Liam Scheff & Joni Cox Guest Host an Insensitive, Hysterical Historical Christmas – Listen At Your Own Risk! Love & Laughter Presents 4U

The Robert Scott Bell Show December 25, 2012 (Listener Advisory! You may be offended by today’s broadcast! Don’t cry, you were warned!) In case you missed it, you can listen here on demand.

Even when RSB takes the day off, the show must go on! Get ready for an irreverent Special Christmas Edition of the Robert Scott Bell Show with guest co-hosts Joni Cox and Liam Scheff! Warning! This holiday broadcast is not for the easily-offended or those overly attached to pagan rituals parading as Christian spirituality. It might be  time to put on your insensitivity holiday hats…

Hour 1 – Joni Abbott Cox (from Homegrown Health) and Liam Scheff are filling in for RSB! HO HO HO! Who might be sorry! Why? Because J&L do not love Christmas! NO! NO! NO! This is the “Bah, Humbug!” show – yes, we’re going to discuss ALL the things they ha- ha- hate about this chunky holiday. Warning: Be prepared to be offended or amused – we’re going to talk about the religious and political history of this holiday – parental guidance suggested (as Liam will probably be a bit snarky!)

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Hour 2 – Joni and Liam will try to redeem themselves by talking about all of the things they would love to see on this holiday. Bringing the love in hour two.

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