Fosomax Fractures, Pregnant Flu Shots, Poison Ivy Remedies, Gout Be Gone, Stephen Heuer Whey Protein, Colostrum for Autism, Stephen Rogers Shentrition, Liam Scheff, Asbestos NYC Detox and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show May 23, 2012

Onward to Autism One after the show today, but we’ve got some broadcast healing to do before then!

  • More news on osteoporosis drugs causing…brittle, weak bones that easily fracture.
  • Natural Poison ivy remedies
  • Natural solutions for gout
  • Flu shots in pregnancy
  • Breast milk with toxins
  • Colostrum for Autism
  • FDA approves new drug for what?
Stephen Rogers

How many paths to healing are there? First up, Stephen D. Rogers, from Shentrition, returns to discuss the road to recovery for twins diagnosed with autism. What can we do to undo the toxicological assault? How do we overcome nutrient absorption difficulties? We’ll talk seaweed, micronutrients and adaptogens and how to stimulate the life force back in the body of a child damaged by vaccination. Since energy is associated with consciousness, this promises to be an expansive and fascinating journey in restoring it. This is much preferable to the limitations of merely treating disease. Stephen developed ShenTrition, a unique herbal-superfood formula with 39 ingredients that are a combination of whole foods, greens, seaweeds, adaptogenic herbs, and energy tonics. Its primary focus is to enhance the life force or bio-energy of the body-mind system. Life force is the key to integrating our spiritual nature with the body and may be helpful in cases where that life force has been blocked or redirected. and and or you can call 1-866-497-7436 for more information.

Liam Scheff does a drive-by to talk asbestos detox, talk NYC pollution, and read a few rave reviews of his new book – out on Monday – “Official Stories.” Liam was worried that New Yorkers might not like him because he spoke frankly of the pollutions there. We’ll review a letter from a listener and see if his concern were founded or not. What can he do for his lungs in case he was exposed to asbestos in the city?

Stephen Heuer

Stephen Heuer, from One World Whey, is back to discuss the role of undenatured whey protein for promoting intestinal and liver recovery in children with autism. What might we need to consider?

  • Intestinal tract restoration
  • Heavy metal detox
  • Glutathione production
  • Building muscle
  • NAC

Stephen will also reveal why many claims of cold processing whey may be misleading because they are processing previously pasteurized and thus, denatured, milk.

Rus tox for Poison Ivy or Gout

Listener email: “Hello, Do you have any suggestions what I can take for acute gout pain?  I am the one that has had a kidney transplant, so I have to be very careful what I take as not to affect my kidney.  I need some help and I did not know who to turn to. If I went to the doctor he would give me a shot and give me a prescription for something that has more side effects than carter has liver pills, so any information you could provide or suggest something I can take to control the uric acid would be helpful.  Please advise.” – Daniel Clark

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Other stories we might cover on The RSB Show today:

Could colostrum be a critical part of recovery for children diagnosed with autism?

Toxins in breast milk – for where do the come?

Maybe from flu shots given during pregnancy?

More evidence that osteoporosis drugs are prescribed by stupid doctors to naïve, trusting patients…

Natural remedies for poison ivy! Rhus toxicodendron and more…

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What are people saying about Liam Scheff’s Official Stories? You can’t put it down!

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