Freshman Friday – detox! Skip the oils, CDC on Mercury, QOTD – Thyroids in California! Dr. Frank King, total body detox!

February 3, 2017  7-9pm

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show: Detox and Love as only the good Doc RSB can bring!

14650083_10157557232915167_2485934818122085955_n (2)Freshman Friday, with Captain Morgen: the token millennial and female energy on the show peppers Robert with questions as usual. What’s not usual is the conversation – from politics, to man vs woman, to hot yoga….

In the spirit of Detox-Month, Captain dives into this idea of sweating for your health. How much sweating is enough to get toxins out?  Can you sweat too much in a work-out? What is the benefit of saunas?

Veggie oils can lead to fatigue, migraines, and dementia!   Avoid canola, palm, corn, soy, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, rice bran and grapeseed oils, but not olive, coconut, avocado or peanut oils — Shanahan says, you have to understand why we began eating vegetable oils in the first place. “In the 1950s, we were told we couldn’t have saturated fats,” she says. “We stopped eating butter and natural fats, but still craved fatty foods, so we turned to vegetable oil[s]. And then restaurants started using them because they’re dirt cheap.”

While unsaturated vegetable oils seemed healthy at first, recent research has shown that the processed oils may be more destructive than the fats they replaced. One re-evaluation of a heart study from the 1970s, published in April in the British Medical Journal, questioned the original finding that consuming vegetable oils instead of saturated fats can lower the risk of heart disease and death. In fact, it found that consuming too much vegetable oil may actually increase the risk of heart disease.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, have published another article at Eco Watch wherein they discuss two CDC scientists’ revelations about mercury.

Among the findings of the CDC’s new study:

Methylmercury, the highly-regulated neurotoxin found in fish, and ethylmercury (found in medical products, including influenza and tetanus vaccines, ear drops and nasal sprays) are similarly toxic to humans. Methylmercury and ethylmercury share common chemical properties, and both significantly disrupt central nervous system development and function.

Since the Flexner Report over a century ago, politics and business has solely directed the progression of establishment health while true healing has taken a backseat. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 added a new layer to the medical-industrial money game. A result of the 1986 act was to give vaccine manufacturers legal protection from the harm caused by their products. It was at that moment two distinct directions emerged that would determine the future of medicine and further entrench an already failed healing paradigm.

product-roses-pint-glass.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smartThe lovely roses in the picture above are made with beef jerky, the brainchild of a company called Say It With Beef. But what is it you’re hoping to say, and to whom? I think that depends on the situation. This “broquet” as its creators are calling it, can say many things. It can say to your Valentine, “Flowers die quickly but beef jerky lasts for a really, really long time.” It can say, “You’re a dude and I had no idea what to buy you. Have some beef.” Or perhaps they’re just a way to congratulate a guy on a new job, bachelor pad or car.

Hour 2 ~ 

Freshman Friday continues!  

Hi Robert! I love your millennial Friday’s because I have one and I think they’re great young people in general. They question a lot of things because they’ve been drugged, lied to, etc. and I always encourage my daughter to think and question, as you advocate.

My question for you is: we live in California and can’t get away in the near future, life is just not that easy. However, my husband just recently got on thyroid medication (Synthroid), my daughter is borderline, and in a blood test from Life Extension last week my TSH went up to 3.560, which LEF flagged. I’ve never had a TSH issue before. I’m thinking it’s probably the effect of Fukishima. Please can you tell us what we can do to help our thyroids?

Thank you. As always, you’re the best!

PS: You have a lot of west coast listeners and this may help them too.

Sondra Bjorkman

There are several ways to treat and heal your thyroid, if you are taking iodine, make sure to pair it with selenium – they work together! Homeopathic Iodum and Thyroidinum will also help and try Lugol’s Iodine or Nascent Iodine.

Dr Frank King BookPresident Donald J. Trump doesn’t want to take a scalpel to the Environmental Protection Agency; he wants to take an axe to it. As reported by The Associated Press, the former chief of Trump’s transition team at the EPA said he has little doubt that the president will seek large budget and staff cuts at a federal bureaucracy that was transformed by the preceding administration into the federal government’s primary global warming shill.

Special Guest: Dr. Frank King!

Author and creator of “King Bio” homeopathy joins us to share more about the total body detox!


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