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Friday, March 11th,  2016 on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9 PM EST

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show: Where in the world is RSB? At the IAOMT Spring Conference 2016, March 11-12, 2016, Orlando, Florida (Oral Metal Toxicology).

seaworld hotelHappy Friday folks!  RSB is recording on location today, from the beautiful Renissance Hotel at Sea World, (check out the IAOMT link above.)  We think Shamu and the gang down there may have been splashing our frequencies, but despite some technical difficulties, and gators in the Bayou, Super Don and Captain Morgen sailed in to the rescue, with a few stories from today’s health-related headlines.

honest companyJessica Alba’s ‘Honest Company’ found to be peddling the same toxic laundry detergent chemical used in Tide.  Unfortunately, it turns out they failed to test their own products!  We don’t want the over-regulation of government, but we DO need to be able to trust that if a company says they are using or not using something, that THEY are taking the ownership to use 3rd party testing on their ingredients to back it up.  We love Alba, and think she’s really done something excellent with her company over-all, but this is an unfortunate fail and the public is rightfully upset.

Another rough situation, the first woman in the U.S. to under-go a uterus transplant lost the organ due to complication.  RSB explains how cellular memory effects transplant surgeries.  Remembering that there is so much going on in our bodies at an given time, should encourage us to keep learning and listening and seeking to understand them better.  While some transplant surgeries are made to seem “common”, that does not mean they should be taken lightly.

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Do you have any old patterns of thought, belief and action that you would like to change? The Doc of Detox is ready to reveal how it’s done! Try tapping into beautiful memories from your past. What feelings do they evoke? Where is that childlike perspective you may have had years ago? RSB will reveal some childhood recollections of from a place of innocence and how they meet the adult consciousness that often pushes the simple joys away. Have you ever seen adults throw tantrums? It takes a lot of work to be an adult. How much work does it take to be a kid? Part of the secret to finding joy is finding the many things for which to be grateful. Each DetoxiFriday session is like a therapeutic appointment for positive change. Can you turn on a dime? Part of the resistance to becoming more childlike in worldview is that you have to turn your back on perhaps 95% of the adult herd. The love more than makes up for that, however. Fill your heart with love. Fall in love again with life all over again! Suffering is a belief system trap that you may not even be aware that you are trapped in. Many religious institutions impose the belief that you are not worthy, even though you are by virtue of your creation. Darrell will discuss how to get out of subconscious court and become everything you are supposed to be. We’ll also discuss water quality issues, particularly in Canada, in light of a continued medical push to get provinces back on board the fluoride freight train, despite neurotoxicity. We’ll clean that up as well! There is tremendous water technology available to you here. Remember to sign up for Doc Talk Tuesdays and Empower Hour Wednesdays with the Doc of Detox by emailing empowerhour@docofdetox.com or by calling 1-855-900-4544. And get ready to visit with Dr. Wolfe, Ty Bollinger and RSB at Total Health 2016 in Toronto, Canada April 8-10


 Hour 2 on RSB ~ 

bell_001Are you stoked about the California Jam 2016 in Costa Mesa, California yet? It’s coming up next week March 18-20 with Billy D, TMB, RSB and more! We are going to preview another dynamic guest speaker coming all the way from Australia, Dr. Simon Floreani. In the land down under, chiropractic is the 2ndmost utilized health care profession. Dr. Floreani has a particular interest in the Thymus Gland. Did you know that that little gland is the same size as your heart when you are born? Could it have uses beyond the human immune system? From above, Ayers Rock looks a lot like the thymus gland and it has stoked Simon’s interest for many years. Could it be an under-utilized and atrophied organ for communication in ways far beyond verbal?

The Aboriginal tribes have long used telepathy as a mainstay of their communication network long before there was something called and internet. Could it be the ley to your inner-net? We’ll revisit some of RSB’s memories of the walkabout book Mutant Message From Down Under as well. You can visit Simon and his wife Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani at WellAdjusted.co and get their book Well Adjusted Babies, all about raising healthy children in a drug and vaccine-free environment. Then come and rock with us next week at the Cal Jam!

venus-flytrap-mark-freethWe have a special return Hometown Healer today who last year related her remarkable story of overcoming serious MS with the use of Carnivora, a botanical extract from the Venus flytrap plant. Originally diagnosed in 2010, Marilyn Wells relates her journey back to health to inspire others to do the same or better. Most doctors are trained to treat MS with chemotherapy and other immunosuppressive drugs, none of which serves as an actual cure. She’s been in doctor-validated full remission for over three years now, thanks to her Carnivora regimen. MRI analysis scans show no lesions anywhere! She will describe how she regained her senses, including hunger, smell and taste. Stress is often the trigger for a downward spiral into any and all diseases, including those of the nervous system. Can you imagine if you were never able to taste the sweetness of honey? Marilyn now can! Learn more about Carnivora by clicking here or call 1-866-836-8735The power to heal really is yours!

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