcamara, Equisetum, Pareira brava, Nux vomica and Pulsatilla.

“10 Top-Selling Drugs Coming Off Patent” What is Big Pharma is sweating about and what is fueling their desperate attempts to squash all natural medicine while they target the therapy naïve? Look at these blockbuster drugs coming off patent:
1.     Plavix – blood thinner

2.     Lipitor – statin/cholesterol lowering

3.     Seroquel – psychiatric

4.     Actos – diabetes

5.     Enbrel – Rheumatoid-arthritis

6.     Singulair – asthma

7.     Levaquin – antibiotic

8.     Zyprexa – psychiatric

9.     Concerta – psychiatric/ADHD

10. Protonix – GERD

RSB does some rapid-fire radio with natural suggestions for your consideration in each drug class listed.

“Men use ‘sniff test’ to tell clothes’ cleanliness.” What’s that smell? There’s got to be a better way.
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