Pesticides Are Linked To Attention Problems

Study Links Pesticides to Attention Problems “Organophosphates are designed to attack the nervous systems of bugs by affecting message-carrying chemicals called neurotransmitters including acetylcholine, which is important to human brain development.”

RSB comments: We kill the bugs, we kill ourselves. Why are there more microbes in our gut than there are mammalian cells? Just so we could have fun killing them? The concept of conquering nature is rooted in delusions of grandeur and is the height of both arrogance and ignorance. Humans like to make-believe that they are above the Law of Cause and Effect, particularly those who pretend to take the moral high ground by claiming the bugs are evil and they must be destroyed at all costs. Is the cost too high when it results in self-destruction? Why not napalm planet earth with pesticides? Humans are not above the Law of the Terrain, but it’s hard to explain when many of them have never heard mention of Antoine BeChamp and Claude Bernard. As long as the Germ Theory is your primary dogma, you’re an antibiotic hammer and everything looks like a microbial nail. ADHD, another creation of modern, petrochemical man…

Judge Revokes Approval of Modified Sugar Beets “Various sugar growers and processors and seed companies intervened on the side of the Agriculture Department. So did Monsanto, which supplies the genetic technology that makes the beets resistant to the herbicide Roundup. That makes weed control very easy, which is why the biotech beets have become so popular.