Ron Paul Debate Highlights, New Attacks on Supplements, Driver’s License HIV Tests, Turkey Fryer Terrorists, Absolute Power Corrupting South Africa, Liam Scheff, Real Thanksgiving and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show November 23, 2011

Ron Paul in the lead!

Did you see the debate last night where Ron Paul actually got to speak for more than 89 seconds? RSB and Super Don debate the debate with special audio highlights. We’ll also discuss the old MSM media attempt to make it seem that Dr. Paul blames Americans for 9/11. Nobody puts Ron Paul into a corner, but we’ll put CBS’s Bob Schieffer there. His corporate handlers might squirm a bit, but you’ll enjoy it.

Taliban Terrorist Weapon?

What does RSB think about the Turkey Fryer Terrorist Warning from DHS? Grab your apron and frying helmet, fast! Yet, he still finds something nice to say about Obama, really! You’ll have to tune in to find out what it is. Plus, what is the real story of Thanksgiving? RSB reveals it in ways that you never hear from the old media!

We are grateful for your presence on this Thanksgiving holiday week. Liam Scheff says he’s allergic to the holiday, but the rest of you will enjoy heaping helpings of health news and information; we’re visited by a herpes virus that wants you to eat sugar, booze and chocolate – but stay away from lysine, selenium, seaweed and healthy living. South Africa rolls back freedom to bring forward a new Apartheid – on journalism and whistleblowing. Does power corrupt? You bet it does…

And for a 5 dollar coupon, poor and black residents of our nation’s capitol can now be told in 20 short minutes at the DMV, that they are going to die. Yes, rapid HIV testing while you wait for your state ID, and 7 dollars off your parking tickets. But how bad are HIV tests? We’ll talk about it on The Robert Scott Bell Show.

Plus, we take questions on previous shows. Join us for the fun, and keep your ear on the computer/radio so you can hear over all the food being cooked and eaten at your house! If you are eating raw, turn up the speakers so you can hear it over the crunching…

Here are some of the story links so you are fully prepared for the show today:

Do we really need another assault on dietary supplements? When does state supported medical/pharmaceutical get old? Dick Durbin and Henry Waxman strike again. Action alert included…

The Department of Homeland Security has identified a new terrorist threat: Deep turkey fryers! Wish I were kidding…

Is there a rule that we must speak ill of Obama no matter what? Not on The RSB Show. We found something positive to say. He pardons some non-violent drug offenders.

Big Pharma exports death to the “therapy naive.”

In South Africa, it’s a dark day for freedom as a government secrecy bill is passed. Is this absolute power corrupts, absolutely? A sad story from the former land of apartheid. Have we learned nothing?

Would you like an HIV test you’re your Driver’s License? We’ll give you a discount and a $5 coupon for anything you want from the grocery store! Really!

Did you say “Ron Paul debate highlights?” Including: ‎”The real deadly drugs are the prescription drugs, they kill a lot more people than the illegal drugs.” – Ron Paul and

Ron Paul supporters are media savvy. Could be a classic understatement…

New poll shows Ron Paul in First Place in Iowa!

Maybe its time for some Food Security? Be Prepared, Not Scared!

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