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It is time for Healing Revolution Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show: Can anything overwhelm the wave of apparent negativity descending over planet earth? Consciousness. No standing army can stop an idea whose time has come. But what about ionizing radiation? Until alien technology is beamed down from the Starship Energizer, or channeled through another Tesla genius, we’re going to have to work our little tushies off regenerating health faster than Fukushima’s invisible forces work to diminish it. While Divine intervention is always welcome, consciousness makes the healing possible without having to wait in line at the spiritual DMV. Unlike waiting for a deus ex machina, consciousness is not something that happens to you, it is something that you facilitate through effort, energy and attention. Some call it prayer. Some call it meditation or contemplation. Whatever you call it, it is simply taking time away from the cacophony of mass distraction to reconnect with the Divine. How do you do it? RSB may share what he does and it involves one of the greatest gifts we are each given by that which created us all: imagination. Call 1-866-939-2355 from 3-5PM EDT with your questions and comments.

Dr. Frank King

Are you traveling this holiday weekend? Crossing through multiple time zones? The pharmaceutical drug research is excited to announce a major breakthrough! They have found the gene responsible for jet lag! No drug needed, as homeopathy deals with the energy centers of the body in ways that bring you no harm, unlike the drugs they want to develop based on ignoring epigenetics. Have your children been injured by vaccines or antibiotics? Abnormally slow growth could be a sign of mal-absorption or corruption of tissue integrity anywhere in the body. Can we stimulate growth with energy? How about the fat in camel’s milk? Dr. King discusses what his research is uncovering about the role of different mammal’s milk has on growth and healing in humans, from the Watusi to the camel, whether it’s autism, cancer or liver disease. Remember to detoxify, because unless you know what humans and animals are eating, your milk may be contaminated with flame-retardants, heavy metals and pesticides. Heal your gut. It’s time for The Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King! Call 1-800-543-3245 if you would like more information. http://kingbio.com/drking.html and Family Wellness Kit: http://www.kingbio.com/store/product.php?productid=16388 9-1-1 Stress Control: http://kingbio.com/store/product.php?productid=16328 Children’s Growth & Development: http://www.kingbio.com/store/product.php?productid=16165 Mind/Body Appraisal: http://safecarerx.com/content/apps/safeCareRx/docs/pha-form.pdf Stock up now on another super food, Carolina Bison http://carolinabison.com/ and DK Natural Meats http://dknaturalmeats.com/

Dr. Rashid Buttar

It’s time for a special edition of Advanced Medicine Monday on Friday! Dr. Rashid Buttar lost his voice at a Canadian Brain Solutions medical conference last week, but it’s returned in time for the weekend! What is the back-story? Did he challenge doctors and dentists with the scientific reality that mercury is behind many neurological disorders including autism? How is it possible to regenerate neural tissue? Where attention goes, energy flows. How does that relate to field morphology? We’ll discuss how heavy metals and nutritional deficiencies disrupt the body’s energy field and physiological functions. Stand up and breathe correctly! Also, what can be done to promote growth in a 3-year-old with antibiotic damage? Did you know about the FDA destroying supplement companies by claiming that their products are unapproved new drugs? Is there life after Trans-D Tropin? Click here to read a special message. How can you get an Advanced Medicine Seminar in your city? Just get 49 of your friends together and contact info@drbuttar.com to learn the details. What kind of milk should you drink if you drink milk? More information will be pouring into this new A2A2 web site. Remember to pick up the international best seller “9 Steps To Keep the Doctor Away!” http://www.the9steps.com/ (if you buy the book, you can get a DVD for an incredible discount!) Facts on Toxicity. Call Dr. Buttar’s clinic if you would like to learn more (704) 895-WELL (9355). Archives can be found at www.MedicalRewind.com/. For any health care providers who wish to set up their own private association, contact info@drbuttar.com and let him know of your interest. Because you are a listener to The RSB Show, your price to do so is greatly reduced! Remember, The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away http://www.the9steps.com/1358 (if you buy the book, you can get a DVD for free!) and Facts on Toxicity http://www.factsontoxicity.com/1358

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