Mike Adams, Debt Ceiling Discussion, Ron Paul Endorsement, Drugging Seniors, Falling Down, Getting Up, Obama’s Happy Meal, Uh-Oh Avandia is Back on The Robert Scott Bell Show July 28, 2011

Debt Ceiling Compromise?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger returns to discuss the debt ceiling fiasco: It’s not about compromise; it’s about principle. Stand by for a candid and spirited discussion of economic and yes, even political healing as it relates to the congressional conspiracy of economic idiocy. Obama and the Executive branch will not escape scrutiny either. Do we live in a republic, democracy or dictatorship? Also, why do Mike and RSB openly support Dr. Ron Paul in his effort to become president? More insight will be revealed! Could it have something to do with NOT compromising principles? Tune in to find out! http://www.naturalnews.com/033149_debt_ceiling_compromise.html#ixzz1TMuKZ88y

Drugs Help Keep Seniors from Emergency Care, Study Finds Those pesky seniors are a pain in the butt to deal with, right? As long as we can keep them on those drugs and keep MANAGING their diseases we won’t have to deal with them in the E.R.  Is this evidence of compassion and good medicine or abandonment of human decency? RSB explains why the Prescription Drug Benefit save no money and is evidence of all that is wrong with the medical monopoly. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/2011/07/drugs-keep-seniors-out-of-emergency-room-study-finds.html


I've fallen and I can't get up!

Certain Antidepressants Linked to Falls in Nursing Homes (HealthDay) I’ve fallen and I can’t get up? Give powerful non-SSRI depression meds to elderly people and the fall down. What do you expect? Poison the most feeble and weak in society and obviously they will not be able to handle the inevitable drug toxicity. Falling down is the least of our concerns as the U.S. economy has fallen and it can’t get up – even on anti-depression drugs. http://old.news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/20110726/hl_hsn/certainantidepressantslinkedtofallsinnursinghomes


Conflict-of-Interest Rules May Be Relaxed in 2012, Hamburg Says – Bloomberg The Hambergler says don’t worry about those conflicts of interest. The argument? If we don’t let scientists who are paid by Big Pharma offer opinions, then we will not have the best scientists involved in the process. Conflicts-of-interest in modern medicine results in the deaths of millions. Maybe if we disband the FDA, Americans will start to think for themselves reading the medicines they put in their body…



First Lady Praises Happy Meal Makeover YAY! McDonalds will now serve apple slices along with the cheeseburger and fries and soda. Will this make a difference or is this just a smart PR move by McDonalds? What part of parental responsibility do we not understand?


Single-Dose H1N1 Vaccine Not Reliable Protection For Pediatric Liver Transplant Patients Just what a kid needs after a liver transplant – extra swine flu vaccine. I know that’s not PC, but the pigs and the pig farmers will get over it… http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/231761.php


Long term universal flu shot on the horizon? Poppycock! The experts do not even acknowledge how the immune system works, much less why it is susceptible to “flu” outbreaks. RSB explains… http://yourlife.usatoday.com/health/medical/coldflu/story/2011/07/Long-term-universal-flu-shot-on-horizon/49671698/1


Avandia May Help Prevent Neuropathic Pain Remember Avandia? Lawsuits. Evidence that it had no benefit and increased cardiac risks? A controversial decision by the FDA to keep it on the market gets worse as Avandia apologists are now repackaging it for patent-protection in the treatment of nerve pain. RSB may just have to reveal safe, natural options for nerve pain reduction and actual healing… http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/231697.php


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