Liam Scheff, the Electric Universe, Morphological Energy Fields, Rheumatoid-Arthritis Reversal, Cardio-protection and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show July 26, 2011

The Electromagnetic Universe

What is the answer to the life, the universe and everything? Liam Scheff returns with a new treatise on “How Life Came to Be.” Don’t worry, it’s only a rough draft, but it was stimulated by the visual electric revelations in the development of a tadpole face into a frog face. Really. Quackbuster skeptics are running for the hills as scientists at Tufts University now confirm that energy that shapes matter. What does this mean for Darwinism? Bye-bye Darwin’s Theory if Evolution. This promises to be a scientifically revolutionary hour! and

Would you like to see how the face of a frog develops electrically?

What is the theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance? Rupert Sheldrake explains: /homepage.html

What is the Electric Universe? Wal Thornhill explains:

Care to explore the electric universe? David Talbott elaborates:

Great news! Doing this can reduce your risk of stroke big time! RSB better be positively optimistic when covering this story!

Did the FDA do something right for a change? They denied J&J’s Simponi for Rheumatoid-arthritis. RSB plans to let the pharmaceutical minions have it for their barbaric immune-suppressing treatments of people with RA. He’ll also reveal a better way to go…

Are almonds a great source of cardio-protective nutrition? Registered dieticians think so – but for the wrong reason. RSB explains…

Here’s a great resource for anyone who still believes that cholesterol causes cardiovascular disease:

What is the simplest way to reduce the potential for lung cancer? Did you say gardening?

A Texas doctor wrote a prescription for something other than a drug? Wait until you hear what it was…

The pushback against the FDA is growing! Thanks to the Tenth Amendment Center, nullification awareness is growing among the several states!

RSB is a featured speaker at the next “Nullify Now!” event in Kansas City August 20, 2011!

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