Ron Paul’s Victory for Liberty, Dr. Mitchell Ghen, Nicotine Patchless, Cholesterol Crash, Terry Michael, End of AIDS, Superhero Sidekick Liam Scheff, Contagion Consciousness and More on The Robert Scott Bell Show January 11, 2011

Victory for liberty! Today’s show kicks off with an enthusiastic discussion of the transformation of consciousness occurring within the American electorate. Ron Paul finished a strong second in New Hampshire yesterday, outperforming all the political puppet pundits and naysayers. Each time he “tops out” in support, more people mysteriously get infected with the message of health freedom and liberty. RSB reveals more of what is going on behind the political scene in America! If you would like to see genuine excitement and enthusiasm from New Hampshire last night, check out Ron Paul’s speech:

Dr. Mitchell Ghen joins RSB to cover the reasons why the nicotine patch is another FDA-approved drug failure, how do you really quit smoking and what to do if you don’t want to quit despite everyone telling you that you must. Plus, cholesterol-lowering-drug dangers abound as now statins are acknowledged to increase your risk of diabetes! Dr. Mitch debunks the need to lower cholesterol like no one else can! Learn more here –

RSB and superhero sidekick Liam Scheff talk movies – “Contagion” the recent CDC propaganda by Steven Soderbergh gets a thorough exam, along with the Germ Theory. It’s the terrain and then…. Journalist Terry Michael joins RSB and Liam to break down the break-down in the ‘Nature’ medical journal. Who writes articles – honest scientists or pharma shills? Terry ( appears as an independent journalist, but is director of the Washington Center for Politics and Journalism and its program to teach college journalists about politics: The Politics & Journalism Semester — information about which can be obtained at:

And then we get to the bottom of the population explosion in Africa – the AIDS drug mafia wants you to believe that Africans have a fatal sex disease… but what do the numbers say?

Here are some other stories we’ll be covering on the show today:

Can you believe that paper denying a link between HIV has actually allowed to be published in a peer reviewed medical journal? It happened in Italy! Now the HIV-cultists are on the attack!

Is an end to AIDS nearer than we think?

Did the NY Times actually acknowledge a mind-body connection in healing that superseded pharmaceutical drugs? Yes, but they did it only in the obituary sections. RIP Robert Ader.

Look out cholesterol fear mongers! Statin drugs may elevate your risk of diabetes!

Does the nicotine patch work for those who want to quit smoking? The answer would be “no.”,0,2990620.story

The Health Ranger shares Five practical ways to raise your level of consciousness starting right now.

How big is the debt? It is now the size of the entire U.S. economy. Got Ron Paul?–15-23-TRILLION.html

Greek economic crisis threatens access to basic OTC drugs. Coming to America?

New regulations threaten insurance reimbursement of natural and integrative medicine. How’s that for even more “Hope and Change?”

Quote of Day: “In 1964, they railed about Barry Goldwater and they called him dangerous because if he was elected president he would trigger a nuclear war. Now they are saying Ron Paul is dangerous because if he’s elected president, he won’t.” – Doug Wead
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